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 Hilarious Insanity Warning ! Very Long
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Passions in Poetry

Hilarious Insanity (Epic) Warning ! Very Long - Very Funny !

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Lady in Red
since 02-16-2000
Posts 150

0 posted 03-24-2000 07:34 AM       View Profile for Lady in Red   Email Lady in Red   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to Submit your Poem to Passions   Click to visit Lady in Red's Home Page   View IP for Lady in Red

  Ladies and Gentlemen.
  It is with great pride and joy I hereby present our ĎStute epic.
  With my gratitude to all ĎStute members. I could not have done
  it without your help. A special "thank you" to Andrew Scott and
  Gene, for their kindness and help I received behind the scenes.

  "Hilarious Insanity" aka "A Smile is a Memory Dear"  

  It is my first trip out with the ĎStute
  They have asked me, how could I refute
  They are all wonderful              
  Crazy dudes and damsels  
  And my gratitude is absolute

  We are out on a mad camping trip
  All the uncensored Loonies from PIP
  Nothing like a good joke
  Suffering a brain poke
  While we hunt for the monks Dale & Chip

  ĎRound the campfire here we all sit
  Taz the Devil turns Ďround on the spit
  Can you hear him avow
  "Kick your butts! Iím not chow!"
  "Canít you see I am not a rabbit?"

  Doctor Moose 1 arising with flair
  He drops Bar-B-Q sauce with ill care
  "Let this bunny run free!
  Heís a Devil you see!
  And besides I prefer my food rare."

  "Now we have gathered here Justin Thyme
  To give Lady in Red a swell rhyme
  ĎCause weíre no lunatics
  At most mentally sick
  So letís give her a really good time!"

  "Introduce yourself  in a ĎStute style  
  With the words that will bring forth a smile
  As she listens with King
  Ruler of the East Wing
  Stand and speak! Let your rhymes now beguile!"



  By way of introduction, I've been here for a while
  (Elementary deduction Doc, Watson's got more style)
  I came here quite by accident, a long long time ago
  (Enough of all this history crap, my lunch is 'bout to blow)

  I've been accused of many things, most of which aren't true
  (Oh yeah ! Well just ask Justin N., he's got the dirt on you)
  You can tell me by my paper hats, I've usually got one on
  (Why don't you just 'fess up, you're whacked ! You're mind's
  completely gone!)

  Some say I'm schizophrenic, I dis-proved that in my thesis
  (Oh come on ! They'd need a shop-vac to pick up all your pieces!)
  There are a couple things, to which I'm pre-disposed
  (Yeah you're certifiable, like your poetry and prose)

  I'd like to thank all of my friends at the Institute
  (Will you please get this thing over with, you're one long winded fruit)
  Without which I have little doubt, I'd just be a recluse
  And in my present state of confusion, I'd prefer to be Dr.Moose


Dear Doc Moose what a story chortle
Seems to me you are only mortal
Glad you found your home here
Where there is joy and cheer
As Doc Moose you are now immortal


Andrew Scott - The Crayon King

Staring at the same four white walls
Such things can really get you down
So at times we go out on trips
To the Corner Pub thatís in town

But this time I had heard it said
We were going to where itís green
Out amongst the squirrels and bears
To play and sing and be obscene

I packed all of my best crayons
And left behind all of my meds
I hope I get to share a tent
With the Lady who dresses Red

Iím sure that Moose has packed his vest
The one that's the brightest orange
To keep from being shot by Fudd
While heís doing forest forage

I see Red brought some marshmallows
I really like to watch them cook
How they get that crispy outside
And that gooey melted wax look

Let us sing some campfire songs
And tell a ĎStute story or two
Song or story the screams the same
Of which is which I have no clue

Last yearís outing was so much fun
With brothers Justin Thyme and Kase
Who set fire to the bearís hat
And dared squirrels to a nut race

This year I have gone natural
The way that God intended us
I brought only my fanny pack
And left all my clothes on the bus

Yep! Andrew Scott the Crayon King
Shall enjoy this trip in the buff
I will face Mother Natureís worst
Perhaps I should ware some earmuffs?

