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 Is anyone else sick of religious fanatic
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Passions in Poetry

Is anyone else sick of religious fanatics?

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Senior Member
since 05-27-2001
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Ohio, USA

0 posted 09-26-2001 11:00 PM       View Profile for hush   Email hush   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for hush

I've been hearing a lot of Jerry Falwell-esque comments in the last few days, and it's really starting to turn my stomach. After such terrible terrorist crimes, how is it that anybody can actually feel justified in blaming gays, pro-choicers, feminists (I really fail to see how feminism developed anti-Christian connotations, other than the fact that women will not tolerate abuse...) and liberals for God removing his protection from our country and allowing these tragedies and blah blah blah.... I mean, aren't these hateful comments what Christians are supposed to be against? I don't know, but these extremist right-wingers are just really getting on my nerves.... am I alone?
Local Rebel
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since 12-21-1999
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Southern Abstentia

1 posted 09-26-2001 11:25 PM       View Profile for Local Rebel   Email Local Rebel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Local Rebel
Member Rara Avis
since 06-15-99
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Mobile, AL

2 posted 09-27-2001 01:53 AM       View Profile for Temptress   Email Temptress   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Temptress

I'm going to say what I said in another thread that I hope everyone remembers at this time. EVERY religion has its hipocrits. Every one of them...and what a few do wrong isn't the way of the whole group. I truly hope we can grasp that.  

Sometimes the heart needs the solace of solitude and silence.

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since 02-02-2000
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3 posted 09-27-2001 04:46 AM       View Profile for anonymousfemale   Email anonymousfemale   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for anonymousfemale

I went to that link and it's fabulous.  

Ditto to temptress. Take the Islmaic religion for example. The minority black spot the majority. Just remember that.

"Reality is only a feeble rendering of the energy brought forth by the imagination"

Member Elite
since 02-29-2000
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4 posted 09-27-2001 07:41 AM       View Profile for rwood   Email rwood   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for rwood

I agree with Temptress and AF. Please see that even though he (Fallwell) has His messages bronzed and gleaming for his followers to worship... he is not the voice of us all.

doreen peri
Member Rara Avis
since 05-25-99
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5 posted 09-28-2001 01:38 PM       View Profile for doreen peri   Email doreen peri   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for doreen peri




one sighs fits all

(that was a non-comment because if i comment like i want to comment, people won't read it anyway because it will be a doreen-ramble of grand proportion)

people can blame any person, any ideology, any "wrong" as they percieve it, and rant and rave it, preach it,  prostitute it, anamorize it, theororize it (even though some can't spell it, like me), atomize it, synchronize it, socialize it, apprise it, despise it, devise it, surmise it...


on a positive note, at least the man isn't toting around a sign over his shoulder and marching the street saying "the end of the world is nigh"... ummm... or is he?

at least he's not sending Photoshop enhanced and altered photographs of some devilish type face in the smoke of the WTC....

(errr... or is he?)


so maybe it's harmless?.... oh... well, except for the fact that a large number of people are easily swayed ....

wait!! isn't that exactly what happened to the suicide bombers looking for glory in an afterlife after they become a martyr for Allah?

i'm so confused....

dammit!! i said i wasn't going to rant and ramble because i want to give credit to myself for not exhausting my mind with my own gibberish, especially when there are way more important things happening....

(thank you for posting this topic)

[This message has been edited by doreen peri (edited 09-28-2001).]

Titia Geertman
Member Ascendant
since 05-07-2001
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6 posted 09-28-2001 07:26 PM       View Profile for Titia Geertman   Email Titia Geertman   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Titia Geertman's Home Page   View IP for Titia Geertman

I've heard of it overhere too and Doreen, it's NOT HARMLESS, it's racial.

There will always be people who take advantage of a tragedy to expose their own sickening thoughts.

Our youngest daughter is lesbian and I myself guessed she was when she was still very young and didn't even know it herself.
But so what?? I see no difference in the love she shares with her femalepartner as my eldest daughter shares with her malepartner.
To me it's all the same love.


A rose is a rose is a rose...I guess...
Feel free to use the pictures on my website.

Local Rebel
Member Ascendant
since 12-21-1999
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Southern Abstentia

7 posted 09-28-2001 10:19 PM       View Profile for Local Rebel   Email Local Rebel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Local Rebel

AF, glad you liked the link...

