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 Yet another ignorant human being infects
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Passions in Poetry

Yet another ignorant human being infects the gene pool

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Saluting with misty eyes

0 posted 04-14-2009 06:59 PM       View Profile for Ringo   Email Ringo   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Ringo

As some of you might know, I have a full blooded pitbull named Gunny. As the mean-spirited, woirthless parent that I am, I tend to keep it around the house as the family pet, thereby subjecting my children (biological and step) to being terrorized and in constant danger from this viscious creature.
Today, I made the mistake of once again taking him to the bus stop when I walked my step daughter to the kindergarden bus. There was a parent there who tried to take me to task because I was putting all of the children at risk from this dog snapping and going berserk for no reason at all. I was actually threatened with Child Protective Services.
The other parents ignored the new woman at the bus because they all know my dog, and didn't seem to have any hassles with their children coming over to pet him and play with him.
I resisted the urge to tell this woman all about herself, and instead attempted to confuse her with the facts (like the one about my dog laying on his back getting it scratched by a coupe of the kids). When I got home, I attempted to find a bottle of Clorox to throw into her gene pool.
Shortly thereafter, I got a call from someone who told me that the town council of the very small burg that I live in had met in secret session to discuss enacting BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) against... you guessed it.
Anyhow... as a service to every owner of pitbulls that have to go through this, I came home after taking Gunny to the bus stop to grab my step-daughter, and threw together a web site with some facts about this much maligned family pet.
If you are a pit bull lover, or one who believes the press, please take a quick look at it to learn the truth about pit bulls. Next time you decide to dislike them, you will do so with some facts.

But this one goes to eleven...

serenity blaze
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1 posted 04-14-2009 08:06 PM       View Profile for serenity blaze   Email serenity blaze   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for serenity blaze

It doesn't matter what kind of dog it is, lovie.

I'm a dog lover too, and I never tell anyone, "it's okay, he (or she) won't bite".

The fact is, you just don't know that for sure. Keep your dog leashed and away from children. Children are as unpredictable as your dog, and perhaps moreso.

I do admire the pitbull breed, and I have seen them at work. And an alpha oriented type dog is still a potential hazard, be it a pitbull, a mastiff, or a chihuahua.

The school bus stop is supposed to be a safe haven for the kids.

Walk your child to the stop, and then walk your dog. And as I said, no offense intended hon. But there are certain breeds of dogs, terriers especially, that do not appreciate the challenge of eye to eye contact, and they are territorial.

I happen to think you are in error in this case.

And there's no reason to play with fire when it's not necessary.

Safety first--always.

Love to you, and the pup.

I think I totally understand your doghouse now...


Local Rebel
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Southern Abstentia

2 posted 04-14-2009 08:30 PM       View Profile for Local Rebel   Email Local Rebel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Local Rebel

Hey Bradley,

I grew up with Boxers that might have licked somebody to death -- and scared somebody with a bad heart -- but that was about it.

Always loved 'em -- and they are work dogs and great pets.

Currently I have a Boston Terrier ( my mini- Boxer) -- she couldn't pass the stress test -- she absolutely hates men -- women -- not a problem -- but if a strange man approaches she is a tiger.

At all of 20lbs -- she knocked over a pizza delivery guy one day -- and I've seen her jump as high as a man's chin trying to bite him.

Fortunately -- she isn't big enough to do a lot of damage.  But -- animals are animals no matter how much we love them.

Regarding your site -- I haven't had time to read through the entire thing but I have found it informative -- so I think it's important for you to keep pushing the legislative side of things (while keeping a tight check on the pooch).

You will want to go back and check for spelling errors though and redundant sentences -- just edit man... and on a technical note -- the menu is a little too dark to be friendly -- and the blue links on the good press page just aren't legible against a black background.

I'd think about just doing the whole thing on a white background with mostly black text -- after all -- you just want people to read it -- and hopefully agree not to kill your dog -- not win an award for creative website design.

Good luck man.