Tarzan and George of the Jungle
Have got nothing on this ĎStute King
Take cover all forest creatures
Because Iíve got the hottest swing

Iíll leave my tag on everything
As I fly through the canopy
Melted crayons my royal seal
On every animal and tree

So come along with me Lady
Juliet how Ďbout you be Jane
We two will show these animals
Just what it means to be insane


My dear King, you have coloured my heart
With your crayons and paraffin art
To be Jane Iíd like much
For you I have gone nuts
Now forever you are my sweetheart


Justin Tolerable

I am Justin Tolerable
and my name rings true
When youíre feeling happiness
I'll make you feel quiet blue

I yell and scream and throw a fuss
Just to get my way
I will punch you in the gut
Just to make my day

I get things that I most want
In any way I can
Don't you dare get in my way
Or tamper with my plan

You can never put me down
Or put me in my place
All you'll ever really do
Is get me in your face


Justin T. you are often a pain
To us all, which is really a shame
You play Russian roulette
With your own silhouette
When you hit endless fame youíll obtain


Justin Nuendo

Hereís a story, a little weird,
but I swear it is true !
Itís about when we almost lost
our Wizard to insanity and paint blue

One day at sea, he got caught in a storm
he never was much of a sailor
It broke his ship and he washed ashore
hoping heíd soon find a new tailor

He never cared much for the Doc and Nurse C.
as they swept overboard and screamed
Just smiled the mysterious smile, we all know
when the sea burped, although so it seemed

He looked around on this lonely isle
never found another living soul
"Iíll just have to use my magic here
for loneliness is not my goal "

It would have been a different story
if not at that moment had appeared
A beast with three heads and a vicious look !
I swear, it even had a beard !

He cried "This is Justin Sayne, Justin Credible
I hope I am Justin Thyme
to save my precious magical butt ! "
Spilling his magic during this time

And there we were, created out of magic
but we feared our Wizard would leave
So we made him recite 85.479 poems a day
never gave him a day of sick-leave

One day he cried out, in a moment of despair,
"Nan where are you when I need you most !"
Being in the shower at that particular moment
she barely heard the voice of the Wizardís ghost.

Nevertheless she came to the rescue
on a Dragon as red as can be
what happened next is Justin Credible
Iíll never forget it, believe me !

Nan took out her vocabulary
starting to recite REAL English to us !
Driving us almost to sanity
syllabus after syllabus !!!!   YEEK !

We cried out: "This is Justine Uff !
Please take you wizard  and go ! "
So she threw him over the Dragon
while dragonís fire almost  hurt our Micheal Angelo

Who was really Justin Thyme to
change his name to Leonardo Da Vinci !
and ever since then doesnít paint anything
but in blue like the burping sea

Now you know the reason why
he hardly shows any of his work today
When he thinks back of his time on the isle
Magical poems are no longer his forte

Wanna know what happened with us Justins ?
I know life sometimes is rude
Doc Moose and Nurse Crachet washed ashore
And now we are known as the Stute !


Justin N. an astonishing tale
Made this up without first a cocktail ?
No exaggeration ?
What imagination !
Are you quite sure youíre not a female ?


A Welcome To The Lady in Red

By Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunnyís hoppiní in to say to you
A great big welcome to our family
A little nuts some say we are thatís true
But sweeter Looney-Toons youíll never see.
We watch out for each other in the ĎStute
Weíve made it quite the warm and cozy place
A home away from home none can refute
Youíve Justin Thyme reserved a first class space.
Now Justin Kace you feel a little shy
Iíll gladly introduce you all around
To all the folks so fine in great supply
Like Crayon King, Snow White and dwarfs Iíve found.
A doc called Moose, a nurse named Crachet, too
And Tweety Bird and Lancelot the Knight
A Wicked Witch and all the Justin crew
Will make you feel at home with all their might.
Just watch out for some dude named Elmer Fudd
He is the only one you need to fear
He fancies heís a ladyís man Ė a stud
He even hit on Lady Guinevere
Relax now dear, enjoy your barbecue
Weíll roast some shrimp, grill burgers and some steak
As long as no oneís craviní rabbit stew
Or Taz, this picnic here, I wonít forsake.


