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Passions in Poetry

Posting Multiple Poems w/o Replying (Is this Fair to Others)

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Senior Member
since 06-10-99
Posts 882

25 posted 10-18-1999 05:15 PM       View Profile for Craig   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Craig


I thought I better clear up a couple of misunderstandings that seem to have slipped into your reply accidentally. The first is that I may be attempting to defend myself, that would imply that I am under the impression that I am under attack, I hope you are happy to learn that I am under no such impression.
The next misunderstanding is that I said ‘ there are lots of reasons why someone wouldn’t reply’ . I admit that I did say there ‘ could ‘ be reasons and I recall saying there ‘may’ be reasons but I never said there were lots of them. You asked me to give you examples of reasons that could or may exist, I admit do not have any but that only points out my failure to think of them and not the fact that they don’t exist.
My first reply on this subject was to question your opinion that people who do not reply to others should be in turn ignored. In that reply I stated that I respond infrequently, I cannot give you ‘ lots ‘ of reasons why people do not respond but courtesy dictates that I at least explain my lack of response.
I live in the UK and the way that connection to the Internet works over here is that I have free access to an ISP but am charged at the rate of roughly £1 per minute in call charges ( the ISP receive nine tenths of that from the phone company ). This restricts my time on the Internet, when I first joined Passions the amount of poetry being posted was such that I could easily read every poem posted and reply to many. In total since I started I have posted 60 poems out of a total number of posts of around 400, which means I have replied about 340 times. As more poems started to be posted I found that I was unable to read them all and post poetry and reply, while still being able to afford to eat! As I get so much enjoyment from reading Poetry I am reluctant to cut down on the amount of posts I read, that leaves replying and posting my own poetry, both of which I have cut down on. Any replies I post now are written off-line to be posted later but even this takes time and consequently money.

I said in a previous reply that I am not opposed to the general principle that replies should be given if poems are posted, I have attempted to at least balance one with the other. What I disagree with is the notion that a punishment can be given without a rule or guideline to judge that persons actions by being broken. That rule if made must also be set in such a way that any person who ‘ may ‘ or ‘ could ‘ have a good reason for not reaching the desired target is not punished unfairly.

If such a rule is brought in to stop the selfish what would be the punishment and would it work? For a persistent offender the answer is no, even if a decision to bar that person from the forum was made it could not be enforced. A member can log on as a different user The IP address they use could be barred but if the user comes directly via an ISP that wouldn’t work either unless you barred all IP’s within that ISP’s range. Even if that was undertaken a user from the UK has a choice of over a hundred FREE ISP’s !

Trevor the final misunderstanding leveled against me was my bitterness to a disagreement in which I played no part. I believe you are referring to the thread where someone was accused of being ‘ un-American ‘. I think you will find I was neither the caller or the called on that occasion. ( Although I did read the thread )!

Sorry for the ramble, I hope this is a clearer reply that makes more sense, if not I have missed at least a full page of posts while writing it, which I will gladly accept by way of punishment.

Yes, I admit your general rule. That every poet is a fool:
But I myself may serve to show it. That every fool is not a poet.

Member Empyrean
since 06-05-99
Posts 26302
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl USA

26 posted 10-18-1999 09:56 PM       View Profile for Balladeer   Email Balladeer   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Balladeer's Home Page   View IP for Balladeer wouldn't read 7 Balladeers? ** sniff sniff **
Member Seraphic
since 08-22-99
Posts 23002

27 posted 10-19-1999 12:18 AM       View Profile for Denise   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Denise

Here's some kleenex, chin up boy...'ya know he was only joking!!!

Senior Member
since 08-12-99
Posts 744

28 posted 10-19-1999 04:15 PM       View Profile for Trevor   Email Trevor   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Trevor

