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 re-re-re-post .. Leonardo's Lament... th
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Passions in Poetry

re-re-re-post .. Leonardo's Lament... the 1st 'stute poem...

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Justin Thyme
since 09-13-99
Posts 228

0 posted 03-03-2000 10:26 PM       View Profile for Justin Thyme   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to Submit your Poem to Passions  View IP for Justin Thyme

... to bid adieu to the 'stute forever... because I have escaped...!!! I will post this to remind me of my sordid past.... I am off to find an Island, an Isle, or see the Wizard... whatever... I'm outa here! cya!

Leonardo's Lament or....Life at the 'Stute

I told them I could paint real fine.
They did not believe me.
They said those paintings weren't mine!
They were trying to deceive me!

I'm Leonardo, yes I am!
I told them with a grin.
And showed my painting to them,
and then they let me in.

It was the Mona Lisa
I painted it, I said.
But they did not believe me
as they strapped me to the bed.

They shipped me off to Richmond
so they could do some tests--
examined all my functions
to figure out this mess.
They stuck me with some needles--
took blood from inside out.
They asked me stupid questions
to learn what I'm about.

They took away my necktie.
They took away my belt.
They gave me a white bracelet
that was made out of felt.
They watched me sleep and watched me eat
and sat me in a chair
and when I mentioned Lisa,
they quick shaved off my hair.

They put a hat upon my head
that looked like leaning Pisa.
And so I asked them one more time
if they liked my Mona Lisa.

I went to the cafeteria,
ate meat loaf and some cake.
I was eating very calmly --
not to make mistakes.
I sat there dipping gravy,
about to take a bite
when soon a tray flew by me!
I saw an awful fight!

Meatloaf started flying
and spinach through the air!
But I just sat there eating.
I really didn't care.
They punched each other in the nose
and threw some spoons and pie.
I ducked and took another bite
and watched the plates fly by.
I finished my first helping,
chairs, tables hit the floor.
Then rose to go get seconds
because I wanted more.

They gave me a pink bracelet
for outside in the sun.
I sat in lovely gardens
alone with everyone.
They gave me a big pill to take
and then a glass of juice.
The sun shone on the daisies.
I was feeling mighty loose.
I looked for Mona Lisa
but she was not around.
I started watching spiders
crawling on the ground.

My name is Leonardo!
I yelled until they heard.
I don't belong in Richmond!
This whole thing is absurd!

They said I would be transferred
to Saint Sophia's 'stute.
I asked if Mona could come too.
They said I was a fruit.

Life inside the institute
was pretty strange, but cool.
I'm hoping Saint Sophia's
will have a swimming pool.

-Justin Thyme
aka Leonardo daVinci
Artiste Extraordinaire
© Copyright 2000 Justin Thyme - All Rights Reserved
Member Seraphic
since 08-22-99
Posts 23002

1 posted 03-03-2000 11:19 PM       View Profile for Denise   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Denise

I remember this one of my favorites! I especially like the lines

'I sat in lovely gardens
alone with everyone.'

Great writing!  

Nurse Crachet
since 09-27-1999
Posts 321
They know where I am!

2 posted 03-04-2000 06:04 AM       View Profile for Nurse Crachet   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Nurse Crachet

Justin, Who's sleeping in your bed?
Justin Kace
since 09-13-99
Posts 96

3 posted 03-04-2000 08:07 AM       View Profile for Justin Kace   Edit/Delete Message     View IP for Justin Kace

Wait up, Bro...
I'm with ya... Got the maps... Got lunch... Got some dough.... Anything else we need???

Oh yeah - Got the disguises so no one recognizes us...

Let's blow this popsicle stand!!!

[This message has been edited by Justin Kace (edited 03-04-2000).]
Justin Thyme
since 09-13-99
Posts 228

4 posted 03-04-2000 08:26 PM       View Profile for Justin Thyme   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Justin Thyme

Justin Kace you didn't know,
I am on my way to "Isle Be Free".
Thanks for costumed noses, bro'!
I'm so glad you will be right with me!

Since you have the map in hand,
mark the place where we just left in black!
X it out of journeys planned,
'cause, my bro', we won't be going back!

Someone told me recently,
they would soon be publishing our past.
Remember when we weren't free?
And we took off camping? What a blast!

Sitting 'round the campfire, then,
we told stories 'bout how we got there!
And we almost split that scene!
('Til the campfire lit old Cratchet's hair!)

Man, this lady uniformed
in that dress so white was quite a hit!
Watching hair in flame like that
made me laugh until my sides did split!

Fire engines zapped our flee
and we landed back there at the 'stute!
That was then, now we are free!
Outa there, with Groucho noses cute!

This, my bro' aint quite a camping trip!
We're quite gone, yep, we are free!
No fires this time! NO NO! Please get a grip!

Meet me at the pub on cape,
we'll soon toast to freedom, yes indeed!
Nursy Cratchet's in good shape....
she's still stuck with loonies! WE ARE FREED!

Justin Thyme
aka Leonardo DaVinci
Artiste Extaordinaire
mailing address: Isle Be Free

[This message has been edited by Justin Thyme (edited 03-04-2000).]
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