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 The Alley
 It won't be the ACLU
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Passions in Poetry

It won't be the ACLU

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0 posted 12-03-2004 07:08 PM       View Profile for Brad   Email Brad   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Brad

The ad in question is part of an ambitious new national campaign by the UCC to appeal to Americans who feel alienated from religion and churches, and to equip the denomination's 6,000 congregations across the U.S. to welcome newcomers. In an effort to break through the commercial clutter that clogs the arteries of broadcast and cable television, the UCC ad features an arresting image: a pair of muscle-bound bouncers standing in front of a church and telling some people they can attend while turning others away.

After people of color, a disabled man and a pair of men who might be gay are turned away, the image dissolves to a text statement that: "Jesus didn't turn people away. Neither do we."

I don't know much about this church, but the message seems innocuous enough. Anybody disagree?

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1 posted 12-06-2004 10:00 AM       View Profile for jbouder   Email jbouder   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for jbouder

I don't disagree with you insomuch that the UCC should be able to exercise its First Amendment right to express its views - expressing  political views are a little hairy for churches under the IRC, but I don't see the ad as blatantly political.  I'm more concerned about how the ad misrepresents most conservative Christian congregations.  In Christian churches that understand their mission (and I think most do to varying degrees), you won't find either antinomian acceptance or bouncers at the doors.

The UCC's moral and philosophical relativism as a frustrated reaction to the "moral majority" attitude of some Christians is understandable, due in large part to the Christian tradition's own failure to take its call to humility seriously by consistently positing its truth-claims through witness, conversation, and church council rather than willful imposition and hierarchical decree.  Humility is the answer, not moral relativism or moral imperialism.

At least that's how I'd expect Augustine to see it.

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2 posted 12-07-2004 01:15 PM       View Profile for LeeJ   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for LeeJ

Brad, it's a great time....but idealistic, as I've been told myself.  I'm not knocking your belief, more the failure of mine.  I do believe in God, but, all during my life, investigated, or a much better word, explored many different religions...and perhaps it's me....but, there is always someone on the board, or deemed a great leader because of his/her money and who tithes much more then anyone else, so those people are catered to....

Lest we forget, the great fears some ministers wanted to inflict upon our older members of society, warning them about the Millennium?  Why, my mother was actually storing medications, water, etc.?????  I questioned their faith adding, if they had faith, they wouldn't the Bible tells us about the birds.

I'm sorry to say, even in the best of congregations, with people in mind, there are always those who forget about where they came from...thinking rules do not apply to them...

It always bothered me that b/c I wasn't Catholic, the priest said I couldn't commune?
Even as a child I took an aditude, thinking, who is he to say I cannot partake in the sacrements, Jesus turned no one away...that was my first wake up call...

Man is unfortunately in a squabble with greed and power...jealousy, so, even though written from your heart and in the best of mind...I can't help but be scepticle.  
There was a time when I just simply loved to go to church, just to listen to the music and the lesson...before you know it, people are coming up to you, asking you to be a Sunday School Teacher, or come to Adult Bible Study, harnessing you in.  Why can't they just leave you alone...???? Why is it, if I don't believe what they believe, I'm wrong...?????

And, I don't believe you need a million dollar church, to preach in.  Some of the best churches I've attended were those of simplicity.  There were no expectations....

Brad, seriously, I'm not trying to challenge you, it's just that Christians (and I deem myself one) can be so over whelming and hypocritical...and perhaps I knew the wrong people?  But do not believe in organized religion.  

Yes, I'm against abortion, but you cannot dictate to anyone, what they can and cannot do?  They are the ones who must suffer the consequences.  Abortion has been going on for years and years...and yet, it was the only determining factor that got Bush re-elected in the minds of some???????

I suppose my point is....that all religions serve with good intentions, but somehow, due to man's greed, become corrupted.

I believe in the Code's theory!  Why, b/c honesty...I don't believe women were meant to be a man's slave....and yet, ancient man, dictated it that way?  I believe the priests were much afraid of women who were smart, independent with a much stronger will then they ever knew.  But, look what happened?

Well, guess I've opened a great can of worms here, but I belonged to a UCC once, to.

Sorry Brad, I mean no harm, but there are painful memories of those so called Christains, who b/c they deemed them selves Christains...thought it was ok to treat others as they did.  They are no different then politicians to me????

I don't know, I mean no harm or challenge, or to disrobe your feelings, or to be bitter, but sometimes it's hard, after what I've seen...and I sometimes ponder, what in God's name would the world do, if the Code was right??????

Hope you don't mind my offerings here?

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