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 Faerie Tale
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Passions in Poetry

Faerie Tale ( A DOUBLE sestina! :o)

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Sitting in Michael's Lap

0 posted 01-05-2000 08:45 PM       View Profile for Skyfyre   Email Skyfyre   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to Submit your Poem to Passions  View IP for Skyfyre

**Sorry about the length of this one -- but the form demanded it.  Enjoy! **      Kess

Faerie Tale

Capricious moon cavorts in star-bright sky
And wisps of cloud like courtiers gather by
Their arms outstretched to catch her silvered light.
And yet, the tale that must be told this night
Does not unfurl in that celestial field:
Instead, a scene by moon's regard revealed
Is painted on the forest's shadowed form.
Within its still and mystic depths, a storm
Of magick broods, in this enchanted hour:
For they who weave the webs of ancient power
Shall reap this night the fruits of spite they hold
Each for the other; thus, the tale unfolds:

Before her feet, the deepest shade unfolds
In reverence at the brilliance of her form;
Her eyes the Daystar's  golden beams do hold
To pierce the gloom of e'en the darkest storm.
She fears not Dark, for daylight is her power;
And gleams as midnight sun in this bleak hour –
Unnatural scowl by Luna's cast revealed
Who watches, rapt, from her exquisite sky –
Her frown, a blemish on the sunlit field
Of perfect face.  A servant lingers by,
Who knows that Hell shall walk the gloom this night
Illumined by his Lady's mystic light.

From tactful shade, she summons him to light --
And whispers in his ear – a plan revealed
Whose curse shall write in History this night.
She stands, so cold and regal ‘neath the sky,
Defiant of the shadows gathered by;
A beacon in the dim and silent field.
She muses, for she knows that in this hour
The threads of silken future will unfold
And swathe or strangle her, by her own power.
Cascades of magick cloak her quiet form,
The breathless still before the raging storm
Of leering Fate the coming trial would hold.

In midnight throned waits he whose eyes doth hold
The velvet depths of this unyielding hour;
His is the voice that calls the snarling storm,
Its curtain o'er the heavens to unfold.
Soft shadows curl in love about his form
And in those sable veils he finds his power –
He looks through this dark glass to distant field
Where she whose airy voice commands the light
With hordes of glittered sycophants, waits by.
Though nothing in her careful stance revealed
But icy grace to mock enfolding sky,
He knows she writhes in torment on this night.

With eagerness, he grins, the Prince of Night;
To meet the Queen of Dawn on that dim field
With moon and stars as witness from their sky!
There, sanctified by their effusive light
Would see with grim finality revealed
Eternally, one Victor, measured by
The other's sure demise.  His darkling power
Danced anxious in his eyes – he vowed to hold
No mercy in his heart for that fair form
Whose noble pride would crumble in this hour
As surely as he would his wrath unfold
Upon her frailty in the coming storm.

On conquest bent, he rides the breath of storm,
Obedient to his unflinching power;
And in his wake, his hordes, en masse, unfold
To do his bidding.  Ardent smile that holds
No mirth does hang upon his face this hour;
A mocking slice of white on this dark form
That shames the midnight's gloom.  The trees race by
Beneath the flight of sovereign Liege of Night,
In violent winds, their bowing trunks revealed
By silent stars that frame the fateful field
Where waits the one whose soul is molten Light.
She watches his approach through raging sky.

Unblinking eyes, so like the dawning sky,
Meet his in fearless calm, despite the storm.
So strange, her glow in this benighted hour –
And yet, the forest crackles with her power
Oppressive gloom no mastery does hold
O'er her bright heart.  He feels a thought unfold
That jointly warms and chills him – waiting sky
Is suddenly too close – it lingers by,
Encroaching on his will like hateful Light.
With tightened jaw, he calls the soothing night
To wash his mind, but something in the field
Yet grieves him, though its name is not revealed.

His silent frame in shadowed grace revealed
To her uneasy gaze; a patch of sky
That stains with empty black the starry field.
Unholy minions follow closely by,
To heed the call of he who rules the Night;
She breathes a prayer for her brigade of Light
In fervent hope that Fortune will unfold
Its gentle wings to guard her stately form.
Might this unhappy conflict prove to hold
A silver lining, draped on heaves of storm?
She whispered pleas to every ancient Power
That Victory might smile on her this hour.

