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Passions in Poetry

Just a wee bit 'o steam

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Member Rara Avis
since 08-02-99
Posts 9130
Purgatorial Incarceration

25 posted 04-27-2000 10:37 PM       View Profile for Christopher   Email Christopher   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Christopher

You know...

Nah, I suppose you don't, or there wouldn't have been such a to-do over such simple statements! My whole point in bringing this subject up was to A: Pose my thoughts and ideas. (would I have been recieved better had I posted it in a poem???) B: Was as Jim said, to bring it to light.

Sure, I appreciate (hope that doesn't sound too arrogant there Mike,) when someone pens a light "well-done," but truthfully, I would much rather have ONE person really read my poem and get into it, tell me it stinks, than to have thirty people vapidly say it was "nice."


Ok, if such it is called to wish for someone to really associate or understand what I write, then so be it. Personally, I though I was arrogant for other reasons, but there must be things about me which I didn't know, which others are much more suited to noticing, seeing as how they don't know me.

In this particular case - A public apology Claire, I had NO idea that this would prove to be this problematic. The issues been brought up before many times and this is the first time names have been called and people have gotten their panties in a bunch over it. - I don't consider this arrogant. If someone does feel the need to be defensive, then perhaps they need to consider why. I pointed no one in particular out. As a matter of fact, most of the previous respondants on the poem in question aare friends of mine whom I respect. THEY haven't given me any grief. As a matter of fact, one of them has e-mailed me and thanked me for pointing out how their response seemed.

Now geez, I'll be the last person in the world to condemn anyone for time constraints. I KNOW time constraints...LOL, though I don't think Denise gets to claim that distinction while nearing 10,000 posts! I know what it's like to not have as much time as you'd like. I also know though, that I read Claire's poem in a way that spoke to me of anything but beauty. It was extremely well written and the format was appealing. But when I read those words, and saw some of the replies, I just felt that the content wasn't truly recognized or addressed.

This post and my feelings are simply my opinion. I don't remember anyone ever saying that addressing a concern, practicing your right of free speech, and basically just speaking of your feelings on a subject were enough to make you arrogant.

Yes, it's the accusation of arrogance which so bothers me here. I applaud all of you, even you Mike, for speaking your mind. You too are practicing your right to free speech and I think that's awesome.

But name-calling? That's a wee bit juvenile methinks. You don't know me well enough to know I'm arrogant. Pinning that label on me assumes a lot more than you Mike, a person I've never had an interchange with prior to this, has a right to assume. You know nothing of me save a few words... which I might add, you've completely misinterpreted. Every conclusion you've drawn from my post, (aside from the arrogance part...I am arrogant, but you can't say that,) is wrong. Every intent you claim I had, is wrong. Period.

Do I feel bad? Do I feel like I stuck my foot in my mouth? Nope, not a bit. I fel I spoke clearly and in a respectful manner, not calling anyone names. If others misinterpreted this and took offense at it, so be it. I stopped trying to please everyone a long time ago.

Peace out, Luv ya all, ('cept you Mike, you're still on my list.)
Member Seraphic
since 08-22-99
Posts 23002

26 posted 04-27-2000 10:40 PM       View Profile for Denise   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Denise

hehehehe....well, Jim, as a matter of fact, since I have been laid off from my job I have been at the computer day and night. I'm taking advantage of the fact that I will soon be back to work and my time on here will then again become quite limited.

Now, back to the topic at hand. I think the primary consideration in Open and the other forums other than C.A. (where people are explicitly inviting critique) is the writer's feelings. The general concensus seems to be that critique is not welcome there. That being the case, I will not publically critique there. As I said, I have e-mailed people privately and I have been well received by every one of them. Now, I must confess that I too did not care for critique. After thinking about it for about a month I have changed my views on it. It doesn't bother me to have my poems critiqued as long as it is done in a courteous manner. But I realize that I can't speak for everyone and that not everyone feels as I do. This being the case, I think that the majority's wishes have to be respected. Again, I see no point in critiquing replies, especially since the poems themselves are not being posted for critique. Most people just enjoy the 'fellowship' of the forums and the fun that we all have sharing with each other. I must say that that is my primary reason for being here, as well. Everything in life doesn't have to be a 'classroom' so to speak. People's feelings are far more important to me than trying to perfect the craft of poetry. Well, that's just about all that I have to say on this, and once again, if I have hurt anyone's feelings with my comments I am very sorry, that was not my intention.