The most funny Loon - Toon must be you
A bit nuts perhaps, that much is true
Love to see you hop Ďround
On this greenish ĎStute ground
Careful NOT to be shared Bar-B-Q


Elmer Fudd

Dear Wady in Wed ,

Well I weally don't bewong here
Onwy visit fwom time to time
One of the other woonies
Keeps besting me at whymes

I'll never give up twying though
No siwwee I'll win someday
'Fwaid of that big stoopid Moose
In your dweams that's what I say

Nope , I'll just keep on twying
Evwybody says he's fwipped
Maybe we could get together
'pose you give Andwew the swip

What you ever saw in him's
A mystewy to me
Do yourself a favor Wed
You can't beat thwee foot thwee

Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh


Good to see you here too Mister Fudd
They have told me you think youíre a stud
I am faithful to King
Heís got THE Pelvis swing
A good stew he does love ! Watch your butt !!


Justin Ebriated

And They Wonder Why I Drink

My daddy's locked up in the joint.
My mother's on the rag.
My sister is a streetwalker
who's living from a bag.
My cousin's name is Justin Thyme,
he's locked up in the 'Stute.
And so's his brother, Justin Kace
this fact he'd soon refute.

My sister, Justine Ormous,
she's a burglar in DC.
And Justin Sayne, my uncle --
he sometimes thinks he's me.
My other uncle Justin Uff,
he's hanging with a gang.
And my aunt Jest (that's Shirley U.)
just stole a blue Mustang.

Justin Denial, my big bro,
is very much my friend!
Justin the nick of Thyme, he came,
with bottles full again!
And people wonder why I drink
and drown out all my cares--
when Justin Sayne, my other cousin
stole our MS shares!

That stock today could make us rich!
(Well, Bill is rich as hell!).
But Justin Kace you didn't know,
he first stole then said, "Sell!"
Within a day, that Justin Sayne
sold out our second chance!
And then my uncle, Justin Trude,
refused to take a stance!

See, Justin Trude, he was a judge
elected by the state.
But he eloped and disappeared--
t'was too much on his plate.
"Our family's too dysfunctional",
my uncle Justin said.
And then he ran off with this whore
and landed Justin Bed.

They say to be Anonymous
would help my mind to think
of why I have decided that
I have to take a drink!
Well, here and now, I'm telling you
I think that they are blind!
They just don't know no families
that are the Justin kind.

They call us Justins horrible...
a screwed up, awful bunch.
And then they wonder why I drink....
I'm drinking them for lunch!


A sad story indeed. What abuse !
Being quarry you cannot but lose
Always pull up your stakes
With your only escape
To be drowned in Old Glory and booze


Nurse Crachet

Well, this is quite funny
I'm here with Bugs Bunny,
Bashful, Snow White,
Elmer Fudd, Rapunsel,
Tweety, & Sylvester,
Unknown Poet,
all the Justin's
sorry I don't think you
want a list, and I forgot my
Laptop unless
did his usually swiping act.
What are you sitting on
over there that looks so familiar?
Don't worry no need to go there
now, this weekend is for fun.
Don't worry Doc Moose
I see you cooking marshmallows
for us all to have Smores,
and Andrew my dear sweet,
I see you cuddling up to my
darling daughter Juliet,
and those are mighty nice
Wizard pajama's Andrew.

I want this to be fun
but not dangerous
so the sleeping quarters
will be gender segregated.
there's two cabins
one for guys,
and you guessed it
one for the gals.
Bashful will be in charge
of the guys cabin
and of course I will uphold
the gals cabin.
In the morning weíll all meet
under the Pavilion over there
to have our breakfast
and plan for the days activities.


