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 Catalyze The Fall
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Passions in Poetry

Catalyze The Fall

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since 05-09-2000
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Catalyze the Fall

Es verdad; pues reprimamos
esta fiera condición,
esta furia, esta ambición
por si alguna vez sońamos.
-- Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Part I : The Appeal of the Night

The ground is cool here; the grass is covered in an evening dew
Which rubs off on our backs as we come to lie down on it.
The shadows prevail here now; the jovial spirits that romp and play
During the day have disappeared with the setting sun.
We watch as the bluish-ether black of the night sky is broken
With the miniscule lights of every star that will inevitably appear.
We watch as the pale light of the moon tries in vain to chase away
The shadows that dance around us with utter impunity.
I look at the moon, gaze into it's ashen, pale-lit face,
And I can see what was always there and what always will be.
You look at the moon, gaze into it with an energy that is uniquely ours
And for an instant, we see each other.
In that instant we know all that the other knows and share all that
The other shares, transposed together for that ephemeral moment.
The ground remains cool; the stars remain infintesimal yet there
And the moon is a bridge, and we're a million miles away.

Part II : Far East and Near West

The sun starts rising where the ocean meets your face,
When everything around you erupts into an alarming pace.
One can go to the beach in such times to try and contemplate.
What it is is lost, the crowd will never cease, will never abate.
I pretend that you are here with me when I feel alone,
You who to me so nearly were never known.
How many people did we see, how many faces did we meet?
Did it seem at times that the world might fall at our feet?
What is it that makes you a polar force so strong
That I can feel you call, although the distance may be so long?
I gazed in your direction and the fates said you would be there,
I can't gaze there now, I can't see you there, it's almost too much to bear.
Did we ever stop to ask about the infinitesimal chance?
That we would find each other in this cosmic dance?
To feel attracted to one another as far as one can imagine seems strong
At the time, but as time flows on the very concept but seems so wrong.

Part III : Why Destiny Is Mistaken

The difficulties even now to visualize your facade are insurmountable.
Only the photograph I keep on the bureau keeps you recountable.
And it's not because I don't love you, because I don't need you,
Because I can't see you, because I can never feel you.
I've seen so many faces cross my path since we last embraced,
That your memory is purely emotional; your image is erased.
I saw so many people bustling to and fro when we each saw the other,
Each to their own, their purpose, their goal, were any of them with another?
No doubt can be surmounted that this is surely true,
But could I feel with any of them what it is I feel for you?
I can't feign not missing you so, but again I cannot pretend
That there is no other out there, that when you're gone I don't intend
To seek them out wherever they may be
And bring them in to become one with me.
If you could see me now, if you could read me now
Would you even once ponder how?
The human being needs someone to love and to understand.
To have that special someone there to take by the hand.

Part IV : Densities and Gravity

The carefully measured time we had together has come to a halt.
And we wish it wasn't so but it's truly not our fault.
Even on a vessel that travels through the devil's lair,
Above the ground on a tower reaching miles into the air.
Did we not see another person cross between us
When we thought no one could disturb us?
And what of the endless streets winding into infinity
Where in a space of inches there was an infinite complexity?
We had to push, to yell, to shout to breathe, to embrace;
Your way is blocked, you cannot find a place.
But that time has left us now, time has passed us by.
I love you more than everymore but I cannot tell a lie.
That for every one of you there's a hundred in your stead,
A hundred that could make it worth the life I've lead.
Does that sound now cruel to your bleeding heart?
I assure you, trust me now, it wouldn't if you played my part.
Many I see as in my mind a piece of you dies every day,
And it makes one onder if there's anything more to say.
Because I would always pick you, you're the wonder in my mind,
But time has passed us by, I'm left with ninety-nine.
So many people now, so many people now have passed..
The first time you meet someone is inevitably the last.

Part V : The Overbearing Heat

Ninety-eight point six degrees; that's really not a lot.
Ninety-eight times six billion will become very hot.
We pretend in the heat of the night that the heat of passion
Consumes us in its flames, that what we feel as compassion
Is a very truly veritable real sensation,
And one never stops for contemplation.
I can assay your passion
Just to see your reaction.
Is love really so necessary, is the heat truly palpable?
This furia caliente is incredibly laughable.

