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 Open Poetry #23 Archive
 An Attitude Adjustment
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Passions in Poetry

An Attitude Adjustment

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By the sea

0 posted 11-08-2002 04:10 PM       View Profile for Auguste   Email Auguste   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to Submit your Poem to Passions   Click to visit Auguste's Home Page   View IP for Auguste

When you feel dark of deep despair
and think that hope can never be,
please put things into perspective,
for in so doing, you may see.

Small children live in cancer wards.
Their own dear lives have but begun.
Some may not live another year.
Some may not see tomorrow's sun.

I know your life is difficult
and don't make light of how you feel,
but I try teach right attitude.
Yes, sometimes life can be too real.

Think of courage as a muscle.
The more it's used, the stronger, gets.
Don't always focus on yourself,
help others, you'll have few regrets.

Each day cause someone else to smile.
In turn, you'll find it brings your own.
Don't whine and whine your friends away,
then wonder why you're all alone.
© Copyright 2002 Michael Auguste - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 11-08-2002 04:21 PM       View Profile for Martie   Email Martie   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Martie's Home Page   View IP for Martie


It's so true that giving, gives back....each and every time.  Thanks for the reminder in this wonderful poem.  
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In a corporeal internship...

2 posted 11-08-2002 04:26 PM       View Profile for MARK V SHELDON   Email MARK V SHELDON   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit MARK V SHELDON's Home Page   View IP for MARK V SHELDON

Excellent words of wisdom here.  Perspective is paramount.



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3 posted 11-08-2002 04:30 PM       View Profile for garysgirl   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit garysgirl's Home Page   View IP for garysgirl

Well, Michael, I guess "Somebody's" trying to talk to me today, because God has been reminding me that I have very much to be thankful for. This is yet another way He has reminded me. Thanks for reminding us that we might need "An Attitude Adjustment".

"Love makes the world go around"
~~with love and hugs from Ethel~~

Mistletoe Angel
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City of Roses

4 posted 11-08-2002 04:54 PM       View Profile for Mistletoe Angel   Email Mistletoe Angel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Mistletoe Angel's Home Page   View IP for Mistletoe Angel

(big hugggsssssss) God Bless You, sweet friend, for much of my early life I wallowed in self-pity trying to spread my love and be rejected and feeling I don't belong, now after turning to Him I know not all can learn to understand me and that is okay, I will just spread smiles to all and turn the other cheek on those who don't accept it and wish them well and for joy to come to them! (sigh) This is wonderful, sweet friend, you truly are an angel to us all, we all love you so much! You have such a beautiful heart, sweet Michael, thank you for sharing!

May love and light always shine upon you!

Noah Eaton

"Underneath your clothes there's an endless story..."


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Somewhere in time~

5 posted 11-08-2002 04:58 PM       View Profile for Enchantress   Email Enchantress   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Enchantress

Such true words Michael.
Very very nicely penned.
We should all take these words to heart.

~I've loved you forever, in lifetimes before.~

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Ala bam a

6 posted 11-08-2002 05:10 PM       View Profile for Toerag   Email Toerag   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Toerag

but I've already had several....they just can't get it right?......It's kinda like what they say about cocaine...."But it enhances my personality.".....of course, they don't tell ya the part about if you're already a jerk it enhances that too?....this is a good write Auggie...


[This message has been edited by Balladeer (11-08-2002 06:21 PM).]

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Michigan, USA

7 posted 11-08-2002 05:11 PM       View Profile for ThisDiamond   Email ThisDiamond   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit ThisDiamond's Home Page   View IP for ThisDiamond

Thanks My Friend...ThisDiamond
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Between the Lines

8 posted 11-08-2002 05:14 PM       View Profile for nakdthoughts   Email nakdthoughts   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for nakdthoughts

very good Michael..and a lesson to be learned

Gentle Spirit
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9 posted 11-08-2002 07:02 PM       View Profile for Gentle Spirit   Email Gentle Spirit   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Gentle Spirit

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Florida, USA

10 posted 11-08-2002 07:41 PM       View Profile for Connel   Email Connel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Connel

Nice poem.. Enjoyed. Thank you for sharing.

I wish to become a great poet some day, but it will only come in time. Til then, I shall write my poems, and wait.

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11 posted 11-08-2002 07:43 PM       View Profile for regards2you   Email regards2you   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for regards2you

Thank you Michael. So very wise of you. A great reminder for those down out of self. Just so ~very true~! Reminds me of something that happened to me once...

One day I was in a very, very depressed state and had to go to the grocery store. I was really NOT okay.

5 PM, and I and half the town was there. It seemed like every other person I passed smiled BIG at me....
I thought, gee, I must look really sad! I'll bet 10-12 people smiled hugely at me. When I got to the check-out stand I was feeling incredibly better! It's amazing what smiles can do for a person, even from strangers.

Well, it takes me 45 minutes just to pick up milk and bread and by time I got home, first had to run to the bathroom. I ran past the mirror, and did a double-take, for on my face was a pitch black streak of I don't know what, running from cheek bone to jawline; I looked like half an Indian on the war path! No wonder everyone was smiling at me!

But, I laughed at myself and the situation...and those smiles did change my unhappiness that afternoon!
I honestly felt better driving home.

(of course I thought: well ya'd think one of em coulda tol me....) I was in such a bad state they were probably afraid to approach me..tsk!

Anyway, love your poem and YOUR attitude.

Thank you for sharing with us...
always a help, you are!

Warm Regards,

..without surrender, be on good terms with all persons..

Member Rara Avis
since 07-29-2000
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Victoria Australia

12 posted 11-08-2002 08:52 PM       View Profile for Kethry   Email Kethry   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Kethry

I think I would need a laser to get an attitude adjustment that sticks, but you have a way of making me want to be better.

Here in the midst of my lonely abyss, a single joy I find...your presence in my mind.  Unknown

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The Shores of Alone

13 posted 11-08-2002 10:17 PM       View Profile for catalinamoon   Email catalinamoon   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit catalinamoon's Home Page   View IP for catalinamoon

Hi Michael, I'm glad to see your positive words,a good reminder to appreciate what we do have, not dwell on what we have lost.
passing shadows
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14 posted 05-06-2004 04:02 AM       View Profile for passing shadows   Email passing shadows   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for passing shadows

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