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 A fairytale in poetry
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Passions in Poetry

A fairytale in poetry (long but good)

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0 posted 05-15-2000 12:34 AM       View Profile for Master   Email Master   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to Submit your Poem to Passions   Click to visit Master's Home Page   View IP for Master

*Yeap, you've guessed it, this is another one of my translations and it's a fairytale in poetry written by Aleksander Pushkin. Now this is only the first draft, (I just finished translating it) but let me know what you think. I know it's long but try to read as much as you can!

A Fairytale About A Dead Princess and the Seven Stalwart Men


The czar bid farewell to his wife,
Packing for the road of strife,
And czarina by the door
Sat to wait for him alone.
There she waited dawn till nighttime,
Saw the fields, and thus from sighting
Her bright eyes were filled with blight
From the sunrise till the night;
Her dear friend cannot be seen!
Only blizzards whirl and spin,
On the fields the snow is falling,
And the pale earth is glowing.
Nine months pass, however still,
She is staring at the field.
Then on Christmas Eve, unnerved,
To a daughter she gave birth.
Early morn, the cherished guest,
Long awaited in unrest, --
Finally, from lands afar
Comes back home the father-czar.
She would gaze at him one time,
Uttering a heavy sigh,
All this joy she could not bare
And she died right then and there.

The czar for long would feel unrest
But he is sinful like the rest,
A year had passed without sense,
And he married someone else
His younger wife, I have to say,
Was a czarina all the way:
Tall and slender, pale white,
Smart, ‘most everything was right,
Only she was proud, zealous,
Willful, obstinate and jealous.
As a present, to her passed
There’s a mirror that she has
And this mirror has one trait
It has learned to talk so great.
Only with it would she be
Tender, thoughtful and free
With it, friendly she would joke
Self-admiring, she spoke:
“Oh my light! My mirror, say
And don’t hide the truth away:
Am I the prettiest on earth?
Purest, dearest, with most verve?”
And the mirror would resound:
“Yes you are, without a doubt,
You’re the prettiest on earth,
Purest, dearest, with most verve.”
And czarina would then giggle
With her shoulders she would jiggle
With her eyes she’d wink, so happy
That her fingers started tapping
And she started dancing, leaping
At the mirror always peeping.

But the princess, -- pretty child,
Was still blooming, all the while
Growing, growing and she grew,
She would slowly blossom through,
Darkened brows and skin so tender,
She appeared to be short-tempered.
She had met her fiancé
Son of king, prince Ellisay.
Czar had ordered, king was seated
And the gift was now completed:
Seven business trading towns
And one hundred forty towers.

Getting ready for the party
Dressing up, czarina darling,
By her mirror comes to sit
And begins to question it:
“Am I the prettiest on earth?
Purest, dearest, with most verve?”
How does mirror then resound?
“You are pretty, there’s no doubt,
But the princess, on this earth
Is the purest with most verve”
Scared czarina jumped away,
Raised her hand up in a fray
Hit the mirror best she could
Stomping fiercely with her foot.
“O, you lying piece of glass!
O, how dare you curse me thus?
She will never match my grace
I will put her in her place!
How she grew before my sight!
It is known why she’s so white;
Pregnant mother while mourning
Sat the snowy fields observing.
Mirror, tell me: how can she
Be more beautiful than me?
Now confess that I’m more pretty:
In the boundaries of our city,
No one’s prettier than I
Is it so?” The glass replied:
“But the princess’ still more charming
Still more beautiful, more darling.”
Nothing left to do. And she,
Overfilled with jealousy,
Threw the glass under the bench
Called her maid, an older wretch,
And czarina then would state
To her older chambermaid,
“Take the princess to the forest
Tie her up and leave her soulless
Leave her there under the pine
So the wolves may come to dine!”

A raging dame who can persuade?
It’s useless. Thus the chambermaid
Took the princess to the woods
Deep and with so many loops
That the princess guessed the purpose,
And became afraid and nervous,
And implored half-shocked, half-stunned:
“Tell me, what is it I’ve done?
I beseech you, spare me, friend,
Do not leave me here to stand,
I’ll be repay you then for all!”
And the maid, who in her soul,
Liked the princess, did not fled
Let her go and simply said:
“God be with you.” And alone,
She would slowly travel home.
There, czarina was all ready:
“Where’s the dear and charming lady?
--“In the woods, alone she stands”
She replied, “tied are her legs
I have tied her as I clutched her
If by chance a beast shall catch her,
Not for long will she sustain
She will die with much less pain.”

