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 Philosophy 101
 emails 11-16 from the Solomon to doctor
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Passions in Poetry

emails 11-16 from the Solomon to doctor of neuroscience rlp

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since 10-18-2008
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Email 11
August 2 2008
the other day i came up with a theory while i was driving to show low, az.
i don't know why it happened, but it just came to me the way insight does.

i call it the ballroom costume party theory, it pertains to a possible ai functioning process.

the ballroom is the minimum and maximum dimensions, the dimensions are divided up amongst the dancers, this includes all possible variables, in the beginning as they mingle they exchange what they know to each others partner, however what they tell each other can only be understood in relation to what each already knows, which is only fragments of the total, so since what each says to each other means little they get frustrated and move to another partner and the process continues, eventually the pieces get linked together like a puzzle as the dancers add more and more to there repituare, that is they gain more understanding the further they are exposed to each other and increase there knowlege, they are individually capable of seeing everything in the the ballroom so eventually everyone understands everything, and the dance is a complete form in movement, or rather there are no longer individual dancers but rather they are all one in movement, without frustration, and everyone is sensitive to every possibility., everything is there to begin with but in a divided state, like a broken chain of dna, the links can only fit at specific points so as they move around or shuffle there links they all fit into place eventually.

another theory i am working on deals with the evolution  of the psyche, if there is such a thing. i remember awhile ago you mentioned something called adhd, i ve done some research on the internet about it and other so called disorders, such as another called ocd.
i have put alot of thought about the two of those and it seems to me that if one has the idea that everything has it's place and it is unintelligent to oppose anything thus, then one might conclude that the combination of ocd and adhd is a step in psychological evolution that is most likely in it's transition stage, where as at the moment in appears to be a malfunctioning of the internal processes because it conflicts with the current dictates of society. adhd causes the person to not remain on anything for an extended period of time, and ocd causes the person to remain with something picking out it's peculiarities  and notice intricate details, so in the beginning  in the current confines of a society based on skill requiring knowlege,  this individual would have difficulty  functioning  obviously, because this person could not stay with anything long enough to obtain enough knowlege to become proficient,  however  this combination of ocd and adhd would enable this person to be in constant movement while gradually becoming aware of every possibility, this would  eventually lead to a complete understanding of everything, only in this state of mind can one make intelligent decisions, because this individual would not be specific to any area and thus there would be an understanding of the effect it would have on all areas, so the outcome would benefit every aspect effected and the movement would always be positing, so one might say that the climb would be almost immediate after complete understanding.

another peculiarity  i have noticed recently, it might sound  silly because i think most people  already  know  this by the time  there  teenagers, if not  intellectually but most certainly functionally, i have always looked at things as an activity because i have had no understanding of a cause to consciousness and thus if it cannot be brought about by will or  by any other known means for that matter then everything that one is aware of is inconsequential,  however it  seems to  me  that most if not all forms of life  do not  function willfully in activity alone but rather on a system of extraction as a means of  sustaining  a divided state which  is also called  survival, it explains  so many insensitive behaviors that i have witnessed and have frustrated me at it's total lack of understanding and logic based on a complete  and total  viewpoint.

one of my latest endeavors is to understand the transition state between scenarios during the dream state, do you know of any studies on this subject? or perhaps know a cause to the change of scenes?


Email 12
August 14 2008
The other day i was walking near some train tracks and i noticed a cardboard box that was cut in half at an angle and it was sitting on top of some mud, i wondered for a moment how i might tell whether it was submerged or cut in half at an angle, i looked around and it was near a dollar store so i thought they have access to box cutters and sometimes merchants cut there boxes at an angle to display there wares on the shelf, i then noticed a large trash can nearby that is for boxes only, i thought that perhaps it fell out when it was overfilled, i then looked for cut marks because i thought it would be difficult to cut a box without error, i then though how difficult it would be to submerge a box in mud, and finally i thought it unlikely that mud could be that deep right next to pavement, all this narrow down my decision that the box must have been cut at an angle. on the way back to the ranch i thought some more about the entering point that determines where one might begin deduction, i thought about a auto insurance commercial that features a neanderthal caveman while an announcer says that it is so easy to sign up for geico even a caveman can do it, subsequently this upsets the caveman because it suggests his intelligence is below home sapien standerd, 4 years later they are still playing different versions of this same premise, however instead of an announcer there are other somewhat subtle suggestive means that initiate the cavemans frustration, i thought about a scenario  in which i was  not exposed to the previous  geico  commercials and i thought about how i might view there latest without that knowledge "Know Ledge" i might think it absurd, awkward or perhaps something without substance, or rather out of place. eventually i might see more of their commercials that reveal differences from the previous versions and those fragments if coherent might bond to a growing idea, i might also hear conversations in which a participant rebuttals with it so easy a caveman could do it, so don't give up at the first onset  of difficulty, the light bulb perhaps is always turning on but eventually it gathers enough to be a imposing force that makes itself known as a feeling of understanding.