Member Rara Avis
since 08-02-99
Posts 9130
Purgatorial Incarceration

27 posted 04-27-2000 10:44 PM       View Profile for Christopher   Email Christopher   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Christopher


Thank you Marge, you reminded me of something else I wanted to say!

We all do things for different reasons. "You" don't reply in depth for yours, I comment on your lack of reply for mine.


I won't call you names though...well maybe, but you started it! Neener-neener!

Luv ya too Marge and you're right, but so am I. How does that work???
Marge Tindal
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Member Empyrean
since 11-06-1999
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Florida's Foreverly Shores

28 posted 04-27-2000 11:34 PM       View Profile for Marge Tindal   Email Marge Tindal   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Marge Tindal's Home Page   View IP for Marge Tindal

Cause I'm 'RIGHTER' than you ...
and 'girls' get to go first ....
and I'm prettier than you !  
So there !
Have a chaotic weekend.
Love ya'
(and your bull-headed opinions)
AND ..... my 'depth' is as 'deep' as yours
and don't you forget it !

 ~*The pen of the poet never runs out of ink, as long as we breathe.*~

Member Rara Avis
since 08-02-99
Posts 9130
Purgatorial Incarceration

29 posted 04-28-2000 01:11 AM       View Profile for Christopher   Email Christopher   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Christopher

Marge - I think if we want to talk about your depths we have to take it somewhere else.

And no, you're wronger than I am! Geesh, someone get this girl a dictionary...she's spelling everything wrong!!!  

(though I'll concede on the prettier, 'lessin' you have hairier legs than I do...)
Member Elite
since 05-23-99
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Coastal Texas

30 posted 04-28-2000 07:44 PM       View Profile for Alicat   Email Alicat   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Alicat

ROFL!!  Thanks for using this forum...that's what it's here for. *smiles*
Senior Member
since 01-30-2000
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Recess, OfYourMind

31 posted 04-29-2000 12:07 AM       View Profile for mariee66   Email mariee66   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for mariee66

When I first saw this post, I immediately became offended.

I posted a reply to Claire's poem that went something like this.  "Wow, again.  Loved this read."  

For you, Christopher, I will explain my "Wow" and why I loved it, even though it was a sad poem.

I find Claire's poetry very unique.  Her use of vocabulary, and just the way she lets her emotions flow (her style) are beautiful.

Just because something is sad doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.  Beauty can be found in anything.

I hardly ever make lenghty comments...I'd rather read and leave a short note for the ones that grab me.  Is that wrong?  I don't think so.  

I will be taking a hiatus from this forum.  I used to think it was a rather nice place, unitl I read your gripe.  

Member Elite
since 09-26-1999
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Ontario, Canada

32 posted 04-29-2000 12:29 AM       View Profile for Marilyn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Marilyn

marie..please don't leave on account of this thread. The alley is a place for poets to blow off steam, vent their frustrations and clear the air. You also have to know Chris in order to take this thread as it was intended. There was no offense intended by what Chris said here. I know him quite well (far too well methinks at When I first read this thread I laughed very loud. Christopher is an intellecual who loves to catch my typo's, spelling and grammerical errors. It has become a game with us. (I tend to make them on purpose when I know he is going to is smart as a whip and a bit of a egomanic at times but he is also very kind. He is sweet and has the most tender heart (if he would ever let you see it). He is all male and very proud of that fact. Please do not let this cause any hard feeling about this forum. We are a family and every family has it's cast of characters. Chis is just one we must tolerate and titilate from time to  

Can we all agree to disagree and kiss and make up? (BTW Chis....I am FIRST in line.   lol..oh and where did you put those mento's?   )
Member Rara Avis
since 08-02-99
Posts 9130
Purgatorial Incarceration

33 posted 04-29-2000 02:36 AM       View Profile for Christopher   Email Christopher   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Christopher

After many minutes and a few deep breaths, I reconsidered the first response I was going to make here, (basically because I knew I wouldn't be able to get away with that much cursing.)

Who's the arrogant one here?


What this boils down to, (Mariee specifically now,) is that you're throwing a hissy fit and waxing melodramatic over one person's opinion. Now if I stretch that thought a bit farther and assume, (Why not assume? There's been a lot of that going on in this thread.) You're castigating me for exercising my right to speek freely. Not only a right I was born with as an American, but a right that I upheld while serving in this country's military. And at the last, I didn't stray from the policies set within these forums. (Policies which I might add weren't made by a single person. Rather many had input on them and do to this day.) So in effect, you're a commie! Just kidding on the commie bit, but let's think about this:

Why so defensive?

