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 Responding to ones own poetry.... Marina   [ Page: 1  2  3  4  5  ]
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Passions in Poetry

Responding to ones own poetry.... Marina and Marina 2 ???

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Regina SK; Canada

75 posted 02-10-2001 01:52 AM       View Profile for Poeminister   Email Poeminister   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Poeminister's Home Page   View IP for Poeminister

I too hope bump will be put back.  I think its a matter that we just need to make sure not to over-bump ourselves the same as making sure not to over-post in the forums, if we follow that like a rule, things could be fine with the bump.


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Janet Marie
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76 posted 02-10-2001 09:35 AM       View Profile for Janet Marie   Email Janet Marie   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Janet Marie

I have been following this thread all along with much interest ...
so many valid points ... so many different opinions ... so much to think about.
Particularly Ron's posts of reason and explanation.
I don't think there will or can be a right or wrong choice on the subject of "bump Vs unbump" I also don't think that there will ever be a way for complete fairness and equal footing for all. Thats life...reality ... so we try to find a middle or common ground and compromise.

I too feel that there has been a bit too much focus on the thank you replies, the expectation that we must take the time to write out longer witty thanks yous...
When I first came here that was not the norm ... a polite group thank you was more than acceptable ... now we (myself included) apologize when we don't have time to do
individual thanks ... Please don't get me wrong....I love the interaction and the one on one contact, but it can get time consuming and involved, and frankly its time that could be used to reply to more poetry...of other poets.
I also think that we are putting too much emphasis on the number of replies ...
and being "popular" ... Personally I would rather see the focus be on the reply itself ...
its quality..not the final count of quantity....
I would rather have less replies over all in trade for replies that really focus on the poem,
Like Severn pointed out ...
I prefer (and this of course is me speaking for only me) ... to have replies that mention the structure, or cadence or rhyme scheme, that critique and notice the work and effort that went into the writing of the poem. I TRY to always include something like that in my replies... while encouraging and complimenting.
That's how we learn and grow ... that's the point or goal to keep growing...
BUT yes....encouragement is always a positive thing....we just cant learn much from
"nice poem."  
BUT, in the end ... time dictates all of our participation and that's why I say we will never really ALL be on Equal ground ...
because in here it comes down to time...and participation ...

That is why I have somewhat of a concern with the statement of:
"Those who are seeking higher number, who are seeking popularity, have a very simple solution, one that is on an equal footing with every other Member - you need but write better, more popular poetry."
I dont know if that is a fair assessment ... Higher numbers and popularity don't always come from "better" poetry....those things come from higher level of participation in the forums..more replies to other peoples work ... Some of us have or make more time for here ... but there are many who don't due to their busy life, work and family obligations and other interests ....
I don't know if its fair to say writing better poetry will get you higher numbers ...
I see OUTSTANDING poetry in here everyday by "quiet" lesser known poets..fall away sometimes hardly touched ...
because for what ever reason, they don't do many replies ...
A perfect example of this would be our esteemed Michael Anderson (please forgive me for using you M, without asking) ...
Michael's life has changed and he at this time does not have the time to spend here as much as he once did....his posts once got the numbers of a "popular poet" ...
now in a huge forum with so many new people his name is not as recognized ...
does that mean he needs to "write better poetry." I don't think so.... his work is undisputedly some of the finest to ever be posted ...
It all comes back to participation ... the more you reply to others...the more your work is going to get read ... for those who cant "live here daily" as some of us do...
its going to be harder to have equal footing. That's the reality of Passions ...

I personally think the changes and "bump" is a loss ... these forums have grown so much ... and we have so many posts and forums to read in, no one can keep up anymore ... for the lesser known poets bringing their work back up with an occasional thanks will be the only way their work will get a chance to be seen....
There are just too many posts to keep track of now ...
And honestly ....I can only think of a small handful of times when I saw the thank yous being "abused" to keep posts at the top"
and I don't believe many of them do it deliberately .. they don't realize till someone tells them ... so wouldn't an E-mail from a moderator or Administrator be a way to put a stop to the abusers or help teach a new member who intentions are only to be polite?
Rather than take the feature away from those who used it in the fair way?
many things come into play here... Poet ego being one ...
some people will not read someone else who does not reply to them ...
and in a now way too busy forum that's understandable ...
Naturally we are going to use our time here to reply to the ones who take the time to reply to again...those with less time here....lose the equal footing ...
Those of us who have more time will read the poets who might not reply back...
Personally If I like a certain poets style and know when I read his or her work I will be
"blown away" ... I will read their every post and try to reply ...
whether or not they regularly read me...
BUT common respect and courtesy should be returned once in a while ...
RESPECT should be the key word.

