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 The Alley
 Christian Forgiveness   [ Page: 1  2  ]
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Passions in Poetry

Christian Forgiveness

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since 09-26-1999
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Champaign, IL

25 posted 10-31-1999 08:14 PM       View Profile for RobertB   Email RobertB   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for RobertB

Hmmm...goodness. I have something to say to all this but cannot find the right words. Dreamevil has raised some good issues as well as perhaps some eyebrows. I really enjoyed the previous replies to all this. Very interesting reading. I think.....that a fundamental problem is that Christianity is a religion with many denominations. That often dilutes the teachings that Christianity is based on. I have read on the beginnings of Christianity and it is so infused with pagan teachings that it (in my opinion) can barely be called Christian. (I could really go on and on here)

I think I will stop at what I have said and post a poem that I wrote after visiting many Cathedrals in Europe last year. Here it is:

Stained Glass Philosophy

Of all the monuments
erected by man
for no higher being
than himself
none are so elegant
as those engraved of
images in stone
illuminated by stained glass
to intoxicate the the faithful
and shame the honest.


if you can dream; you can fly...if you are flying; you are dreaming.
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since 09-26-1999
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Ontario, Canada

26 posted 10-31-1999 11:17 PM       View Profile for Marilyn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Marilyn

The only issue I wish to address here is this.

Quote...If there is no difference between the followers of a religion and the religion itself, then why don't all christians practice the same beliefs since their beliefs come from the same book?

The answer to this question is really quite simple. It is because we all see things differently. What you receive from a poem written at this site is different from what I do. Our life expereinces and what we are dealing with in our lives presently are different.

You and I may read the same passage in the bible and get something completely different from it. It is called perspective. Now the basic truths (rules if you will) are very straight forward and difficult to misunderstand. The rest is a matter for perspective and this is why we have so many different demominations from the same basic mother.

You and I are different creatures. If we share the same believes nothing has changed. We are still very different. Being a Christian does not make me any less different then I was before I was a Christian.

From what I understand from reading this thread (and I am more then likely wrong) is that you believe when someone tells you they are a Christian then they have to be a curtain thing. There is this mold that we have steped out of. Unfortunately that is not what happens. We realize that Chris is our salvation, accept him into our hearts and continue to struggle and make mistakes.

The flesh is weak Dream and I wish I were perfect. I get angery and react before engaging brain. I become lonely and cry, feel sorry for myself until I remember I am never truely alone. I want to lash out with my tongue and my fists at times, there are times my brain engages and I can restrain myself and there are the other times. Does that make me a hypocrite? No it make me human.

hmm I am not sure if I made my point in this ramble but I hope so.
since 01-11-2000
Posts 269
houston, tx.

27 posted 01-16-2000 11:12 PM       View Profile for Majestic   Email Majestic   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Majestic

This is really hilarious DE...You've certainly stirred up a hornets nest...But, I think this was your intention..(i could be wrong,  hehe) As for why do people pretend to be Christians? Personally I think we all seek in our minds a safty net..Something to fall back on and say there there, child..twill be alright...This is further proved by your stated you've tried several different "religions"...Or were you truly seeking that certain "one" that is harmonious to your own heart?...You ask is it to satisfy their pride at being called a Christian....I sincerely doubt it...Most Christians I know that ar'nt seriously devoted, would rather hide the fact of their Chrisianity...Myself..I don't go around bashing God's word at people either...Perhaps I should..But my faith isn't what it should be...As far as guilt being the motivation for refusing to practice what they preach, Beats me...I dont get it...hehe...And finally...turning the other cheek "drivel"...Might this be an idea that we as humans in our own stupidity just cant fathom..or are not prepared for? tell me...

one more question?~~~~I quote..."now and forever my heart hears one voice"...
Whose "voice" do you hear? Is it the voice of your head? or your heart?....Whatever name you give it, it still refers to ones conscience... But where does ones conscience come from...Myself, I think it comes from God....(but that's just my opinion.)

Something to think about.....hehe...have fun...Really enjoyed all the reading...You crack me up..

[This message has been edited by Majestic (edited 01-18-2000).]
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