Why so touchy?

Bad day? Too much cholesterol? Not enough toilet paper in the bathroom?

I'm just curious, because if you're basing the "niceness" of this place, (Passions,) on the words of one person - a person you don't know - then I think you're a just a teensy-tad bit too touchy.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a perfect world in which your previous image of "this place" would fit, then I suggest you close your eyes and go to sleep. Because the only place you're finding this idyllic haven you appear to be looking for is in your dreams.

Let me tell ya', perfection doesn't exist. (Besides, the whole concept is over-rated. Why would you want something "perfect?" I'd think it would get boring awfully quick!)

Now if, (as I've seen happen several times since I've been here,) you're just pouting, throwing a fit and basically looking for some extra attention in the form of people crying for you to "stay, no, please don't leave! We all love you!!!"... I hope you get it. It irks me to no end that I might be providing a catalyst for such petty ego-games, but hey, I've been used for worse things by worse people.

But if ANYONE thinks I'm backing down on this, they're WRONG!

I don't feel for one second that I've done anything against the rules, amoral or even truly offensive. If someone IS offended, then they need to grow thicker skin or learn to stay at home in their "perfect" little world. It's a tough place out here in reality.

Now I'm not saying that there's any reason for someone to out and out be rude on anything. This post wasn't intended to be rude, as many people realized... even those who don't know me. I was, (hell, I can't believe I'm repeating this AGAIN!) just posing some thoughts.

I would have more than welcomed any contrary opinions. You arent' required, nor was I asking for you to, agree with me. I fully expected people to disagree! That was also a reason to post this. It does good to stir people's blood a bit from time to time. That doesn't mean they have to take it to heart though. Try it sometime, try disagreeing without getting all pissy. It can be fun! But anyway, on this post I was looking for some feedback. I admit that I could very well be wrong on my ideas and I would have had no problem with someone politely arguing the point.

BUT, when someone starts out getting offended at something that wasn't written offensively, and starts calling me names, THEN, I get rude.

In closing, Mariee, Mike, anyone who was offended by a post that was clearly not written to be offensive, I have three words for you:


Peace out to the rest.
A Romantic Heart
Member Ascendant
since 09-03-99
Posts 5497
Forever In Your Heart

34 posted 04-29-2000 12:37 PM       View Profile for A Romantic Heart   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for A Romantic Heart

I don't like to get in the middle of things...

After reading this I just felt compelled to write what poetry and passions means to me and my heart(this is not to choose sides or anything) just my honest feelings.
I love people, I love to write poetry that touches a person or gets a message across...I am not looking for fame or to be number one(not saying anyone here is) I appreciate comments that are nice...If I wanted my poems to be critized I would post them In CA.
That is what is so neat about OPEN it is open minded. I personally feel that poetry is an art, many people will look at a painting and see different things...and I also think as writers or poets, we don't always write from OUR experiance, we in some way become actors and actresses to a degree, that doesn't mean the poem is fake or we are fake, it is creative writing, it is filled with FEELING and to me poetry is about feeling. I can write about feeling anothers pain from their point of view, their experiances. I am just like a prism...being used to translate into words, what most people , who don't have the gift of poetry or writing can't do.
I am fine with all replies (EXCEPT ones that personally attack a poets character)
I feel if a person doesn't like my poem then they don't have to reply...
I am not a member of passions just to get a matter of fact that is the last on my list of whys...
I think we as humans tend to judge others to quickly without taking a mirror and looking at our own mistakes or where we fall short, Patience and love is the key....Love others, treat others with the same love, same respect as we (you) want to be treated.
I am no one to say anything bad or critical about another person...and why be negitive...when there is so much good that comes from positive...
I am not, nor claim to be a great intellect,
but one who loves, and out of loving, how can you go wrong, for with love comes great wisdom.
I know that I don't always spell my words I am not perfect...which makes me humble...and on the same degree as everyone else...not above or below..but equal.
Poetry is free, free to express, free to be, free to create, free to anything...and when you put it in a box, smoother it , analize it, to me it strips the away the beauty, the freedom of poetry.
I personally think if you are looking for intelligent replies then you should post in that kind of forum where you will receive it.
We are all not the same, which makes the world go around, so there are different forums for different people.
Gee this place would be boring if we were all perfect robots and acted the same...
Divirsity in replies and poetry is beautiful to me....
That is the way I see and feel as a member of passions...
Member Rara Avis
since 05-19-99
Posts 9708
Michigan, US

35 posted 04-29-2000 01:06 PM       View Profile for Ron   Email Ron   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Ron's Home Page   View IP for Ron

Well, I suppose it was time.