Hello Crachet who is Kindheart too
Never thought you could split up in two
Does it hurt very much
To feel Kindheartís kind touch
Or is she just your alter ego ?



I am timid, shy and scared
Lost from love and unprepared
I will always hide about
Watching people play and shout

You won't see my color true
Red is such a pretty hue
I wear it well upon my face
It's always there and with such grace

Rarely will you see my face
Running free around this place
I hide behind the rubber tree
That is where I want to be.


Here we have the most lovable guy
Who no doubt is a tiny bit shy
If Iíd kiss your red cheek
Would you think Iím a freak ?
Or your blushing just intensify ?


Cheshire Grin

Fiddle dee dee
And me makes me three
The Grin, The Cat, The Tale
Chasing Milk Duds all day
Whittling hours away
Skeining yarn with his tail

The Yellow Brick Road
Is yellow, you know
For the world is my sand box
On blankets I shed
On Nurse Cratchet's bed
My grin immune to her locks

If the Lady in Red
Would scritch my head
Right behind the ears
I'd hide all the pills
They put in the swill
To keep at bay your fears


A Cheshire Grin, well how about that
Fiddle dee dee, the Grin, what a Cat
A cat with swing and sway
We truly hope he'll stay
He is a Kit-cat aristoCrAT

My goodness, an authentic Cheshire
For what more can this Lady desire
What a beauty he is
He will be a real bliss
ĎRound my shoulders for all to admire

Iíll let you have a real Cheshire nap
Every day on the Lady Redís lap
A scratch behind your ears
A gorgeous grin appears
Never again we will need dude-traps

This ĎStute tree you may call your new home
Your Personal Cheshire Hippodrome
A Venusís flytrap ?
A catnip for nightcap ?
Youíll be the PURfect CATastrophe



Oh me, oh my, I'll slap that fly
before he lands on your thigh.
Wha what, wh who am I?
been here longer than Crachet,
I gave her a bed of clover.
My cage couldn't hold me anymore
I always found an open door.
I taught the Justin's all they know
some of the other's were a bit slow.
When Crachet arrived everything changed
everyone became quite deranged.
I can throw a pie a mile and a half
and don't you dare even laugh.
Food fights are my perfection
and it gets me quite a lot of affection.
When you see me Lady in Red
just make sure you duck under the bed.


Oh golly, a food fight I love it !
With pies all gooey, my favourite
I like them flying high
Through the air by and by
Didnít mean that to be a full hit !  


Justin Sayne

This campfire is Justin Sayne
Who are these loonies here?
They've all escaped and they should be
Back in the ĎStute, I fear.

We're Justin Thyme to gather them
To bring them back again
Their beds are made and dinner's served
Let's get back in the van.

They're huddled here to tell their tale
They're all Justin Secure
Let's all go back to where it's safe
Lobotomy's the cure.

There's Justin Kace with Justin Thyme
Where ever he now goes
Before we go let's take some Thyme
To toast these marshmallows


I am pleased, although it is insane
You are worried so much Ďbout our pain
But let me tell you dear
There is nothing to fear
Lobotomyís been sent down the drain


Justin Kace

Now Justin Kace my brother has
Some trouble in the world
I have to go along with him
As freedom is unfurled

We never know what lurks ahead
What obstacles we'll meet
But Justin Kace a problem brews
I fend off all the heat.

So, Justin Thyme, I'm always there
To help you out, my bro'
No matter what may happen next
I'll be there, you must know.

So tell your tale in record Thyme
Then we must hit the road
No Thyme to rest for we must now
Get in the travelin' mode.


Iím so glad I caught you just in time
Before you will take off with broí Thyme
When the road you do hit
Make sure youíll bring your wit
To continue this runaway crime


Justin Thyme

A Thymeless Story as Told to the Lady in Red by Ghost of Thyme
in Front of  the Campfire:
or "Juliet, Juliet, Wherefore Art Though, Juliet?"