So have I proven that we need to control the destiny of our own posts ??..
NO I'm sure I haven't ... Im not sure anyone can ..I think its simply coming down to a matter of opinion and so there shouldn't be a wrong or right.
What's fair? I don't know if anyone will agree on that either ...
but I also know that for a lot of poets... the thank you bump ..
DONE with moderation and respect and NOT poet ego going to be the only
way to be seen in too fast moving Open ...

But if the "unbump" rule stays... then I would like to see the folders or posts be in some way be marked to show a thank you reply.... because I don't wish to go searching for the many in a day I reply to find them..that is time away from replying to others ... and I don't think I should have to fill my library with the 20-40 or more poems that I sometimes reply to in a day.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any points here and if I have misread or misunderstood anyone's points.  We can learn from our mistakes ...
and I make lots of them    
thank you for your time.... and the opportunity to voice an opinion.
Thank you also to the several poets who wrote (from both sides of this issue)..
and asked me to participate, I am grateful my opinion matters.
Please forgive my inability to be brief.It's a gift I have not yet received.     
take care

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77 posted 02-10-2001 11:47 AM       View Profile for rosepetals25   Email rosepetals25   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for rosepetals25

I just had to stop in and give my view point on this topic.  I realize that I will probably end up repeating what many others have said already so bare with me. I will try to keep in short and to the point.

The reasons I don't like the new "unbump" feature are because poems get over looked way to easily.  The newer poets won't have stand a chance with all the posting that goes on in the Open Forum.

And I like to thank the people who reply to my poetry, and I like to think that they see them.  I also like to read the responses to the poems that I reply to. At this time I am only capable of using a computer once a week.. and I know I will forget certain poems that I want to go back to.. and to take the time to go looking for the poems 10 pages back.. and try to keep up with the new poetry.. I would have to be at this library all day!  lol.  

I don't know. Maybe it is just that I don't like change and I'm stubborn in my ways.. but I like the old way of doing things.  It just seems easier to me.
Mark Bohannan
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since 06-21-2000
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In the winds of Cherokee song

78 posted 02-11-2001 02:35 PM       View Profile for Mark Bohannan   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Mark Bohannan

I have to confess that when the move happened, I was happy to see the unbump feature for a number of personal reasons.  First off, I don't like to keep bumping my own poems at all and I sure don't like to increase the number of posts to it by replying too often with my thanks.  I typically will wait until I have at least ten or fifteen replies to one of my poems just so that it doesn't seem as if I am trying to keep it on top.  I also don't like to have more than one poem up at a time to close to the top and with the bump there were times when I would type my thank you's and by the time I posted them I found someone had brought up one of my old ones.  I could never complain about the number of reads I get as I get more than my fair share.  My poet ego of course would like to think that all of them are because my poems are good enough to get that many but in reality I know that some of them are because of friendships or alliances formed.  Either way, you won't ever find me complaining about that.  I hold off on posting a new poem until I believe my last one has died off and many times I have waited days to do so.  I just don't like to see more than one of mine at a time.  I prefer to read more than post anyway.  That is how I learn and that is also how I unwind from my day.


Now for the kicker.......there are those that have multiple identities that will of course fight the unbump feature by bringing up their own poems in another name just to give it light.  I don't believe there is any way of stopping this without punishing the ones that act with responsibly short of individually contacting the abusers and asking them to practice a little fairness to the others.  I know there are legitimate reasons for some poets to have more than one name and I am glad that option is left open for us though I don't believe I will ever use it.  The real concern here is just plain out politeness or rudeness.  For a handful of poets to purposely abuse the system by replying to their own post in an alias to prove a point is ruining the system for the rest of us.  We all know that it can be done, so why bump your friends down unfairly just to prove a point.  That is where the system falls apart and for that reason I am now in the mindset that the bump should be brought back ONLY if there is no way to control the abusers.  It may be the only salvation for the poets who try to play by the rules of fairness but are shoved aside by those who would rather see their name at the top than to read and reply to the ones they say they are trying to protect by protesting the unbump.  

  I do see a need for something to let us know that an originating poet has replied in thanks short of trying to remember how many posts were on it when it was last on top and then trying to notice the one added number in the middle of a page.  I would like to see the time posted just as it is when someone else replies and that would make it easy to spot most of the time when we read down the page and see a time out of whack with the one above and below it.  Simple solution to knowing without clicking on it but it won't stop the poem from being buried by the heavy posters and abusers.  