It doesn't at all surprise me that this theme would surface again, because it seems to do so with only slightly less regularity than the moon. What does surprise me a little is finding people that have been at Passions a very long time (in Internet years, which are even more disproportionate than those infamous dog years) amongst those howling at this particular moon.

It's a shame that two very disparate topics (though not completely unrelated) have found themselves bound together in the same thread. Whether a poem should be read as an confessional or not really deserves more attention, I think, than it's likely to find here. Perhaps someone with thoughts on the matter will be kind enough to open a new thread? I'll even throw a little fuel on that fire by stating my own humble opinion in advance: I've read many autobiographical poems that weren't good, but I've never read a good poem that wasn't autobiographical.

The bulk of this thread, however, isn't about poetry. It isn't even about replies to poetry, though that's certainly what seems to have floated to the surface. It's really about people, about motivations, and about this strange thing we call language.

Let's talk about language first. As writers, we all know how slippery those little critters we call words can often be. We spend a lot of time, I suspect, trying to pin them down long enough to throw on a saddle. Words and language, after all, are simply vehicles, albeit important and necessary ones. Our destinations are those twin peaks we see in the distance: Meaning and Understanding. Part of our job as writers is to first insure that we and the reader are sitting in the same saddle. Only when we share that common reference can we take the reins in hand and guide our passengers to that first peak, Meaning. And only then can we hope we have chosen a steed with the endurance to take us beyond Meaning, to Understanding.

Sadly, even the best and most conscientious writers can find themselves in a different saddle from those they are trying to guide. Words are such slippery beasts! Christopher's own reply to Claire, I think, suggests this has been the case here. "I don't see beauty in this, though you use such flowing phrases," he writes, in part. "I see this indeed, with a depth of sadness that few poems can engender."

It's clear, I think, that Chris sees beauty and sadness as self-contradictions, as mutually exclusive. Sitting in that saddle, it's maybe easier to understand how he would find descriptions like "Beautiful" and "Wow" to suggest a lack of real understanding. In one sense, I think I might even agree with Christopher's interpretation of the word. Technically, it would be more accurate to describe Claire's work as "beautifully expressed," rather than as beautiful. But in a deeper sense, I would strongly disagree with his limited definition. Claire's poem, like the tragedies of Shakespeare, goes beyond Meaning into the infinitely deeper realms of Understanding. And I think there is a beauty in Truth, even a truth we find sad and otherwise ugly. But it doesn't really matter if Christopher and I can agree on the meaning of Beauty. It's just a word, after all, that most slippery of beasts. What does matter, and I think what has caused so much confusion, is that we should at least agree and recognize that we do hold different definitions for the word.

I think Claire's poem was beautiful. If Chris recognizes that I'm sitting in a different saddle, a saddle where beauty and ugliness can not only coexist but can even mean the same thing, then perhaps he can also recognize I found the same Understanding in the poem he did - even if I choose to express my discovery differently. And trust me, Chris, I did read the poem.

And that brings us back to the moon still circling in the sky, and to our propensity for howling at it. Because in all likelihood, I will express myself differently than will Christopher. This would be a very boring world if all of us were sitting in the same saddles and all seeking the same Understanding. Fortunately, there's little danger of that boredom finding us here! I think it's very easy and all too common to assign our own motivations to other people. It may even be inevitable and necessary. But I think we all know that doing so holds hidden dangers.

Many of you have touched upon what I consider the very essence of these forums, perhaps even the essence of poetry. We are all different. What we write is certainly different, but so too is why we write. And as many of you have recognized, why we post what we write is equally different as well. There was a time - and it really wasn't all that long ago - when these forums were comprised of a mere handful of people. Even then there were differences, of course, but the differences weren't as great as they are today. We were able to learn from each other, I think, to grow together, I think, and I know we were able to develop some very strong and lasting ties that went far beyond the simple words we posted. It was good.