Thyme and Thyme Again
This Thyme is asked how Thyme came to the 'Stute.
Well, Lady Red, I've told the tale
so much, it just ain't cute!
Thyme Marches on, you can't deny,
and so I left that place.
I've disappeared, I am not here,
you do not see my face.

Free Thyme, you see, was what I sought,
because I won't be jailed.
So, as you sit around the fire
my ship it long since sailed.
Spare Thyme is something no-one has
when trapped behind the walls
with Cratchet, Moose, and all the rest
and when the lunch bell calls.

And so it was, my lady dear
About Thyme that I fled.
When you get back to that darned 'Stute,
you won't see me in bed!
Thyme Out! I screamed!
I'd had enough of jackets straight with lace.
I ducked behind ol' Cratchet's skirt
and skipped out of that place.

There's no Thyme Zone which could hold me
so Justin Carcerated.
I'm gone, my dear, this Ghost of Thyme
ain't here! And I'm elated!
When you return to that Thyme Share
and think you're on vacation,
remember Justin Thyme ain't there!
I hit the first train station!

I checked my Thyme Piece as I split
to synchronize my leaving.
So if Nurse Cratchet asks for me,
please tell her to stop grieving!
I was a Thyme Bomb, Lady Red,
'twas ready for exploding.
So it was best I bolted out
my fate it was foreboding.

Today I punch a Thyme Clock where
the books are stacked forever.
Where am I now? Well, I won't tell!
Not at the 'Stute! No, never!
Thyme Lapse Photography gave me
a view of future waiting....
and so, Ms. Red, I did decide
I'm finished with inmating.

The Thyme Keeper cannot hold me,
I'm Thyme Released, dear lady.
Arrived On Thyme to be set free
I'm in another statey!
So Set the Thyme of all the clocks
in 'Stuteland, I'll not be there.
I Bought on Thyme my freedom, dear,
and you will not find me there!

Half-Thyme, they live within the 'Stute;
Three-Quarter Thyme, their music.
No Doing Thyme for me, Ms. Red,
Tee Thyme for me, or loose it!
But Often Thyme I feel alone,
Thyme Periods of blueness.
A Thyme Traveler of life, I am,
I'm not used to this newness.

The Thyme Table of when I spent
my days with all those loonies....
makes me look forward to Nap Thyme
out here in the free boonies!
Thyme Was, they called me, "Dinner Thyme"
to  'Stute's own  cafeteria.
But indigestion often came
because of the hysteria.

It's High Thyme that I left that place!
I'm here for the Thyme Being.
In Good Thyme you might see my face
outside the 'Stute, when fleeing.
From Thyme to Thyme, remember me
when you've had your Thyme Limit.
In No Thyme, you could be here, too!
Grab a flashlight and dim it!

At Night Thyme, when they're all asleep,
when 'Stute Life Thyme, you tire...
At the Same Thyme, Thyme on Your Hands,
escape this hot campfire!

(PS: I'm having the Thyme of My Life! Let me know
your Thyme Table for to breaking free!)

signed, Justin Thyme aka Leonardo DaVinci,
Artiste Extraordiniare, recent escapee.


Justin Thyme Iím so happy youíre safe
Iíve heard rumours youíre a galley-slave
One was really in tears
For your life she did fear
Yes, I speak of your own Miss Behave


Justine Uff

This really has been Justine Uff
Of Justin Saynity
I know there is a better plan
Than ĎStute's posterity

I think I'll hide out Justin Kace
I won't get in that van
Disguise myself here Justin Thyme
And not return again.

Wait up my brothers, wait for me
Let's be Justin Cahoots
We'll forge ahead, both far and near
But not Justin Stitute.