Just my two cents worth.
Poet deVine
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Hurricane Alley

79 posted 02-11-2001 03:14 PM       View Profile for Poet deVine   Email Poet deVine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Poet deVine

Without the bump, don't you think the lesser known/lesser read poets are now on page one longer?
Mark Bohannan
Member Rara Avis
since 06-21-2000
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In the winds of Cherokee song

80 posted 02-11-2001 03:53 PM       View Profile for Mark Bohannan   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Mark Bohannan

Yes I do....and I like that feature as long as we find a way to control the abuse of the system by the ones that want to prove their point by blatently burying the poets who participate fairly.  As I said........before the abuse started I was enjoying the non bump feature tremendously.....I still do but I see a need for some sort of fix to salvage the original intent of it.  
Member Rara Avis
since 07-17-99
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81 posted 02-11-2001 04:06 PM       View Profile for Severn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Severn

I certainly hope so Sharon.
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... the old black rum

82 posted 02-11-2001 04:13 PM       View Profile for Parker   Email Parker   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Parker's Home Page   View IP for Parker

Just a quick response to deVine... the number of replies to your own poetry is usually allot less then other people replying. So the reality is that allowing the bump by other replies will just bump up other poems and push down that new poets poem at a faster rate then an author bump. This is a fact it can't be disputed. There are a minor few that will reply to their own poetry as much as they get replies from others but they are in the minority.
New poems cause the new poets to disappear,
Frequent poem additions by regular poets cause a new poem to disappear,
Replies to a popular poem cause new poems to disappear.
Unless we just reply to a new poets poem its going down. Authors replying to their own poem and bumping it up are not the only culprits of this dastardly deed.
If you reply to a popular poem, or a poem other then a new poets poem, you are pushing new poems down.
YouÖ you wicket person you.     How dare you.    
We all contribute to poem movement by our replies, more so then the author. Compare as many poems as you want. The numbers are their, its verifiable, itís a fact, bumping by other poets then the author to his own poem is more frequent. So we really canít just blame the author for this whole controversy.

I put a suggestion in the suggestion forumÖ. I donít know if itís a good one. I know its probably possible. But, donít know how much work it would be for RonÖ. Its just simply choosing the display order of the poems. This would give each poet the option of seeing author bumped poems or not, or even just seeing poems as they come in. But, I donít know if Ron likes the idea or if its too much work for him. But, it gives everyone the choice and eliminates the controversy.


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83 posted 02-11-2001 08:17 PM       View Profile for Marina   Email Marina   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Marina

Now your beating me to a response Parker!    

What Parker basically said was part of what I was going to say.  However, I have something else to add. (as usual!)

Yesterday as I was just logging out, I noticed a poet post a new poem which I was interested in reading because the title caught my eye.  Being as I had something else I needed to do, I decided to log out and read it when I returned later in the day.  On my return, I went into Today's Topic to find this poem.  Easy enough right?  After all that is why it is here.  Well after looking through Open 12 Today's Topic's, It was nowhere to be found.  So I naturally thought I must have missed it, so I searched again.  It simply just wasn't there.  So I had to go into Open 12 and search all the way through it till I found it.  I found it alright and it had replies to it from earlier that day.  So how did Today's Topic save me time??  Shouldn't this poem have been listed??  This is why I normally don't use Today's Topic's because I have noticed that not all poems show up on the list.  Now since that poet was the last to respond, I would have very easy found it on page one if the "bump" was still in place.  To me this is just another reason for the "bump" to be returned.  If Todays Topic doesn't always work, how is this means of finding a poem useful???

As far as I can tell, the people who are against the "bump" feature returning are those who feel it is abused.  I have no doubt at all that there are some people who do this.  But, aren't these people in the minority as Parker said??  I believe that they most certainly are.  I  believe that no one here at Passions can disagree that those abuser aren't that significant that we need to change an ENTIRE FEATURE just for them.  Wouldn't an e-mail from a moderator or even from fellow poet remind them that to bump their poetry for the sake of a bump to the top, is NOT what Passions is about and certainly WOULD be shunned upon by fellow poets??  I believe that the people who post here wouldn't be foolish enough to continue to abuse the system after a reminder such as that.  Especially if people no longer post to their poetry because of their need to BEND Passions rules just to suit them. Even though it is an "unwritten rule".