for awhile i have been pondering the notion of an alter ego, or rather an intellectual counterpart that has direct access to the supposed sub conscious  while  retaining  a  different  perhaps  stimulating personality  that differs from  usual  everyday mundane that is oneself, i think i first started working with this idea after seeing the movie a beautiful  mind, i thought about what fun it would be to have someone always there  that  i could converse  with  and work out ideas, not only this but have a direct access to the acquired knowledge so the responses would be in context without all the explanation. this is why i always sign the articles i publish as the solomon, and also why i wrote the movie script and poem to give a history to the solomon that was directly related to myself, i hoped that eventually perhaps after enough adventures it would finally take it's toll or thing would get to ruff that i could not take it and there would be a separation  between what one feels as real and what actually is to hard to take, however me thinks that all my teeth will fall out before that happens, i thought that if there could be communication without all the road blocks then nothing could stand in my way, the world could be so easily mastered if there were two of me even if one were not real, i know this kind of thing society does not readily accept, but do you know of a means by which i might bring this separation of one's intellect about and embody it into a form that one might communicate with while fully aware and conscious? could this be done without it effecting  one's normal  operation?, and one fear i have is that aesthetics  might play  a major role  in what one is aware of, and i because of this i don't think i could handle it at this point in time.

i have been wondering lately if there is a such thing as correct idea that fits every moment, and does not interfere  with  looking  and listening,  i had an idea that in the beginning of one's development it is as a rock dropped in a river that slower smooths it out into a stone and then eventually washes it aways until it is fine enough to flow with the water. but because one is what one sees there is nowhere for it pieces to go so the ruff edges get pushed inwardly and on occasion they move inwardly out so it is a never ending cycle, if this is the way it is then i wonder if the only means of freeing this cycle might be thought of as like being a dance, a tango in step with the music so it is like harmony, a sync and movement of everything that is there, it seems to me inevitable that this inward to outward movement would eventually reach a balance middle ground that fits every part of itself.

in a dream i pleaded with a young women to not give up on me, that i do not care to change anything but only to know the truth, and i apologized  for my inability to do so.
she told me that i should not fear that but rather be concerned with not listening to myself.
in another dream i was told that i was condemned or rather there is no hope, there is nothing i can do or so, unlikely as it might sound i was actually pleased at this notion because it relieved me of such an immense burden and i finally felt free if only for a moment. given those two ideas i have been thinking about what could possible remain, and i realized that everything has it's place like a jigsaw puzzle, the emotions as they are, the consciousness, the scentsable matter, the feelings, the aesthetics that bind them all, etc...
this all makes up the individual that are bound together as a form, but i've read and heard about something called death or rather an ending to all this, from what i've known nothing can actually perish but rather everything gets transfered to another form of itself like water being liquid, solid, and gas or the energy of heat, motion, electricity etc... so there is always consciousness, it still remains in one form or another independent  on memory, emotion,  compound or mixed matter etc...

i am starting to think that life is dreadfully serious because there is always a problem, like the wild animal always on the lookout, so there is always a problem to be worked out to keep the flow moving, it seems to me that any form of frustration is a very serious and limiting aspect of life, it is a major road block, but somehow has it's place.
one thing i am having difficulty with is how the parts of life don't keep moving but rather stick around for awhile until they become intense to a point it is unbearable, like pain in my dreams quickly leaves and is subtle but during what is called the waking portion of the continuation it can stay for what is called weeks, months and even years and the intensity varies into the extreme, this is very troubling and there are many parts of me that feel a great responsibility to consciousness  that  this must be worked  out somehow, not by drug, exercise, religion, surgery, delusion or by any other means but it must be put into it's place intellectually because that is closely related to the what is that is not seen, feelings, consciousness, the puppeteer??? etc...


