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 The Alley
 The Bloated Elephant They Passed Without
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Passions in Poetry

The Bloated Elephant They Passed Without Reading it First

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since 01-01-2010
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A Communist country

0 posted 03-24-2010 05:12 PM       View Profile for Dadygoose   Email Dadygoose   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Dadygoose

The “mainstream media” is reporting that a hidden provision in the bloated elephantine legislation they just passed before they read it, is requiring restaurants to now post calorie counts for all the meals they serve, else customers may not know what they are eating even though they paid for it.
I don’t have a job right now, so maybe I don’t know how hard is really is out there, nor am I an expert in anything you’d want to know, but just for fun, I’d like to offer some suggestions if the feds come to arrest you.

If you are a restaurant customer, order bloated elephant, swallow it whole
and then just bill Obama because, after all, everybody has the right to decent food and shouldn’t have to pay for it.  And if you feel like passing it, meaning the elephant, just do it right there in the business.  They may kick you out, but doesn’t everybody have rights these days?

If you operate a private business, or even if you don’t, when the sixteen thousand feds come to impose or to collect, greet them with sneering contempt, derisive scornful laughter and ridicule.  Force-feed them, make them choke on their own effluent, and make them count the calories themselves.  Feed them what you might serve diseased pigs, or rather, feed them their excrement.  They might like that more than Sarah Plain’s lipstick.
Don’t even wait until November to begin.
Let them delude themselves in to thinking they have won because they just ate elephant.
Make their impositions and insufferable illegal and amoral usurpations and intrusions frustratingly, irritatingly, agonizingly difficult to enforce.  Delay, impose, foment, inflame, incite, complicate, satirize, cartoon, pillory, ridicule, infiltrate, demand, evade, push, slow, deny, retard, obstruct, scream, demonstrate, obscure, laugh at, taunt, boo, jeer, litigate, disrupt.  Trash their symbols, spit on Obama's  like they trash our founding framers and humiliate and burn in effigy their demigods as they have done our leaders, making as much noise about it as possible like they do. and wage guerilla people's revolutionary war on them.  Turn the tactics of the Left against the Left itself, see how they like it, and remember Brother Saul and his street agitators and the Red Guards of Chairman Mao and the Braun shirts of the SS brown shirts everywhere shoed us the way.
That is how Mahatma humbled the mightiest Empire of his day and won.  That is how Ronald Reagan waged weaponless war against the Soviet Union and won.  That is how a motley band of Americans, who imagined they were free, confronted the Crown and won.  That is how Dr. King hurled a wrecking ball to pulverize the granite edifice of segregation and won, and that is how little flower-children confronted Bull Connor’s fire hoses, bullets and savage dogs and won.
Free people are under no obligation to abide by laws imposed by rabid, Marxist tyrants hell-bent on America’s complete destruction, an arrogant gang of  ruthless, Godless street punks Ronald Reagan would have had no mercy for.  Remember how the world’s most populous democracy began, and tell the feds when they show up: The hell you say.
And when you hear the gloriously turgid pronouncements of Josef Robert Gobbles, you’ll know where He got his wings.
How I miss-spelled His exalted name.

Then hear the bells of freedom ring.

Hey, nobody's human!

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