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 The Alley
 Ain't it great being a victim
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Passions in Poetry

Ain't it great being a victim

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since 01-01-2010
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A Communist country

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Another exposition of Marx.

A peopleís Marxist revolution, which is presumed to have taken place here, requires the manufacture of an oppressed class of poor victims, deemed to be noble, and a rich oppressor class of selfish, greedy types, deemed to be ignoble.  Further distinctions and contending divisions between blacks and whites, fictitious minorities, the greens and the blues, the grays and the browns, the young and the old, and any number of arbitrarily defined classes or groups are created and then incited against each other and even against themselves, because the Marxist seeks to create acrimony, chaos, discord and anarchy.  The rich class doesnít care about the poor class and, in order to stay in power, it must steal from the poor to feed itís insatiable and avaricious greed for ever more affluence, wealth and power.  The rich do nothing but sit around counting their dirty, stinking millions and laugh at the poor, who have to eat last yearís decomposing dog food or from trashcans, all the while looking for opportunities to steal even more from the poor.  A good Marxist must control the sources of public information and the media through which it is transmitted and use it to sloganize the poor class with contrived aphorisms like: land of the greed and home of the slave.  The Marxist venerates mediocrity and celebrates failure.
A good Marxist next must incite and foment enmity, hatred, envy and hostility between the two contending classes by presenting or manufacturing examples of how the stinking, greedy rich are shafting the valiant poor, who are said to be courageous in their suffering as they go about their lives of daily squallor and heroic humility, the poorest of the working class who are said to be the real people.  And the people must be incited to hate the enemies of the people even though the enemies of the people are the very people itself. The Marxist must promise the people liberation from oppression and offers to secure for them wealth, power, prosperity and freedom in order to gain their support, but in reality the Marxist aims to grind them down into even deeper dependence and robs them of any opportunity to escape.  He must indoctrinate the poor in to believing their liberation is just around the corner if only they will sacrifice more, work harder, harder and even harder.  But he makes sure that the harder the masses toil, the less they will have, for he seeks not to liberate the masses but to institutionalize a new class of rich Marxist oppressors who are said to be working on behalf of the ordinary, common people.  The obvious contradiction does not bother him because the final objective of the Marxist is to infantilize the common people and to crush the human spirit with its eternal longing for hope and freedom.
The Marxist thinks that these are flaws in human nature and contends that human nature is perfectible even as he works to destroy it.
Marxism is the festering malignancy that gnaws at the body politic of every nation and people, and the Marxist can only be stopped and kept from his purposes by an alert and literate electorate and an educated citizenry who have a sense of history and who understand  the value of liberty.  For, to paraphrase one Marxist slogan:  the people, united, will never be defeated.
The difference is that the Marxist doesnít mean it, while a free people do.

Read the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, wherein it is stated that:
Napoleon is always right.
And you know who Napoleon is, now donít you.

Hey, nobody's human!

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since 12-31-2005
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And you know who Napoleon is, now donít you.

Yes - a fictional character in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

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