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 Open Poetry #6 Archive
 A Tribute to the Poets In Passions
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Passions in Poetry

A Tribute to the Poets In Passions

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Senior Member
since 03-28-2000
Posts 1395

0 posted 04-17-2000 01:01 AM       View Profile for netswan   Email netswan   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to Submit your Poem to Passions   Click to visit netswan's Home Page   View IP for netswan

A Tribute to Passions

I walked in here last month
and left some comments and
a poem, then wandered off
on other quests, and then
I returned.

I was still registered but my
poem was not in -- and I set
about to correct these minor

I read and read and sent comments
to many lovely poets in here,
and bravely submitted a poem again
of my own to see if I could fit in.

Alas, it happened, you guys are
great - you sent wonderful replies
and encouraged me to post more.

AH, you have made a mistake
my new friends, for poems
I have galore --)

And I will read as many as I can
but cannot read them all - the poems
burst in this forum like a waterfall.

The reason I am writing this
may seem a little strange,
but I make my living on the net
doing many things.

One thing that I do is compile
e-books and help people sell
their work. But, sadly I have
to say though poetry to me
is worth its weight in gold.
Not one book of poetry have
I ever sold.

And, now when I get what
used to make my day "you have
made a sale" Should it be paper
it would flutter to the floor

For I see an email that says
someone has responded to one
of my poems, so with bated
breath I hurry in and to
my great distress can't seem
to get out of here, oh my, oh dear
I am addicted, I fear.

This is a tribute to the
many great poets and kind
hearted people in here.

Thank you for being you,
and I wish I could take your
poetry and bind it in a book
and have thousands of people
pay for your wonderful work.

Someday, it may happen when
poetry is "in" and people
from all facets of life
will be buying them.

And, when it happens
I will be writing you
and tell you the time is
ripe -- and poetry is
the new "hot seller"

But, until then, I thank you
all for being you, and putting
your souls out on the net
for all people to read
without spending one red cent.

Poetry is a gift and this
forum is chalk full of presents.

I also notice that many of you
are parents of small children
I do have a free ebook that is
fun for adults and kids --
read it to your young ones,
as the net -- sometimes, takes
away that certain precious quality
time from our children that we have been blessed.


[This message has been edited by netswan (edited 04-17-2000).]
© Copyright 2000 Teresa King - All Rights Reserved
Lost Dreamer
Member Elite
since 06-20-99
Posts 2589
Normal, Illinois

1 posted 04-17-2000 01:09 AM       View Profile for Lost Dreamer   Email Lost Dreamer   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Lost Dreamer

Netswan, beautiful tribute to all of us here, and we are as blest having you here with us.  
Member Elite
since 01-18-2000
Posts 4587
Victoria, Australia

2 posted 04-17-2000 06:07 AM       View Profile for tracie66   Email tracie66   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit tracie66's Home Page   View IP for tracie66

This was so sweet to read and I don't know why there are not anymore post to this one.
We all thank you.

 Keep all the windows of your mind open
Anne Rooks

since 03-02-2000
Posts 163

3 posted 04-17-2000 06:22 AM       View Profile for eyesplus2   Email eyesplus2   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for eyesplus2

Thankyou kind sir.....a stiring tribute
Senior Member
since 03-23-2000
Posts 787
Louisville, Mississippi, USA

4 posted 04-17-2000 10:15 AM       View Profile for TerryW   Email TerryW   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit TerryW's Home Page   View IP for TerryW

Thank You,
You are going to make me blush!   But I am glad that my poetry is free.  I would not feel right charging someone to read the feelings of my heart.  They are freely shared with all of you!

 ~you reached inside, you touched my heart,
and I am all the better for it~
Terry A. Woodson, Jr.
Member Rara Avis
since 07-22-99
Posts 9561

5 posted 04-17-2000 10:34 AM       View Profile for WhtDove   Email WhtDove   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit WhtDove's Home Page   View IP for WhtDove

Netswan this is a lovely tribute to all poets! There is something addicting about this place isn't there?    

I'm glad you joined us here, and I hope you'll stay, seems you will!

They say poetry is dead, but not in the hearts and minds of us poets.
John Yaws
Senior Member
since 10-09-1999
Posts 865

6 posted 04-17-2000 12:32 PM       View Profile for John Yaws   Email John Yaws   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit John Yaws's Home Page   View IP for John Yaws

Wonderfully put, in my humble opinion you are a credit to the board. Of all the boards which I have found on the net (and there are tons of them) Passions is by far the best, in quality, and personell. However, I would like to make one small correction to what you said: Poets will not have their day. Alas, we had our day, centuries, or at least decades ago. There was a time that poets were revered, and the guests of nobles. No more, but we write because we must.
Jeffrey Carter
Deputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Elite
since 04-08-2000
Posts 2424
State of constant confusion!

7 posted 04-17-2000 05:18 PM       View Profile for Jeffrey Carter   Email Jeffrey Carter   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Jeffrey Carter

I like to think we all share this point of view. It is truly a tribute to us all to hear your kind words. I hope you continue to posts your great works with us. I personally want to thank you for being so sweet a kind.
Hope to see more of your work.

Lotsa love,
Lone Ranger
since 04-16-2000
Posts 92
Salvador , Bahia , Brazil

8 posted 04-17-2000 07:38 PM       View Profile for Lone Ranger   Email Lone Ranger   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Lone Ranger

I must say that I share the same feelings as you , there is really something addictive in this place... I'm only here for 2 days and i already can't get out!!
Thank you for sharing your feelings , and remember that: YOU are the real poet in this place!

 "Only in the dreams , is that man can truly be free
It was always thus and always thus will be"
Prof. Keating
Dead Poets Society
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