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since 11-22-2002
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25 posted 01-20-2003 05:26 PM       View Profile for neveah5   Email neveah5   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit neveah5's Home Page   View IP for neveah5

Severn- it wasnt meant to be an "authoritative statistic". I meant it as an opinionated statement.  Though I have met or known more than just a handful of people who have either suffered from cancer or died from it or had other health problems..and they were all cigarette smokers or chewed tobacco.  
I do realize that smoking ANYTHING could cause health problems...just seems like tobacco causes the most..probably because its so common and wide spread.
brian madden
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since 05-06-2000
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26 posted 01-22-2003 01:54 PM       View Profile for brian madden   Email brian madden   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for brian madden

A couple of points,

1) its not just teenagers who are calling for cannabis to be legalised. Many Doctors see how it helps ease the pain of MS and are calling for a prescription form of cannabis.   This is side tracking slightly as we are talking about those who smoke it for pleasure and those who steal to support their habitÖ teenagers, as some teens may not have a job.

2) I am not sure of the drug culture in America. Here in Ireland, it is illegal but there are always those who will smoke it on the bus or Dart (inner city trains). Also I know a number of people who smoke it, some religiously and others occasionally. I have only smoked Hash once in Amsterdam,
I donít smoke so smoking it did not really appeal to me, I had a slight mellow high better than affects of alcohol, which is by nature a depressant. No I am not ignoring the affects that hash can have on the brain, itís like alcohol IT KILLS BRAIN CELLS. Both can be addictive, Hash can cause the user to experience paranoia.
Unlike alcohol, which can cause the user to feel aggression, hash causes the user to relax.

Now to get to your point, you seem to attribute all of societies ills on these teenagers who smoke hash, if we put them on this island would we really rid ourselves of date rape galore, senseless violence, theft? Hell lets have a screening process, see how would be suitable for this island and put them on it, and we would probably have a third of the worldís population on this island.

Sarcastic quips aside, I donít think drug use is about non-conformity. Before the increase and easier access to drugs teenagers were getting drunk, and those who donít use drugs are getting drunk. They might steal so they can get a six pack. I donít think it is about rebelling, that is just part of it. It can be hard being a teen, they often turn to substances for escapism. It is the same with adults, they turn to substances for escapism.
Havenít you ever drunken alcohol until you were intoxicated? It is the same idea with Hash.
Only itís illegal.

Though I think you are aiming at the wrong target. Why pick out teenagers who use Hash?  Ok it is in wide spread use, but come to Ireland and see what Heroin does to a society. This drug has destroyed or seriously crippled inner city communities, teenagers are Forced to crime to support their habits, some to prostitution. I donít have the statistics but I know that a large percentage of crime in Ireland is related to drugs, be it family feuds in council housing or muggings etc.  

As for coke, in the 1980ís wasnít part of the whole yuppie scene, as in it was a drug of conformity. Though is kind of generalisation.

got hips like cinderella must be having a good shame talking sweet about nothing
cookie i think you're tame" The Pixies

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