And the rumors were disclosed
Daughter of the czar is lost!
And the czar now grieves away.
Future husband, Ellisay,
Prayed to God for all the best,
And now he sets out on a quest
To save her soul. And now he’s ready
To bring back his cherished lady.

While young princess all alone,
Wandered in the woods till dawn,
Rambled, rambled all around
And a wooden tower found.
Towards her, a dog ran up,
Barked with playfulness and stopped.
To the door she’d slowly start--
All was quiet in the yard.
The kind dog she’d dearly pet,
Then, the princess walked ahead
By the door, she came to stop
In her hand she held the knob
Heavy door was opened wide
And the princess went inside
In the chamber, all around
Benches stood with carpets covered,
And a table made of wood,
And a tile stove there stood,
And the princess now could tell:
Here, good people had to dwell;
She will not regret here stopping!
All the while, no one’s coming.
For the owners she would gaze
Then she cleaned the dirty place
Lit a candle for the Lord,
Lit the fire in the stove,
On the planking, she would climb,
And there, peacefully reclined.

Lunchtime hour was now close
Footsteps in the yard arose
Seven stalwarts entered then
Seven strong and handsome men.
Eldest uttered: “What a dream!
All is beautiful and clean.
Someone cleaned inside our home
And awaited us alone.
Who are you? Just let us see,
And a friend to us you’ll be.
If you are an elder man
You shall be our uncle then.
If you are a youthful male
As a brother you’ll be hailed.
If you’re just an elder lady
Be our mother, we are ready,
If you are a pretty dame
Then our sister you’ll become.”

And the frightened princess would
Come out forth with a salute.
Bowing down, feeling meekness,
She then asked them for forgiveness,
For she entered uninvited
Seeking rest since she was tired.
And they instantly affirmed,
That they all accepted her.
In the corner, she was seated,
With a pie was nicely greeted,
A full glass for her to drink,
On a tray to her they’d bring.
But the fresh and hearty wine
With a smile she’d decline.
And a little of the pie
Just to sample she would try,
Then, the languor to relieve
She was kindly granted leave.
And to rest her, they had led
Wearied lady to the bed
And allowed her to repose
And in slumber she would doze.

Day by day is flashing by
And the princess by-and-by
In the woods, now lives content
With the seven stalwart men.
And a little before dawning
Brothers are together going
To walk around and relax
On the hunt for wild ducks,
To please the tired arm, with force,
To throw the robber off his horse,
Or to cut off the heavy head
The evil Tatar to behead
From the forest, to deface
The circassian feeble race.
As a housekeeper, she
Inside alone all day would be,
Cooking, cleaning ‘round the den
Never contradicting them
And they’re never disagreeing
Thus the days are quickly fleeting.

All the brothers loved her, so
Into her room, one day they go,
Walking in before first light
In her room they all abide.
Eldest uttered: “Listen, dear,
You are like a sister here,
There are seven, all of us
Love you passionately, thus
Each would love to take your hand,
To marry all of us you can’t,
Help us, dear, to end this strife;
Pick just one and be his wife,
For the rest, a sister stay,
With your head you’re saying nay?
Are we all for you too stale?
Is the product not for sale?”

“O, my friends, you all are great,
You’re my brothers, all innate,--
The sweet princess tells them that: --
If I’m lying, then dear God
Strike me now, by pain enraged,
How can I? for I’m engaged.
And to me, you’re all alike
All are mighty, all are bright,
I sincerely love you all
But forever my pure soul
With another man shall stay,
Son of king, prince Ellisay.”

Silent grew the seven men,
Each was scratching on his head.
“Do forgive us, we were coarse,
Uttered eldest with remorse -
I will speak no more of it.”
“I’m not angry at your deed,  
She responded with affection -
Do not mind my rejection.”
Bowing down with delight,
Brothers disappeared from sight,
And contented once again,
Happily they lived since then.

Mad czarina all the while,
Still remembering the child,
Simply couldn’t just forgive her.
She was angry at her mirror
With most wrathful aggravation,
But to end the separation,
She would look for it at last.
Held it up and anger passed.
Self-admiring, she stared,
Then she uttered with a flare:
“Nice to see you! mirror say,
And don’t hide the truth away:
Am I the prettiest on earth?
Purest, dearest, with most verve?”
And the mirror would resound:
“You are pretty, there’s no doubt,
But without fame there lives,
In the forest of green leaves,
With the seven stalwart men,
She, whose grace you can’t outstand!”
And czarina angered truly
At her maid would scream in fury:
“Dare you lie to me?” Aghast,
She plead guilty: “all was thus...”
And czarina, now irate,
With a stick would scare the maid:
“Let her live and you will die,
Slay the princess and survive.”