I'll have to get back to other stuff later cause right now it's my priveledge and duty to finish my income tax returns...
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with you

3 posted 04-14-2009 08:39 PM       View Profile for SEA   Email SEA   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for SEA

my brother in law had an American Pit Bull.
She was HUGE. and? at first sight scared me silly. I was sitting on their kitchen floor and she came up to me, licked my face,and then decided my lap was a good place to lay.
She was the sweetest, most loving dog, ever.

But? I have to agree with Karen on this one.
I have labs, but my girl isn't exactly kind to people she doesn't know. It just depends sometimes. People should always be careful around dogs they don't know. Just because my dogs love me and mine, doesn't mean she will love who my kids bring home. Or who knocks at the door...etc.

good luck with your dog. I hope they don't ban him just because of his breed.  
serenity blaze
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since 02-02-2000
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4 posted 04-14-2009 11:19 PM       View Profile for serenity blaze   Email serenity blaze   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for serenity blaze

I forgot to congratulate you on your cause.

I am old enough to remember when The Doberman was the big bad wolf. know what I mean. Then it was the Rottweiler, and now it's the pitbull.

So good luck on your PR campaign, k? Remember to keep it safe and friendly.

Unfortunately, I just disagree about the school bus stop. The kids more than likely don't have an option but to be there.

I think that maybe a park is more appropriate, and just allowing others to see your kids playing with the family dog is more appropriate. I tend to be cautious because I have a dog who happens to be a "bad dog". (She was a rescue from a home that bred dogs to fight. This was obvious by the wounds on the other dogs and they were bold enough to build the fighting cages on the front lawn.)

And yes, she's nervous, and can be aggressive, and now that she is aging, I have to remind my kids that our dog is unable to tell them if she isn't up to fun. And she has this peculiar sensitivity to anyone touching her tail. Now she can't tell anyone to not touch her tail, so she growls, barks, and if they persist, I suspect she will bite.

I also remind my kids that dogs get headaches, colds, arthritis, etc. and our Annie might not be up for the same fun and games that she once was.

She has been pepper-sprayed by a mailman, and nearly tazered by a police offer who knocked on our door one evening. And yanno? She's a goofy looking yellow lab/german shepherd mix, and when she's not chewing on the metal fence she looks harmless enough.

So nod. I have total compassion for your fear that your dog might be "put down".

It's a little different for you I guess, since you fear that would happen out of prejudice.

I knew when I took her on that she was high risk, but so far, she's done no harm.

*shrugs* and hugs

I just wanted to let you know where my stern sense of caution comes from.

We had to replace a bay window in our former home with plexiglass.

She jumped right through it. sigh

So yeah, it's a very real fear that I have, not paranoia. By all means, Ringo, keep up the cause and I urge everyone to speak out against animal abuse and most especially the exploitation of those abused animals for profit.

Bob K
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5 posted 04-15-2009 03:04 AM       View Profile for Bob K   Email Bob K   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Bob K

     You're probably right about Pit Bulls.  I've known some nice ones.  But I've known enough dogs to know that they're in some ways like people, they vary all over the place.  Having been attacked by a German Shepherd when I was a kid as was my sister, more seriously I'm somewhat on the cautious side with dogs in general.

     And there are a lot of parents who feel that some sorts of dogs are a special sort of hazard.  You do have logic on your side here, but I've noticed that people have this habit of identifying enemies (sharks, tigers, lions, wolves) and getting worked up into a state of hysteria about them beyond the actual threat they represent.  I think this is the basis for mob behavior, sometimes.  We do it to other people as well as other animals, it seems it's one of our human weaknesses that's proven a useful survival tactic so far.  In the long run, of course, it may not be so good for us.  

     This time, I think you and your poor dog may be on the receiving end of it.

     I used to have a girlfriend who had a pet doberman (Doberdog?), and it wasn't unusual for idiots to come up to her while she was walking it and challenge it to fight, like the dog was trying to prove something by walking around and breathing.  Once in an elevator.  Can you imagine?  Sometimes you have to wonder which one was the sentient species.  I can see that you may be wondering the same thing.