I don't like having my small pleasures in life turned up side down to eliminate a very small percentage of people who abuse our system.  As of this post, we have 4,896 members.  I don't believe for one moment that out of this number we have such a high number of poets who are abusing the system.  Why should those who respect other Passions poets have to have a feature removed??

Member Rara Avis
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84 posted 02-12-2001 07:59 AM       View Profile for Ron   Email Ron   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Ron's Home Page   View IP for Ron

Define "abuse," Marina.

From my first post in this thread: " The new unbump feature was implemented so no one need feel guilty for saying thank you and otherwise keeping the dialog flowing. It has the added side-effect of thwarting those few who would manipulate the system."

The worst abuse is not from those who bump, but rather from those who respect their fellow poets too much to displace a poem with one of their own. As Mark pointed out, those with no such respect will try to find other ways to circumvent the intent of the system - and get posting privileges for their alias suspended, as I've done to several this morning (next will come suspension for their main name, as well). Those who refuse to play on a level playing field will find themselves out of the game.

And that's exactly what the unbump does - it levels the playing field, so that everyone moves up and down the page for the right reasons, not simply because they think it's time for another go-round. I have yet to hear anyone give a single reason why their poem is more deserving than another, or why they and not the other Members should control the poem's destiny.

I have, however, heard that it can sometimes be difficult to know when an author has responded to their own post, because the colored folders can effectively hide that response, and I think that's a very valid complaint. I spent several hours yesterday working on a possible solution, and I hope to have something ready in the next few days. Frankly, I'd much rather spend my time working on solutions than spend it tracking down people who think a second Username should somehow give them special privileges.

Forgive my ire. I find myself sorely disappointed this morning in some people's seeming lack of a sense of fairness.
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85 posted 02-12-2001 10:26 AM       View Profile for suthern   Email suthern   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for suthern

I'm still a bit indecisive because there are things I like about both the feature and the lack thereof... but I'm back with my dithering. *S*

First, I admit that I once created an alias. At that time, I needed to be someone other than suthern for several reasons... Some of those reasons are very personal, but they didn't include promoting suthern... on the contrary, I wished to see if my poems were good enough to stand on their own without anyone knowing my identity. I got my answer, and was glad to accept Ron's kind offer to merge that alias into suthern.

I know there are a lot of aliases created strictly in fun and I don't have any problem at all with that... but I find the idea of creating an alias to respond to your own poetry absolutely abhorrent and inexcusable.

Second... bump v. unbump. I'm not a prolific writer and I'm not an incredibly talented writer, so people aren't exactly waiting with bated breath for my offerings except in my daydreams. *G* And whether it's fair or not, the simple fact is that the attention a poem gets depends a lot on the time it's posted as well as who posts it. I can remember posting a couple of poems early on that got exactly 2 responses... Toe's reply and my thanks to him. But I reposted some of those poems months later and got many responses... the poem hadn't changed, but more people knew me and my work and took the time to read.

My initial response to the bump feature being gone was "Thank heavens!" I knew it wouldn't be as easy to know when a poet had replied to my response... and that interaction is important to me... if PIP responses were limited to poetic critique, I'd be somewhere else. *S* And I knew that many times, my poems had garnered a much greater audience after I'd bumped it up with my thanks than it had initially received. But months without the type of search feature I craved had taught me well how to look for poems I'd read and wanted to re-visit... (I even resorted to taking notes *S*) and now I don't have to remember anything but the author (which isn't that difficult even for a blonde if the poem impressed me *S*) in order to search for their reply. And losing a way to bump my own poems made it easier to extend my thanks without embarrassment... even if there might be fewer to thank. When I thought of those who aggravated the dickens out of me blatantly bumping their own poems time and again, it was a worthwhile trade-off.

But it seems the abusers won't be thwarted. Personally, I avoid reading their work.... That may sound mean, but my time is limited... I'm human.  As I've read these forums for over a year and a half, I've found favorite poets... and if time restrictions force me to make a choice, I will choose a known treat for myself over reading something by a stranger... and I do so without guilt because when I have time, I wade through as much as 30 days worth of poems from the back forwards... whether old-timer or newbie, whether 50 replies or one... and I respond to those that touch me, regardless of who authored the poem... In the process, I find new favorites. But when I encounter a blatant bumper... I figure they're giving themselves enough attention without my help. *S* I start skipping their poems.