I'm going to go back to a time when someone who is now very much a part of the foundation at Passions first joined us. There was already a small, core group of poets posting in a hidden forum when he first surfaced, though many of you may well be surprised to think of Balladeer as a "newbie." But I still remember my first introduction to his work, and I recall the immense pleasure and satisfaction he brought to the group. I learned more about poetry and story-telling and building to a conclusion from Balladeer in a week than I had learned in the several months of posting with all the other great poets that were part of our small enclave. It was his work, and that of a few others that joined us shortly afterwards, that convinced me our small, intimate assembly should be allowed to grow. He taught me what many of you have since come to recognize, what perhaps some of you have always known. As a small, closed group we were strong, but as an open, diverse group our strength was multiplied by far more than simply our numbers.

Passions, I think, is unique. It is our commonalties that have made us a family, but it is our differences that make us enduring. There are other places on the Internet, small and closed, that have developed a sense of family. There are many more, large and open, that have discovered the strength of our diversity. None have managed to combine the two as we have here.

Our commonalties and the sense of family it gives us are important, and I'm sure none of us would ever want to lose that. But neither can we afford to sacrifice our diversity in the interests of maintaining commonality. We insist on Respect & Tolerance, and perhaps because like draws like, we continue to attract people who sincerely care about other people. Those are our commonalties, I think. Those make us a family. But if we force people to post in a common mold, either their poetry or their replies, we are in serious danger of losing our diversity. There is no "right" reason to post poetry. There is no "right" way to respond to poetry. There are a plethora of reasons, one for every registered Member, and a multitude of ways. You don't have to agree with every reason, nor do you have to appreciate every way of responding. But I sincerely believe that if you try to understand them, you can at least learn to respect them. When sincerely given with respect there are no short replies, there are no non sequitor replies, there certainly are no demeaning replies - there are only gifts freely offered from one person to another, from one writer to another. The gift might not be the one you would have liked, and it very likely won't be the one you would have given - and therein lies our strength.

As for the distinction between the "sincerity" and "quality" of a response, I find the arguments moot. No one has seemingly questioned the sincerity, nor can we until instruments are developed to peer within the heart and mind of another, but I think it's equally impossible to question the quality of a response. Quality is determined by purpose. And if we all approach our poetry with a different purpose isn't it likely our responses are probably a reflection of our own purpose? I applaud Brad and Jim and all the others for their devotion to better learn our craft, and especially for their willingness to help others learn. I suspect, by now, everyone here knows where I stand on learning and bettering ourselves. But not everyone at Passions is here for that reason, and even those eager to learn won't do so through the same mechanism. I play golf (very badly). I play because I enjoy the sun and the opportunity to spend time with a few close friends. If I learn a better swing through osmosis, by watching someone who knows more about it than do I, I consider that a bonus for the day. It makes me feel good, but it's not why I play. And having one of my friends constantly trying to correct my swing only intrudes on the reasons why I do play. I guess I'm fortunate to have friends who are willing to put up with my ineptitude and respect my reason for being there. I'd even like to think they appreciate the fact I'm there because of them and not because I enjoy chasing a ball I could have just as easily kept in my bag to start with. Someday, if I continue, perhaps I'll be motivated to improve my game. For now, though, it's enough to just play. And isn't that where learning always starts?

In closing (and yea, I know it's about time!), I'd like to touch on one last thing. Something I think is important.

Everyone in this thread, and in similar ones posted lately, has done an admirable job of adhering to the letter of our guidelines. I question, however, whether everyone has followed the spirit of those guidelines. Open opinions are good. Dissention is part of diversity. Misunderstandings are inevitable. Mix those with Respect & Tolerance, and Passions will continue to grow and prosper, and I'd like to think those who post here will also grow. Mix those with disdain for the feelings of others, however, and our happy home will dissolve into just another cauldron of bitterness. There are enough of those on the Internet, and in real life, and I doubt we need another. You don't have to agree with everyone. You don't even have to like everyone.

But I would hope we can all learn to respect everyone's right to be different.
Member Rara Avis
since 08-02-99
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Purgatorial Incarceration

36 posted 04-29-2000 02:29 PM       View Profile for Christopher   Email Christopher   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Christopher

Sigh, see, the whole thing is that I wasn't mad at anyone, I wasn't suggesting that everyone should agree with me or anything along those lines. As Ron stated so eloquently, we are diverse and know what, I LIKE IT THAT WAY!