Sońemos que el calor dura por todo.
Amémonos de este modo.
Y si dejamos, si nos partimos,
Que muramos, que muramos.

Now the heat becomes a powerful humdity,
The people now come in multiplicity.
Everyone wants to believe, to feel that they are coveted.
That with six billion to choose there is one to be destined.
To feel the heat of compassion burning brightly in the night.
It will in the end turn to ash, but in time such a pretty light.

Part VI : Collectivism Rears Its Ugly Head

Sometimes we dream, sometimes we feel
As if we could just get lost, as if we might peel
Away these layers that compose us all
And discard ourselves at the foot of the wall
That is built by our own preconceptions,
And ignores all of our confessions.
The individual is blue, society a yellow sheen.
In the end everything becomes a pleasant green.
The calculus of particles of the smallest magnitude
Tells us this; and be it for vanity or gratitude
For deeds done for us, in the end we mix, we interact,
We become as one, one for all, the one we retract.
Sometimes in the desolate regions one is found
That thinks to avoid assimilation, to avoid being bound
To a pulsating, vacillating mass we call society,
But that one is always brought into conformity.
And to survive is to surely die;
If you don't conform and don't pretend your seed will never thrive.
In time there will be nothing that does not follow the flow
Of the river of society, eroding the earth so gently, so slow.

Part VII : The Postponed Renascence

We see in ourselves the march of a single voice, echoing
Through the hills, the plains, the oceans oscillating
With the voice; and there is yet time
To silence this eternal marching single rhyme.
I see in us a single soul, but hope there still remains.
A single soul is what exists but billions it contains.
And there is time still; yes there remains for us all
Time to change our ways and pull ourselves back from the wall.
I call to you to do this thing; to become again yourself
And not an archetyped stock soul catalouged on a shelf.
And each will become himself, and each will be destined to only one.
Maybe then I will rekindle a love that was surely done.
You can be yourself; you can fill this void,
So why then are we not here? The society can't be destroyed.
We seek to fulfill ourselves and when we do
We're good, we're complete, there's nothing left of you.
You can save yourself, yes, you can be saved.
But you never will, you're now the one, your life is always hazed.

Part VIII : Subduance Through A Frigid Air

The heat of passion now subdued; now forever we are one.
Except for me, nothing for me, for me the one leaves none.
Turn your back on your brother, I am your brother,
(Come to me and I will show you peace like no other.)
But no, never will you, never can it be.
But no, never will you, never will you see.
The heat has risen, had risen long ago;
Now it is cold, frigid cold, into it I can feel my warmth flow.
Breathe on the mass,
A frozen blast,
You had your chance,
Instead you came at with me with a frozen lance.
I'm growing tired now; the light is growing dim.
The collective has built a wall of ice around the rim.
I tried to enter it once against my will,
My limbs were frostbitten, and a shriek so shrill
Penetrated the wall, and I swore someone tried
To pull me in or to escape but I knew she only lied.

Part IX : The Fluid Realm Becomes Vapor

Long ago it was, science says we escaped
From the apes.
And we're so different now;
We look back and say "Wow".
Is this what we're really meant to be?
Should one be the same be all that we see?
And this is the greatest injustice, the final indolence of it all;
Band together to fill ourselves; this is how we catalyze the fall.

© Copyright 2000 Nagroc - All Rights Reserved
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since 03-28-2000
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Welcome to Passions, Nagroc!

WOW is all I can say ---well, masterpiece
comes to my mind ----)

be looking for more from you,


A Romantic Heart
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since 09-03-99
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Forever In Your Heart

2 posted 05-09-2000 03:16 AM       View Profile for A Romantic Heart   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for A Romantic Heart

Oh my, this was so deep, I read it over and over again, and received a different message every time...I would like to know the spanish words though...this poem intrigued me, I was fascinated from the beginning and kept on reading...Wonderful entrance and welcome to passions..PS..Ironic that I could relate to certain words and meanings, as if you were reading my mind from the past week...
Poet deVine
Member Empyrean
since 05-26-99
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Hurricane Alley

3 posted 05-09-2000 09:09 PM       View Profile for Poet deVine   Email Poet deVine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Poet deVine

Welcome to the family!! Quite an entrance you've made here! I think you will enjoy us and we shall certainly enjoy you!!! Check your email for a special message.  
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