Once, the princess on the setting
Her dear brothers was expecting
By the window, spun the yarn,
When, with rancor in the yard,
Barked the dog, and there the lady
Saw a poor old beggar waiting,
Swinging with her crutch, afraid
Of raging dog. “Please wait,
Granny, wait right there a bit, --
Yelled the princess from her seat: --
Let me calm him, he’s not scary,
And there’s something I will carry.”
Beggar answered with a smile:
“Oh you’re such a helpful child!
Damn dog, I’ve lost my breath,
Almost ate me here to death.
Oh, just look how he is winding
Toward me.” – The princess’ trying
To come out, took the bread,
But the dog who was ahead,
Halted her with loud barking
From the elder beggar guarding.
As the beggar tried to near,
Like a beast at her, he’d steer.
“What is wrong, my dog, my love?
He just didn’t sleep enough, --
Then, the princess to her said:
Catch it!” -- and she threw some bread.
The old beggar caught it high
“Thank you dearly!” she replied:
God will bless you for this deed!
Here’s something you can eat!”
For the princess thus to sample,
Fresh and golden, ripened apple
Flies to her. And this perceiving,
The dog whimpers, highly leaping
But the apple with both hands
Caught the princess. “When you’re tense,
Eat it, angel, it’s so good,
And thank Goodness for your food...”
The old beggar said that proud
And then vanished, bowing down...
With the princess to the door,
The dog is running and with woe
Stares at her and wails hard,
As though aches his loving heart,
As if he wants to say sincerely:
Drop it! -- she just pets him dearly
With a hand so soft and kind;
“Sokolko, what’s on your mind?”
Then, inside she slowly crossed
Quietly, the door she closed,
By the window, to the yarn,
Sits there, gazing at the yard,
And the charming apple. It
With the mellowed juice is filled,
Oh so fresh, and oh so bloated,
With the golden color coated,
As though honey flowed inside,
Seeds are seen from either side...
Until lunch, she tried to wait
But her yearning was too great
And the apple she picked up
To the blushing lips brought up
Bit a piece and then she swallowed
And the juicy piece devoured...
And then suddenly, my grace,
Breathless, slowly swayed in place,
Let her pale arms hang down,
Dropped the fruit onto the ground
Rolled her eyes up in the air,
And below the icons, there
On the bench she dropped her head,
Still became just like the dead...

Brothers then were coming back
To their house in a pack
From the dauntless, gallant fighting.
Wailing, to them, like lightening
Runs the dog and leads ahead
To the yard. “Something is bad! --
Brothers uttered while in flight:
Sorrow’s certain.” Went inside,
And were stunned. Inside the shack,
The raging dog would there attack
An apple, barking loudly, seemed mad,
Swallowed it and fell there dead.
And they understood what happened:
Poisoned was the charming apple.
And above the princess, all
Stood with woe inside their souls.
And the brothers hung their heads
Then, a sacred prayer said,
From the bench, they’d lift her up,
Tried to bury her, but stopped.
She was lively, thus it seemed.
Under a wing of endless dreams,
Calm and tranquil, she would rest,
With no breath inside her chest.
For three days, the men would wait,
From her sleep she wouldn’t wake.
Then, they’d start the somber rite,
A crystal casket locked inside
The beloved, stillborn body
Of the princess. Everybody
Up the mount, carried her
In the midnight’s darkened blur.
To six post her casket bringing
With the iron chains then linking
Carefully secured it, thence
They’d surround it with a fence.
For their sister, to the ground
Each would gracefully bow down
Eldest uttered: “Rest there jaded,
As a victim of cruel hatred,
You have made the earth seem dull
Heavens will receive your soul.
We were all by you affected,
For a loved one we protected, --
No one got to share your presence
Just the coffin took your essence.”

Mad czarina, that same day,
Waiting for the news felt gay,
Brought the mirror into sight
And inquired with delight:
“Am I the prettiest on earth?
Purest, dearest, with most verve?”
And she heard the glass resound:
“Yes you are, without a doubt,
You’re the prettiest on earth
Purest, dearest, with most verve.”

All the while, on his way
Son of king, prince Ellisay
Gallops on, his lady seeking.
She is lost! He’s sadly weeping
And the people that he questions
Answer with confused reactions;
Some may laugh right in his face
Some another way will gaze,
To the blazing sun at last,
He would turn and gravely asked:
“In the sky, you’re always fleeting
All year round, you are meeting
Spring and winter full of snow,
You can see us there below.
Will my question your decline?
Have you caught somewhere, sometime,
My beloved in your sight?
I’m her fiancé.” – “My light, --
Fervent sun would answer so:
I did not perceive her. Know
That the princess might be dead
But perhaps the moon, my friend,
Saw her somewhere on the road
Marked her footprints in the dirt.”