And speaking of religious fanatics -- from a document found in Mohamed Attar's (the ringleader of one of the terrorist groups) luggage:

"Everybody hates death, fears death," according to a translation of highlights of the document obtained by The Washington Post. "But only those, the believers who know the life after death and the reward after death, would be the ones who will be seeking death."

This appears in a section of the document beneath the words, "The last night."

That section begins, "Remind yourself that in this night you will face many challenges. But you have to face them and understand it 100 percent. . . . Obey God, his messenger, and don't fight among yourself where you become weak, and stand fast, God will stand with those who stood fast."

The translated version of the document instructs the hijackers to steel their will with prayer before embarking on their mission."

the rest of the story is at:

with excertpts of the document at:

And you may find this link from the interfaith alliance usefull too that expounds on this:


"Robertson believes that the separation of church and state is ". . . a lie of the left, and we're not going to take it anymore." (The State, November 13, 1993)
Robertson believes that only Christians should be in positions of public leadership. He said: "I think Christians were intended by God to be the leaders." (700 Club transcript)
Robertson continues to spout Anti-Semitic rhetoric. He said: ". . . Perhaps we can assume that the current wave of anti-Semitism is being allowed by God to force the large number of the chosen people residing in the Soviet Union out of what the Bible calls the land of the north?" (Pat Robertson's Perspective (newsletter), May/June, 1990)
Robertson has suggested that "tax money spent on public education instills atheism in our society." (Federal News Service, Sept. 11, 1992)
Robertson believes that women should be subservient to men. "The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians." That is what television evangelist Pat Robertson wrote in a recent letter to help raise money to defeat Amendment 1, an Iowa ballot initiative that would extend the protections of the state constitution to women . . . (The Washington Post, August 23, 1992)

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Member Elite
since 02-29-2000
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8 posted 09-29-2001 12:56 AM       View Profile for rwood   Email rwood   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for rwood

For all we know....Pat Robertson may be having a very elicit love affair with Jerry Fallwell. It sounds as if their compulsion towards women hating and the damnation of love between the same sex COULD be very convicting of the deep seated feelings they have for each other. Their despising of abortion/Pro Choicers MAY stem from their they MIGHT have overheard a private discussion between their parents
as to why they didn't do just that. And their attitudes towards women being subservient to males MAY point to the little complexities they MIGHT have in the bedroom.  But I'm not a licensed therapist or Doctor the same as they are not my Idea of a Christian.

Member Elite
since 05-23-99
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Coastal Texas

9 posted 09-29-2001 01:53 AM       View Profile for Alicat   Email Alicat   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Alicat

I could be mistaken here, but wasn't it Oral Roberts who, along with others during the 80's, was trying to raise a boodle of money to finance his lifestyle? Unless I'm wrong, he's the one who's petition was "Unless I raise [large sum of money] God will call me home." (verbatim and poor memory from me) Isn't that what all Christians want ultimately: to be called Home? Pity God didn't call Roberts' bluff. That would've put the 'fear' of God in them...but that's just my opinion.

Religious fanatics of any persuasion get me riled, especially Christian ones, since I'm a Christian. I see these rabid spewers of philosophol rot as harmful to what I believe, since they taint the Christian 'image' with their pontificating for attention, positive or negative. Even thinking of the Tildins (remember him?) of the Televangilical Eighties makes me want to go and have a lie down. Just as they twist and misinterpret Biblical scripture to suit their own wanton needs, so too do Muslim extremists pervert Koranic passages. Kinda odd that suicide is despised by Allah, but self-martyrdom (suicide) is not. I always thought that to be a martyr, someone else had to persecute or kill you. It takes a very special and twisted soul to persecute oneself to that degree of a religious cause...kinda like that Catholic medieval order which believed in self-flaggelation.

At any rate, just as there are many similarities between the Bible and Qur'An (since Muhammad Hashim was raised in a village with Christians and Jews), so too have I seen marked similarities between Falwell and his sycophants and the Taliban, especially their views on women, clothing, music, literature, government, countries, religions, ethnicities, races, education, and lifestyles.

One final closing thought: who the hell is the Moral Majority? A majority indicates a lot of where are they? I have very strong why am I not included? Not that I'd like to be, mind you....some of their rhetoric smacks too loudly of Democratic Socialism as practiced in the 1930's and 40' Germany.

[This message has been edited by Alicat (edited 09-29-2001).]

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