Just before all you Justins are flown
Like to read you this note from Unknown
When youíve had Justine Uff
Of this so called "free" stuff
Please return, we will not let you down


The Unknown Poet

Life on the Outside

When I told them I would break out,
They told me I wasn't too smart.
Guess they were right, cause every night
I'm hangin' out at the Wal-Mart.

Life on the outside ain't easy.
There's never nothin' to do here.
Ho hum, boredum, all for freedom,
The price is much too steep, I fear.

So I go here and I go there,
But where am I, really?
I never end up anywhere
I really can be me.

A straitjacket of conformation,
I could never meet the "norm".
I'm society's affirmation
Of failed reform.

Wal-Mart canned me for being lewd,
And, well, that's when I realized
How much I miss cafeteria food,
Hey, I'm institutionalized.

I'm feigning for a mental shock,
God knows I need the gloom.
Just slam the door and latch that lock,
I miss my rubber room!


I am glad to the ĎStute you returned
In one piece, slighty red from sunburn
Hope youíll make it real soon
To your favourite room
All that rubber ! No longer adjourn !


Lady in Red ~ Juliet

I am glad I came on this trip
You gave me a really good time
I love the lunatics from PIP
This epic is beyond all rhymes !

You gave me a really good time
While I sat here listíning with King
This epic is beyond all rhymes
A story quite astonishing

While I sat here listíning with King
I thought my heart would burst of pride
A story quite astonishing
Itís better than the Zone Twillight

I thought my heart would burst of pride
And not a single word untrue !
Itís better than the Zone Twillight
Iím honoured to be part of you

And not a single word untrue !
This epic is beyond all rhymes
Iím honoured to be part of you
You gave me a really good time

This epic is beyond all rhymes !
I love the lunatics from PIP
You gave me a really good time
I am glad I came on this trip


I have listened to stories from you
All of them were most certainly chow
To this Lady's weird mind      
Thank you all very kind
Hope some day we will make a new show

Behind this outburst poetically
Are all poets from PIP you canít see
Who express themselves with
An unusual wit
Playing word games to let their minds flee

Yes of course we are all very sane
We just love to play lunatic games
Give each other a smile
ĎSpite the thousands of miles
And without knowing each otherís name

Does this tale have morality too ?
But of course ! I will tell it to you
Do you think weíre all nuts ?
Sit all day on our butts ?
I assure you we have morals too !

You may think: "Too long out in the sun"
"In the ĎStute they wonít harm anyone"
But who needs to be sound
To hear words so profound
"Start each day with a smile and some fun."

All you Ladies and Gentlemen dear
Let me tell you without any fear
For as long as you smile
Life is more than worth while
For each smile is a memory dear

Without laughter you donít truly live
You will only receive what you give
Laughter comes from within
Itís the soulís harlequin
To bring smiles on a face is a gift

Let me leave you with one final tip
My advise to you all here at PIP
Please barge in any time
To enjoy a good rhyme
Think youíll leave with a smile Ďround your lips

Lady in Red


 Romeo, Romeo, where fart art thou

© Copyright 2000 Lady in Red - All Rights Reserved
Cheshire Grin
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 The cat grins.
Slowly the grin vanishes
Until only the cat remains.

Lost Dreamer
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Juliet, You did a fine job putting this together, must have been quite a task. You know I'm always there with you through all the craziness.
Lady in Red
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Cheshire ! When will you return ! You keep disapearing on me ! Purrrr to you too !

Lost Dreamer - How wonderful of you to vistit us here Sister. What would I do without you ! Surrounded with all these wonderful Loonies  life's sometimes a little too crazy.

 Romeo, Romeo, where fart art thou

White Knight
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What a delightful, whacky tour! I'd like to know if the bus stop at the end of my block?
Let me know in advance so I can move, LOL
Great fun! Well done! (Where fart art thou?)
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5 posted 03-24-2000 02:35 PM       View Profile for TerryW   Email TerryW   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit TerryW's Home Page   View IP for TerryW

The humor and wit do ring true!  I must say I loved it!  