Since some people won't play fair no matter what, I guess I'm leaning more towards restoring the bump... It's a shame that people want the attention so much they don't care how disrespectful they're being. But it's easier to avoid them if I don't have to figure out aliases. *S*
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86 posted 02-12-2001 12:26 PM       View Profile for Parker   Email Parker   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Parker's Home Page   View IP for Parker

Well, Ron you haven't commented on the suggestion for the ability to have a display sort order option.

Would this satisfy both camps, give each poet the choice, by setting a default order that they like.

For poets that love the interactions that go along with the replies (including the authors) they would see the poems in last reply order....

For poets that just want to see poems in new topics, they see all the poems as they come into the site always new poems at the top.

and Iím sure there are a few more ordering possibilities ....
say first post order
or funny icon order,
or female poet order... (hmmm I like that one)  
or even god forbid high reply order
or the more evil high author reply order..  
on the other side of the coin it will help us shuffle to the bottom those poems we don't want up front for whatever our own reasons may be.
Although I believe brand new shiny posts should always appear at the top as they come in.. (but thatís my preference...)

Since we are an interactive site in many way's. These choice may even be enjoyed and preferred. What's you take on it...


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87 posted 02-12-2001 01:00 PM       View Profile for Poeminister   Email Poeminister   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Poeminister's Home Page   View IP for Poeminister

I didn't know when the bump-factor was in that I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing when I replied frequently in my posts to repliers, everyone seemed to be bumping in the same way so I didn't think there was any unfairness.  I just  know that if the bump were put back I would minimize the amount of replies I make in my posts to a certain number a day and make sure not to bump myself more than that number a day--- wouldn't that  solve the unfairness with the bump if, we desgnated a certain limit for everyone as to how many times you can bump yourself a day altogether??

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88 posted 02-12-2001 03:47 PM       View Profile for suthern   Email suthern   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for suthern

In response to Poeminister... and because I've drawn a breath since that last binge of verbosity *G* - This is just my preference... I don't pretend to speak for anyone else. *S* But it honestly didn't/doesn't bother me when someone is thanking others for responding to their poems... even if it means that every other post is from the poet. At most, it's a minor annoyance. Some of us just have more time on here than others and we're never going to level that particular playing field... and part of any annoyance is that I don't have the playtime. *S* But I would sincerely hope that anyone who had lots of "thank you" time had just as much time for reading and responding to others. Bottom line: It doesn't bother me if someone comments on my poem and pushes it down as they comment on 40 other poems, even if some of those poems are their own! I guess the deciding factor for me is whether they're participating or preening. *G*

But I have encountered some poets who weren't even disguising their bumping with thanks to others... they were blatantly stating that their poem didn't have enough responses... and they weren't spending all their agonizing waiting time reading other poems! I'm sorry, but we all write duds (on second thought, I think I must write Balladeer's, Janet Marie's, Martie's, Marge's, Mark's, jellybeans', E. Santos's, Toe's, LJA's, Nan's, Hoot's, PDV's and several other peoples duds, cause I never ever see a dud with their name on it! LOL) But if you've given the poem a couple of chances at the top and no one responds, it could be because your timing was lousy... or it could be because people are too polite to say "this stinks." *S*

Without bump, no one can toot their own horn quite so easily... but no one need worry about how often they respond to the people reading their poems. And personally, I like thanking people for taking the time to read and respond to my poem... I feel it's only courteous when I know that they could have spent their time elsewhere... even if it's two simple words "thank you." But I can't manage to cut myself the same slack I allow others... and I know I'm not alone in having to resort to email or feeling discourteous when I don't thank people after I've sent my poem to the top a few times... I've been on the receiving end of some of those "I wanted to let you know I appreciated your response... but I don't want to bump my poem back up so I'm sending this" emails.

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89 posted 02-12-2001 07:54 PM       View Profile for Sven   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Sven

I would like to present this as my final word on the subject. . . I've read this whole thread again. . . and I have noticed that a lot of people have said, "I just want to be read" as their argument for not liking unbump. . . not all of them, and not in these words, but this is the essence of what they have said. . .

The following used to be on the top of all of the pages where you would type in your reply. . . now, it's just on a selected few. . . but here it is. . .

Have you commented on the poetry of others today? You will likely find the response to your poems will be better if you take the time to respond to other poems first.

Thank you again for your time.


To the world, you may only be one person. But to one person, you may be the world.
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90 posted 02-13-2001 01:39 AM       View Profile for Severn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Severn

I find it sad though that there has to be a personal - if you reply, then you'll GET replies...

such is the way I suppose


...and I have found that a lifetime can be lived in one moment...