Email 13
September 2 2008
The other day as i was falling asleep, i imagined a triangle with a dot in the center, and dots moving from a left angle towards the center but falling short, afterwords
i came up with a theory i call the solomon triforce, the lower right corner is consciousness, while the lower left is the unconcious or silence, the top is a deeper consciousness that is unknown but springs forth into consciousness and the center is a kind of greater encomposing consciousness that is sensitive to the other three forms of existence and as such is an entity in it's own right, everything that is forms a kind of self similiar fractal that exists in a multi dimensional state between the conscious, unconcious and sub-conscious, it's natural movement is at right angles going from a state of consciousness with a purpose or direction until it is fulfilled or rather reaches it's goal,which is always unnatural as it tries to reach for the origin or center which it attempts to directly at a left angle but at each subsiquent attempt it further falls short until it moves naturally at a right angle, then there is silence or unconsciousness, all along there is a kind of plasma globe movement or effect from the center that prohibits inactivity, there is then another movement at a right angle towards the top of the pyramid where there is a restructuring of unconscious matter or the products of silence being merged with the consciousness, at this point there can be a kind of detached relationship with the origin but of a limited sort as long as it can be maintained by non motivition or a falling back into conscious direction, it may be possible for there to be continuous consciousness without any unexplainable gaps however there must be complete seriousness at this point all forms of reality are merged, i have not figured out what would happen if this were to occur the individual states might be maintained in a kind of symbiotic relationship in which there distinctions are maintened by there actions of higher and lower states as a whole movement, anyways i am still working on this idea.

Email 14
September 9 2008
awhile ago i figured out what people meant when they say opposites attract, i just keep forgetting to write it down, it seems to me that one's capacity is a totality and it's lack of knowledge is not just a empty space but a kind of collection of slots that correspond or relate to it's missing pieces, when one says opposites attract i think they are projecting the idea that when two fragments meet they absorb each others missing pieces and then when the process of absorption reaches a certain point the like pieces reach a point of counteracting accumulated force that out ways the attractive force of space and there is a repulsion or perhaps a scattering effect with varying degrees this process continues between selves throughout one's life, perhaps this is not immediately aware to oneself but it seems to me that  there really are no differences between so called individuals, perhaps distinctions between there petty little projected images that fear displeasure and seek out meaningless fulfillment but in actuality everything that one is comes from another, the way one laughs is perhaps the highest frequency of there exposure to the way others laugh, perhaps variances  are somewhat dependant  on one's sensitivity  and  insensitivity influenced by the ego of the avoidance of displeasure, meaning one laughs differently according to their surroundings or rather social circle, it seems to me that any kind of personality really just gets in the way of a furthering development or rather a hindrance of the psyche.

i had an interesting experience the other day, i often wake up meditating, but this time it was somewhat different, i had no senses to speak of, i could not see, hear or feel etc...
and the access to memory was unusual in it's apparent separation during the so called waking hours, the memory was one with the silence or perhaps it had no separation not even a distinction between concepts of what is and what was etc... it was like it was not there and thus there was silence but it was there as a truth that does not perish, it's somewhat difficult to describe, almost like when one says there are things that they hold as truth like their are other places outside their current field of view or their are other time periods etc... etc... anyways from this silence their was real creation or something fresh and beautiful, i first started to work on feeling, so i imagined a cave or space under rock without an exit, i then worked on bringing sight into being, and i imagined a complex furn of sort and the rough grey surface of the rock,  everything was one that i could extract by a kind of subtle emotional feeling, i eventually became aware of an entire city with people of personality, trees, roads, buildings, games, clouds etc... it reminded me of another dream i had in which i was told that when it died the there and the not there would be one, but something puzzling to me is that the perspective of consciousness always move with giorgio even in the other part of the continuation the mirrors show what has always been referred to as the being of informed matter to it's previous states, i wonder if the becoming can ever escape it's implicit self in that to be it must have been, i think i can also explain why the so called world of selves do not care how they act around the one and only perspective of consciousness and why they do not care that they are plunged into darkness when the light of the perspective turns from them, and how they can be so unaware that because of this, there endless desire to maintain their ego is an utterly hopeless task, they have not even their lives much less anything else, it's like a circus in the dark that gets stumbled upon by a spotlight and all there is to do is laugh at such nonsense, i think this all can be explained simply by the idea that there really is no division of the self, it exists almost like it is in between mirrors reflecting into eternity and so it's reflections act as if they are conscious themselves and no amount of convincing on the part of the actual true perspective of consciousness could ever sway the endless amount of reflected ego's, because they are as the rest and as the one of moment, i wonder if this explains the notion of time and movement, it seems to me that there is neither but if perspective is pushed past it's self because of it's infinity reflective nature then it's divided capacities could form pockets of time in which ego's exist and also form collections of pockets that interact with one another.
Email 15
September 17 2008
This morning i woke up to realize how everything aligns or falls into place, i imagined everything dividing perhaps similar to an explosion that scatters everything out from a center, everything is attracted to it's closest related self or what it is most like, similar to shades of colors on a spectrum, so the separation points are inconsequential, so at some point all these pieces attract and since there is enough space they all find there like places and fit together perfectally without having to do an endless round of dispersion and reorganization, as the mass accumulates it builds up it's attractive force at some point perhaps after the very last partical has been accumilated everything gets compressed into an infinity sum less then itself or negative to infinity of what is possibile so that every point has direct access to every other point.