Sorry about the mis-quotes in my previous response. I went back and re-read the whole thing and now I feel like a tit
I still disagree with you on some things though,
"You asked me to give you examples of reasons that could or may exist, I admit do not have any but that only points out my failure to think of them and not the fact that they don’t exist."
Isn't it also possible that the reason you nor I can't think of examples is because perhaps the examples do not exist? Perhaps there are no valid or logical explainations to as why someone could post a lot of poems and not critique any. Even if it's a money situation that prevents a lot of internet time, a person could still sacrafice posting the odd poem and instead use that time to write a critique. The only valid explaination I can think of is selfishness and unless someone or myself thinks of another valid reason why a person could not respond yet can post then I have no other choice but to stick with the answer "selfishness". I'm not saying a person should reply to every poem that is posted, that is just too demanding and only on a perfect forum would this happen, but people should make a little more effort to at least attempt to balance out their postings.
Also I'm not talking about barring anyone from a forum of anykind. I don't think I've said to bar anyone, from anything, ever. I'm just trying to say that I might ignore those who post a lot of poems and no critiques. Everyone else can do as they please.
I know we don't see eye to eye on this topic and there has been a little miscommunication and misinterpretation (mostly on my part) but I will say you have made me think and I thank you for that. I've been in a wierd mood lately and I'm having trouble forming my sentences, so if this post doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense then please forgive, it's the burn-out doing it to me. I'd also like to apoligise for the "un-American" thing. I couldn't find the place where that was posted and I thought it was with you that I had the discussion with. Perhaps we should just "agree to disagree". Anyways thanks and take care,
Senior Member
since 06-10-99
Posts 882

29 posted 10-19-1999 05:25 PM       View Profile for Craig   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Craig


I don’t believe we disagree too much on this subject, I admit there is a problem with some people not replying. My only reason for posting was to try and point out that whatever method is chosen to show those people the error of their ways could ( that word again ) unintentionally harm the innocent. ( The ones with good reasons that I can’t think of but who are sure to jump out of the woodwork fifteen seconds after a fool proof rule is introduced ).

My comment about barring was an unfair leftover from one of many threads on this subject, it was never mentioned by you and I was perhaps wrong to bring it into this discussion.

Finally, I disagree with your statement concerning miscommunication. If our little debate has been read by even one of the none posters it may have served to communicate to them the depth of feeling there is regarding this matter. ( we may in fact have unintentionally solved the whole reason for this discussion in the first place, now that would be communication at it’s best )!

Thank you for your thoughts and the thoughts that they, hopefully, have provoked in others.
Take care.


Yes, I admit your general rule. That every poet is a fool:
But I myself may serve to show it. That every fool is not a poet.

Member Rara Avis
since 05-19-99
Posts 9708
Michigan, US

30 posted 10-19-1999 06:15 PM       View Profile for Ron   Email Ron   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Ron's Home Page   View IP for Ron

I don't think there are any right answers (and probably few wrong ones). But I do agree there are potential dangers with any answer. And I'm not talking about just this symptom (because I think it is a symptom and not a definition of the problem), but about any of the perceived or real problems at Passions.

Two quick points (very quick, 'cause I'm snowed and shouldn't be doing even this).

1. This and several other such threads, in a very real sense, come back to what our goals should be for Passions. Do we want a place where everyone does things the right way - which inevitably means our way - or do we accept there is variety in people and make that a strength we can draw from? In truth, of course, that's not an either/or question, because we will inevitably fall somewhere between the extremes - but we should be asking ourselves which end of the spectrum we really want to actively seek. And, yes, this is likely a bad thread to make the point, because we're probably all in real agreement on this one. Some of the other, similar threads (adding a plea for someone to comment) would be better suited.

2. We all have to make judgments and act on those judgments. Can't be avoided. But I think any time, as individuals, we set both the crime and the penalty we are inviting callous injustice. Our perceptions of a wrong doesn't make a wrong, and if we are both jury and executioner there will be inevitable mistakes.

3. Okay, I can't count. I sincerely believe that if we accept people as they are and set the best example we can, one of two things will happen. Either we'll realize they were right all along and we'll change, or they'll come around to our way of doing things. Or, and this thread is a perfect example, we'll go our separate ways. I can almost guarantee you that someone who posts poems and never comments will not stick around Passions very long. This place is not just about showcasing our work - it's about interacting, learning and being part of a larger whole.

#4. Just kidding...
Member Ascendant
since 08-13-99
Posts 6333

31 posted 10-19-1999 11:19 PM       View Profile for Michael   Email Michael   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Michael

Thank you, Ron.
Not much more need be said.

Oh, and Balladeer...maybe on a good night.

Michael Anderson

Is all that we see or seem
but a dream within a dream?

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