I respect almost all of you, and on many occasions one or more, (ok usually more) have disagreed with me.

Know what else?

I think that's great! I applaud anyone's opinion, especially if it's different, because that provides me the opportunity to see a different side of the issue. Ron in specific has helped me reach different conclusions on subjects before...But it was done through reasoning and polite speech. He's never treated anyone that I've seen him interact with, with less than 100% respect!

This may be something I aspire to one of these days, but not right now.  
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37 posted 04-30-2000 01:14 AM       View Profile for poetFemmeFatale   Email poetFemmeFatale   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for poetFemmeFatale

ROFLMAO !!     You're so brave Chris....(sigh)  
Senior Member
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38 posted 04-30-2000 02:36 AM       View Profile for StarrGazer   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for StarrGazer

*Ducks out of the way of flying words* Whew looks like they missed LOL *running back to dp or the pub to hide from the flying words now*

ok on a more serious note (do  I really have to be serious?) hmmm is this one of those perceptions things? ok ok I'm trying to be serious here ...I have to agree with Ron on this one and he does have such an elegant yet precise and clear way of laying things out   everyone is different everyone writes different and every one interprets things differently based on their life experiences and even their moods at that particular moment I know I read a lot into poems based on the mood I am feeling at the time I read them... but thats the great thing about poetry you could read a poem go back a few weeks later and it is very likely you will interpret it in an entirely different way and responses can be viewed in much the same way ... it is all how much we as individuals read into a particular response, granted it might not be the message that was being conveyed but as was said earlier until we come up with some technology that allows us to veiw and feel another persons thought as they have them and not as we interpret them then our interpretations will have to do ... ok enough  seriouseness for the night (((((hugzzzz everyone)))))  smile   !
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39 posted 04-30-2000 04:19 AM       View Profile for netswan   Email netswan   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit netswan's Home Page   View IP for netswan

My gosh! I am still sort of new here.
It took me forever to get down after
reading all the responses in here.

And, I did not see anything in Christophers
gripe that reflected that we are all
just a bunch of "WOW", "beautiful" people.

Christopher, I can't help but give advice
I am a nurturer, and some poems, I just
want to hug people in their pain.  And,
so I DO.   If I have misintrepted that
the poem was just out of imagination, it
does not really matter, does it?

If I were to write about a subject that
angers me -----do I Need to write a disclaimer at the end and say, HEY THIS
is out of my imagination  - or should
I just let people read into the poem what
they want out of it.

As a fiction writer - I just write ---
some amusing some clever some total disasters
some about truth, but most people who
are writing may be writing about a past
experience or an experience they have seen
in a friend -----and the writing is sad,
painful ----yet, it is written so real that
it is beautiful.

To me a poem does not have to be perfect
in meter, or in rhyme or in metric or
even have equal sized stanzes IF IT DID
I would not be able to write anything
worth commenting on ----I write ----
and hope that someone will cry, or laugh
or feel those feelings of which I am portraying -------

I even go down the list to see if someone
has not even gotten a response and if the
poem is something that I can understand,
I will write a comment ----IF a poem
is not good, I JUST LEAVE and don't write
a thing. I am not a judge -- I am human
and respond with a warm heart to those that
pour their words out here in this forum.

But, I was not offended by your gripe.
I figure it this way, Christopher, if someone
has taken the time to respond to my poem
and say something nice about the content.
I feel happy that they read and responded.

Not everyone is the same in life, and words
can mean many different things to different
people -- I guess it is like a picture.
Some people Love Picasso, and I look at his
pictures and think,  Gee give me a few tubes
of oil paint  and I will just squirt and smear it on the
canvas and sign it ------LOL
yes, I see he had talent, but I do not
enjoy his pictures at all.

So, each of us are different, and that is
Thanks for your very touching response
to my "I didn't get any letters from
Vietnam"   I knew you were sincere --)

I love to get responses, good bad, or
indifferent -----but am not brave enough
to put my poems in the CA --LOL

Oh maybe I will put "just imagine" in
just to see if I can take it. LOL

Interesting gripes in this alley and interesting things to talk about -- I am
long winded.  But, will champion Chris,
it is all in how we read things. I did
not see anything evil or mean about his
gripe.  After all, it is his gripe.

Just remember Christopher, we all read
and see things differently, and that
is why Men are from Mars and Women
are from Venus.


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