     Serenity, as Serenity so often does, seems to have a point.  I don't mean you should throw the dog through a plate glass window; I suggest that keeping the dog a little bit more separate from the local worrying parents might be useful.  It could prove healthier for your dog and happier for you, too.  

Good luck with this, Ringo,  

Bob Kaven

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since 02-29-2000
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6 posted 04-15-2009 06:05 AM       View Profile for rwood   Email rwood   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for rwood

Pit Bulls are awesome.

And the bus stop would be off limits for my baby.

I'm sorry. I think kids can be meaner than Pits.

I had a 110 lb. Rotty named Maggie Maybeline. She was terrorized by the neighborhood kids who'd poke her through the fence with sharp sticks and throw rocks at her. I noticed rocks in my yard and she had some wounds/scabs around her face and body but I didn't know what was going on.

She was so protective of me and my kids that when those kids came near us outside the fence (cuz I never let anyone other than family inside it) she'd bare her teeth and charge the fence. This alarmed me and I scolded her. I was unaware of the kids' folly until the neighbor told me about it, and she'd run them off a few times while I was gone.

Anyway, I went to their parents. I told them by law I had to put a "Beware Dog" sign on my fence, but my poor Maggie had to beware their child.

She went to live with a police dog trainer on a farm in WV, had 14 puppies her first litter, and has lived happily ever after with the lady.

My current lovie is a Maximum Security Police Dog named Spike. He's an American Bull breed with his own Myspace page. LOL.

Loves kids. Hates the UPS and FEDEX men. Bit a convicted child molester in the arse. He's an excellent judge of character.

Good luck and pet hugs for your Pit.
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Between the Lines

7 posted 04-15-2009 06:40 AM       View Profile for nakdthoughts   Email nakdthoughts   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for nakdthoughts

Just to let you know : I had a beautiful Afghan  about 10-15 years ago (can't quite remember how long it has been since she passed away) but she was  chained to be outside for a short time on my back porch.

A woman from town didn't notice her and came to my back door or tried to, was scared once the dog saw her and began barking.

She threw her hands out to push the dog away, backed over lawn furniture, fractured a rib, damaged her spleen and had a small tear on her arm, considered a dog bite and I got sued for over a million (though she only received about $50,000).  Dogs, whether we like it or not, at least by law then in PA,  are considered a nuisance as are swim pools and are not a necessity therefore owners are always liable for whatever occurs.

You cannot predict what humans can do in certain situations let alone an animal.

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8 posted 04-15-2009 07:57 AM       View Profile for Midnitesun   Email Midnitesun   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Midnitesun

I had a pit bull, Mindy, who was sweet but broke every chain and fence barrier, and terrorized the neighbors garden and the gravel/rock roof of a neighboring apt building. Mindy and I were the subject of a (California) city council meeting, and labeled
'bad' neighbors. receiving a stern warning that legal action was going to be taken by 5 neighbors. I had to find her a new home that weekend. She was sweet and cuddly, but had no qualms about sinking her teeth into bedding, washing machine pipes, pillows, the linoleum flooring, and the shingles off the side of my house when I didn't arrive home before dark. As for bus stops, there was no way! I had rescued her from going to the pound by her previous owners, who had 8 children, and two had been bitten by sweet Mindy.
My 12 pound Jack Russell ()Alaska threatened mice, neighborhood dogs but never children to my knowledge. Still, she was not one to be let off a leash when outside the house. She even tried to attack the moose once while she was on the leash for a walk. It took every ounce of my strength to hold onto this 12 pounder!

I have to agree, other than well trained service dogs, they don't belong at a school bus stop, where everyone SHOULD feel safe from harm. Bus accidents happen and predator two leggeds are probably greater threats, but I'd hate to see more dog breed laws that malign specific breeds.

Good luck on the website!
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Saluting with misty eyes

9 posted 04-15-2009 10:18 AM       View Profile for Ringo   Email Ringo   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Ringo

I appreciate everyone that took the time to read this, and to offer their views... even the ones that disagreed with me (that would be all of you, right? lol)

I am not positive that the borough council is going to try and ban the dogs; however, you can be sure I am going to keep track of thisone.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

But this one goes to eleven...

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