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91 posted 02-13-2001 12:14 PM       View Profile for Alicat   Email Alicat   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Alicat

Whoa....Ron, I don't know how you do it...must have the patience of Job, but I've seen some wonderful additions here.

1) The green folder. Shows, as far as I can tell, a topic where the poster replied, at least when viewed from Today's Topics.

2) Responding to your own Discussion thread bumps, but responding to your own Poetry thread does not.

Parker, you had some really good suggestions, and some of them, so it would seem, have been implemented.

Ron, I truly don't know how you do it, I truly don't. But I'm thankful you do.

PS: Didn't mean to steal your thunder, Ron.


ďIt is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most
intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.Ē Charles Darwin

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92 posted 02-13-2001 12:26 PM       View Profile for Severn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Severn

serenity blaze
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After just replying to my own poem (heh, heh, three, maybe four times? don't know) just want to say that I love the addition of both the unbump AND the flag for critique. Previously, I might not have been comfortable addressing that critique so quickly---so yeppers, RON---I like both...THANK do think of everything!
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ok, i was undecided about this feature, and have read much of this here, and lots of people make sense, at first i didn't like it and i did like here reporting for really, I didn't like it because I am not around much and my poems just slip off the page...I did like it because it make the interaction between the poet and the readers easier, and takes away the guilt of the bump...but the real reason I came was to say

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Once again, many many many thanks for the recent changes...

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Before I take my leave of absents from Passions..... Link from Announcements...

I wanted to know if anything at all has been decided or no changes at all?? Is there still the possibility of a vote?? I do like the coloured folder for the poet's own response. I guess I am just looking for an update if there is one.


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Marina, I don't even have time for an update, let alone time to organize a fair vote right now. Besides, when there's a vote, I want it to be based solely on which system works best, not on what people's dislike of anything new and different. That means giving the unbump some time.

We'll wait for youÖ (but get well soon anyway!)
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~*Irie takes a deep breath*~

Ok, here we go.....

I'm torn on this whole subject, and I have read as many of the replies as I could and I do feel that everyone, for the most part, has a valid point.

Why am I torn?

OK.... I think the "unbump" is a good idea for those who choose to abuse the "bump" feature.
What do I mean? Well, there are those who reply to every single reply that comes in on their post instead of waiting for at least a few before extending their thank you's. That was certainly annoying to me, as I'm sure it was to others.

HOWEVER, I am disappointed to see the feature removed as I for one liked it.
Why? Well, for several reasons.
I for one do not have the time being a working mom and a having a very SLOW server, to email everyone who replies to my poetry. Though, as I have been left with no other choice, I am forced to do so.
It was nice to be able to wait for several posts, as Marina stated, and then reply to fellow poets comments, saying thank you's and basically keeping in touch.

Yes, is there is A LOT of poetry that flows through open at a very rapid speed.
Just another thing I'm torn about.
On one hand, your poetry does drop out of site rather quickly.
But on the other hand, if we're bumping our own poetry back up, it's just shoving someone else's lower.

So, as for now, I'm still torn on the issue, though I am leaning towards having it back.
But that is only for my selfish reasons of having very limited time on my hands.

And I have to say this, I tried really hard to just keep my mouth shut.
But I found it amusing that a few members who are for the "unbump", have bumped their own posts more than one time, and at times, not even posting replies, just stating that they were bumping it.
And most of us who wish to see the feature back, are not one's that would "abuse" the feature.
I wonder why that is?
Just wondering.....

Ok, there are my two cents worth, ok, so maybe I gave three! hehe


"The things that come to those that wait may be the things
left by those who got there first"

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ok first off I have not read through all four pages of this, I just trying to catch up on lost time (college getting in the way) personally I see Ron's points and I think they are very valid however in a fast moving forum like Open, especially during holdiays when there are less people on line, poems can vanish very fast. Very established memebers can easily get many posts on their poems without responding themselves but it is harder for less regular memembers.
So I feel this unbump system may even the odds. I guess it there is no easy answer. You can't make everyone happy. I always repost to my posts and it is there I thank people. Sorry the whole thanking everyone through e-mail thing, I guess it never sunk in with me.  in concluding I think some people do rely on that bump system in order to get their poems read. but which ever way it goes it goes. Either way Ron you are doing a great job.

"difference between love and comfortis that comfort's more reliable and true
Brutal and mocking but always therea crutch for enmity's saddest glare"

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