Member Seraphic
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6 posted 03-24-2000 04:26 PM       View Profile for Denise   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Denise

Wow! How did you find the time to pull this together?!! Great job!!

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Whew!  This is quite an awesome poem! It's nice to see it all come together.  You've done an incredible job with all the craziness and still being able to tie it all together. Now meet me in the Pub for a cold one on me--you deserve it.  

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I am quite honored to have been part of the cast, and must say this will stretch the imagination even further . Well Done !
Justin Thyme
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You're all NUTS! That's what I think....

This is one fine conglomeration of a bunch of fruitcakes!

Nice job, Ms. Lady In Bed, tracking down all the loonies and making them write! Plus you have quite a way with words, yourself, y'know? The way you tied the whole thing together almost makes me miss my white jacket! Sorry I had to duck out, and it ain't really funny out here, if you wanna know the truth. At least you guys are still laughing.

That's me.
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What a great job in putting this all together Juliet....well done  

 There are only two ages of and dead and you all look about the right age to me :)
The Unknown Poet
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There's nothing hilarious you see,
When you're talkin' 'bout insanity.
They paint a pretty pic for you,
Yeah, all toons and artist do.

But when you say you wanna play,
Ha! That's when they lock you away.
There's nothing pretty about white walls,
Or Cratchets footsteps in the halls.

Or eating food in a strait jacket,
Or being gagged when you wanna make racket.
They steal your crayons if you're not looking,
and will never tell you what's in the cooking...

No, it's hard work I'll have you know.
This ain't no life for your average joe.
But once you get to know the company,
There's no place you'd rather be!!!

Yeah, reality has it's perks, but shoot,
Nothing holds a candle to the 'stute!

Thank you dearest Lady in Red,

For a wondeful Epic about our wonderful home.

the unknown

Nurse Crachet
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They know where I am!

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My daughter dearest cuddle pie
you are the sweetest core of this eye
and the marvelous talent you possess flies
through my sad longing heart and forever multiplies.
I don't think I could inspirationally be any more proud of you,
into my lonely desolate life my dearest child you most creatively flew
and like a determined spark from a glowing ember your specialness grows
as your delightful poetry dances with grace and like a waterfall it everlastingly flows.

[This message has been edited by Nurse Crachet (edited 03-25-2000).]
Justin Kace
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Justin Kace you want a peek
Inside our Passions Stute
Enter here at your own risk
You'll be Justin Stitute....
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Whew! What a trip! It took some doing but I got back out in one piece!!  

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totally whacky...crazy...funny...hilarious...
i am so amazed by your different strokes
and like i said i'am left with a smile...

 you don't have to understand love completely...
remember even the darkest night has a morning to'll understand someday..Avanti Rao

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Oh Dear, I am overwhelmed by all these wonderful replies. *Whiping eyes* Does anybody have a handkerchief ?

((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to all of you.  


Lady in Red

 Romeo, Romeo, where fart art thou

Justin Bed
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Oh m'lady don't you cry
Here's a hanky, wipe your eye
I'm NOT in the tale I read ?
Must be I was Justin Bed
It was a nice story though
Made me sleepy. Can I go ?


[This message has been edited by Justin Bed (edited 03-26-2000).]
Andrew Scott
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So many 'Stuters here
Gathered 'round Red's fire
Each telling their 'Stute tale
A feat I admire

Only you my Lady
Could have accomplished such
With womanly wiles
You have the perfect touch

You have worked long and hard
You deserve all our praise
So weep your tears of joy
To wash away the haze

My dear Lady in Red
You bring the 'Stute glory
Thanks for this wondrous tale
This Epic 'Stute Story


To my Lady in Red... I bow to you and yours with gratitude for all your time and effort. Well done my queen  
Lady in Red
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Justin Bed dear, thank you for the handkerchief. Go back to bed sweetie and have the most wonderful dreams  

My King, Ruler of the East Wing, my...... they all know what you mean to me   ....thank you.  
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