Lately i have been noticing a strange occurance during deep mediation, i have not yet done any research on the subject, and perhaps there is nothing to it that applies to reality, but i have noticed that if i concentrate on certain areas of brain, like an inner eye, strange things occur, and i have been able to reproduce these effects so i do not think it is a mind trick or dreaming nonsense. if i concentrate on the left side in the middle my teeth start to chatter however on the right i fall into unconsciousness then reawake an instant later to repeat it again, i will see what effects there are if any on other areas.


Email 16
October 15 2008
sorry i have not emailed in a while, i have been kind of occupied....

one day i woke up and found myself the owner of a repair shop in northern Arizona...
kind of ironic, but i suppose it is just another learning experience.
it began as kind of just a repair shop for anything electronic, but it is starting to turn in the direction of rebuilt computer sales,                     because that appears to be where the profit is at,
everybody is asking for cheap laptops, so i am trying to put them together as fast as i can, to keep up with demand.

lately, well... for awhile i have noticed the lack of importance of dreams, or rather there true foundation or connection to reality,                             i read all about the various opinions proposed by such intellectuals as Jung, Freud etc...

but instead of the path of hocus pocus, and all that other pseudo scientific nonsense, i have tried to give it the proper respect and attention that every other moment of existence deserves.

the language of dreams is most fascinating and extraordinarily intelligent, in comparison to what we call the waking life, for example...

a few days ago i was told that i will die after i have known what it is to be a good person and that the nature of influence by the external is to massage lightly... it took me a few minutes but after consideration, i realized that the art of massage... French for kneading by friction... Arabic - massa = touch. feel handle., greek - anatripsis, latin- fricto\ to anoint with oil eg. warm fills in the gaps, cold solidifies or joins... anyways, massaging smooth’s out the rough spots and to do it lightly, prevents me from going over the edge into insanity.
lately i have been considering the importance of treating people how i feel right about being treated, example if i direct my energy to subdue in a reality of infinity then infinity will attempt to subdue the subduer and thus it becomes a real hell -temporarily of course, until intelligence kicks in... if there is any meaning to reality then it seems to be what delusion allows or rather what the perspective of consciousness gives to it, which of course holds little weight to what is or rather that the what is unaffected or does not loose it's fundamental substance according to what energy is applied to it, it still remains what it is regardless of influence.

another example, awhile ago i was told in a dream that the holy grail is located at the river of fail. of course i did my research to find out if there is such a location, and so happens there is such a place in scotland? it's been awhile so i could be wrong... anyways the language of infinity seems to apply in every direction of thought, so another direction would be that only through seriousness, that is being as a brick wall, or uninfluenced by life/death, happiness/sadness, desire/fear etc... can there be a continuation that retains it's inherit nature, or rather what abides with the moment continuously in harmony. what it eternity without health, or correct thought, feeling, emotion, it of course cannot be sustained indefinitly... it seems to me that the end result of man's logic is what is current
and thus the perspective should of course act in accordince... if there is a such way that is possible.

apparently from what i have been able to discern, the world that we call reality is a result of all that is having been put into it's place, stuck in time, or rather no changing without having a reason/motive/explanation for being moved, i have heard it said to not judge a book by it's cover, in the netherworld as they call it, that may be true but when you take examples such as a fat person is the way they are because of there diet or a man with tattoos and scars has led a trying life, it does not appear to apply, and thus they are treated in accordance to there appearance, what more is there than what one is aware of in the moment? memory? an awareness with little substance, how much weight should this be with one's current judgements? and yet everyone wants everything in writing! or rather a set of guidelines of oppriate action to a set of rules or standerds so they can be unintelligent to the moment and act without reason, it is moving in this direction increasingly so i wonder how this can be appriate to the perspective of consciousness in the moment, anyways i have had a few beers, sadly i still have no self control, while not desiring, i still use whatever is reasonable available without restraint, which in this situation is a convience store located next door to the shop that keeps in stock an assortment of alcahol, even though or some reason the entities of the netherworld call beer bug spray, it's dulling effects and negation of critizism of reality still seems rather appealing...
Infinitytree dot org

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