For the night to fill the air,
He would wait in deep despair.
When the moon had first appeared,
He would beg of it sincere:
“Oh dear moon, my cherished friend,
Like a golden horn you stand!
In the darkness of the night,
You arise, your eyes are bright,
Loving your occurrence dearly
Stars are watching you sincerely,
Will my question you decline?
Have you caught somewhere, sometime
In your sight my dear beloved
I’m her fiancé.” -- My brother,
The bright moon replies to him: --
Your sweet lady I’ve not seen.
On my post I stand just then
When it is my turn to stand.
It is likely that she went
Pass me.” “That is just too bad!”—
Spoke the prince in a reply,
While the moon upon the sky,
Kept right on: “Perhaps the wind
Your beloved might have seen
Go on, find him, he will help
Do not worry and farewell.”

And the prince, not losing hope
To the wind ran up and spoke:
“Wind! You’re powerful and strong
You command the clouds along
You provoke the raging seas,
Blowing everywhere you please,
Never scared by someone greater
Other than our God-Creator.
Will my question you decline?
Have you seen at any time
My dear lady as of late?
I’m her fiancé.”-- “Just wait, --
Gusting wind would thus respond
There, beyond a placid pond
Stands a mountain so tall,
In this mountain, there’s a hole;
And inside this gloomy space
There, a crystal coffin sways
To the poles with chains it’s tied.
And no footprints there abide
Fruitless soil there is bare,
Your beloved’s buried there.”

Gusting wind would further sweep
And the prince began to weep,
Down to the vacant place
He would go to simply gaze
Just once more to see her eyes
While he’s walking there would rise
Right before him a steep mount
And there’s nothing else around;
There’s a passageway below
There, the prince would quickly go.
There inside, a gloomy space,
There, a crystal coffin sways,
In the coffin, dark and somber
Princess rests in endless slumber.
And the prince in rage then would
Hit the coffin best he could.
Crystals fell onto the ground,
Princess rose. She looked around
With bewildered eyes dismaying.
On the metal chains while swaying
Sighing, she would slowly speak:
“For how long was I asleep!”
From the casket, she would rise,
Both shed tears out of their eyes.
He would lift her up and then
Carried her out of the den,
Talking pleasantly alone,
They began to travel home
And the rumors thus resound:
Daughter of the czar is found!

While bored to hell at home
Mad czarina was alone
By her mirror she would sit
And began to question it:
“Am I the pretties on earth
Purest, dearest, with most verve?”
And she hears the glass resound:
“You are pretty, there’s no doubt,
But the princess’ still more darling
Still more beautiful, more charming.”
Mad czarina got up sore,
Broke the mirror on the floor,
To the doors would quickly run,
There she met the princess stunned.
All this grief she could not bare
And she died right then and there.
And as soon as she was buried
The beloved quickly married,
And his lovely bride that day
Dearly kissed prince Ellisay.
Since the day this world exists,
No one witnessed such a feast.
I was there, drank honey, beer
Wet my mustache and my beard.

 "I will not whole die, my soul in sacred lyre,
will outlive my dust and will escape decay,
And in the moonlit sphere, my glory will not tire
As long as poets still remain" A. Pushkin

© Copyright 2000 Andrey Kneller - All Rights Reserved
since 04-09-2000
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1 posted 05-15-2000 02:26 AM       View Profile for WhiteNite   Email WhiteNite   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit WhiteNite's Home Page   View IP for WhiteNite

I'm too tired to read the whole thing... but I couldn't let it float down the forum without a single reply.. too much work went into it. =)

So far what I've read looks good though.


 "Don't let your character get camoflaged with your environment.
Find who you are and let it stay in its true colors." --Rachel Joy Scott

[This message has been edited by WhiteNite (edited 05-15-2000).]
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since 08-18-99
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Boston, MA

2 posted 05-15-2000 03:14 PM       View Profile for Master   Email Master   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Master's Home Page   View IP for Master

I've spend six long days trying to translate it and it still needs a lot of work... Anyway, thank you and come back to finish reading it!
Senior Member
since 08-18-99
Posts 1880
Boston, MA

3 posted 05-15-2000 06:55 PM       View Profile for Master   Email Master   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Master's Home Page   View IP for Master

PS: those smoking smilly faces were not intended!
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