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 The Alley
 Vioxx & The Future of the FDA   [ Page: 1  2  ]
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Passions in Poetry

Vioxx & The Future of the FDA

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Mistletoe Angel
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City of Roses

25 posted 02-22-2005 07:43 PM       View Profile for Mistletoe Angel   Email Mistletoe Angel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Mistletoe Angel's Home Page   View IP for Mistletoe Angel

Christopher, if I were to straight up propose an entire alternative myself, I already would be making the same mistake many as of late have been doing; deciding many of our nation's fates in an undemocratic fashion.

I'm for democratic, collective conscience. I believe it is that that draws out the full sketchings of solutions and fills in the mothholes in idealistic alternatives.

Appropriately, I believe I should help set the stage and make the general claims in course of action. First and foremost, the FDA must answer to all average American citizens who happen to be those who buy these products most of all. The FDA must be candid and frank, and serve the people as their first priority, not pharmaceutical corporations lobbyists.

I also spoke about that algorithm. I find it embarrassing I even have to call it as an alternative in how the FDA and its advisory board reviews these drugs. But right now they're literally just kowtowing to these corporations, pressuring them to, however safe or unsafe they are, get them on the market so they can make their profits, reach their expectations for the fiscal quarter, etc. This is an unhealthy process, and we must replace quality with quantity.

Finally, just in general, an act like that class-action one just passed isn't going to help the average American citizen in any degree, only the corporate interests. If something like that is going to be put in place and not repealed, then legislators and our government MUST adopt some sort of American Corporation/Worker Responsibility & Rights Act, making sure corporations don't abuse their power and exploit their workforce, consumers, etc.

That's the general gist of it there.

Noah Eaton

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"

Mother Teresa

Member Rara Avis
since 08-02-99
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Purgatorial Incarceration

26 posted 02-22-2005 08:24 PM       View Profile for Christopher   Email Christopher   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Christopher

so, if i get this right, you're saying that the democratic solution is for you to complain about the problem and let others suggest ideas to repair it? - really love yourself.

Member Patricius
since 06-19-2003
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27 posted 02-23-2005 07:01 AM       View Profile for LeeJ   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for LeeJ

Noah, thanks for your feedback and response, again, I can honestly understand your concern, but...a drug, is a drug...and to be quit honest...children shouldn't be taking any drugs unless authorized under doctor's care.  

The point I've been trying to make, is this...drugs are indeed needed, and some of them can cause serious side affects...
I do not resort to drugs unless absolutely necessary...and actually visit the doctor very little.  But if and when the need arises, Noah, sometimes when your in severe pain, there are no other alternatives...
that is when the patient must discuss in detail the perscribed drug with his/her doctor and assume responsiblity for taking that drug.  

I don't believe there will ever come a time when a medication will be 100% safe to 100% of society...there is risk and responsibility.  

If one cannot count on self to keep one safe, then who can we count on...point being...we've got to stop pointing fingers and intellegently convene with our doctors...ask questions, inform ourselves...and if the doctor doesn't want to take time, then it's ok to find another doctor....but somewhere along the line, society must inform itself and logically decide if they should be taking meds.....

Again Noah, what drug do you know is safe?
Vitamins can even cause side effects...did you know that?  

I decided at a young age to be dependent on me, and stay away from taking meds unless absolutely necessary.  Because I know they'll come a time in my life, when I will have to take them, as everyone else will including you, for whatever medical problem...

Noah, think about all the parents out there who have children with behavoral problems and the doctors tell the parents these children are they medicate that horrifies me...

A very good friend of mine is a phycologist and it's proven that very few children are hyper....and yet, b/c the parents want a quick fix, the doctor sedates these kids...where is the logic in that?  This in my assumption, should never be allowed?
These drugs which children are taking can have some very very dangerous side effects...and yet, I bet if you talk to these parents and ask them if they are aware of the side affects...very few of them have ever read the enclosed literature?  

Noah, it's a no win situation...if you become gravely ill, your going to need something...insulin, pain killers, medication for severe arthritis...alergies...rhuematory disease, you name it...bottom line is...what is the with severe pain, or take the only available drug on the market?  

Respectfully, you may say what you like, just as any journalist, or news reporter, and what are the chance the facts are 100% correct, or...are they perhaps simply trying to sell a story?

Noah, do you have any idea how the news media effects the stock market?  Very powerful stuff my friend...

I hope down the road, through further studies, one day, our technology will unveil something marvelously safe....but until then, older people Noah, have no other alternative, then to relieve their pain the best way they know how.  And until your in that kind of pain, you cannot predict, what you would do.  Keeping in mind, it is, in fact and the only fact...the patient's choice?  
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