The wait is past – in this defining hour
Shall Time's amorphous tapestry unfold
To tell whose aspect wields the greater power.
Their magicks swarm; two Wills are given form
As clouds and lightning, self-contesting storm.
And as it rages, neither seems to hold
A marked advantage – by explosive light
The fortitude of dauntless dark revealed –
And searing Day unmoved by shrouding Night
Thus brought to earth, the fury of the sky
Roils on, displaced, its wrath empowered by
Embittered foes that flank embattled field.

Opposing passions dancing on the field,
The shadows melting in unnatural light
Which then, in turn is promptly swallowed by
The eager maw of Darkness.  There revealed,
In violent gale that mocks the peaceful sky,
Ironic truth – the harvest of this night
Will not be triumph – neither foe shall hold
The throne unchallenged.  This unhappy hour
Whose passing flailed the Earth with savage storm
Saw nothing save a fruitless duel unfold.
The tempest fades; the two opponents form
Long shadows in the ebb of burning power.

Irresolute, they stand – conflicting power
Still lingers at the ready in their hold.
But – strange illusion!  One majestic form
Steps forth to meet her foe!  Portentous hour,
What fate shall this unlikely act unfold?
And then, like shadow of approaching storm,
He moves alike, a breath of walking night,
Toward the center of the smoldered field.
Their legions massed, as silent as the sky,
Archaic nemeses of Dark and Light,
Look on in disbelief – moonlight revealed
Prophetic scene that Time is measured by.

Soft footfalls – earth and heaven standing by
To watch the breathless epic of this night;
Two regal strides, and history revealed
Where ancient foes sojourn in nighted field
Suffused with Luna's glow and starry light.
A frozen moment  ‘neath expectant sky
So tranquil in the aftermath of storm –
Two gazes meet – and in them both a power –
Unblinking, proud.  There, eyes alight unfold
A shocking twist: how dost this vision hold
Such strong allure for them this fateful hour?
A revelation slowly taking form ...

Unfold a dream of such pervasive power
Another storm is birthing in this hour;
Strange demon taking form this wondrous night.
In silvered light, a paradox revealed,
Whose depth shall not be matched by endless sky:
When love takes hold in wake of hatred's field.

 You cannot choose the way of your death, but the path you choose will determine its own end.

[This message has been edited by Skyfyre (edited 01-05-2000).]
© Copyright 2000 Linda Anderson - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 01-05-2000 08:53 PM       View Profile for Denise   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Denise

Kess, this is incredible! Wow! Fantastic! This is captivating!


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since 06-22-99
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2 posted 01-05-2000 09:02 PM       View Profile for DreamEvil   Email DreamEvil   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit DreamEvil's Home Page   View IP for DreamEvil

Since you did not ask, I will not bother to check this against the format.  

'Tis a well-wrought and excellently crafted work of Art my friend, true Art mind you. I am impressed.

 Now and forever, my heart hears ~one voice~.
"Either kill me or take me as I am,
because I'll be damned if I ever change..."

Count Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade
(Marquis de Sade)

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Cape Cod Massachusetts USA

3 posted 01-05-2000 09:26 PM       View Profile for Nan   Email Nan   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Nan's Home Page   View IP for Nan


This is simply awesome!!!.....

All righty, my passionate poetic pals....

This gem not only conforms to the format for the Double Sestina, which is twelve stanzas of designated repetitive end rhymes, with a final sestet that incorporates all of them....

...It is also set to flawless iambic pentameter.... and..... those end rhymes even rhyme with each other.... That's over and above the guidelines..... I'm working on it, Kess - I'm working on it.... and working too - that's my problem......  


[This message has been edited by Nan (edited 01-05-2000).]
Terrina Kethryveris
since 12-06-1999
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4 posted 01-05-2000 09:40 PM       View Profile for Terrina Kethryveris   Email Terrina Kethryveris   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Terrina Kethryveris

*Bowing to Kess*

What a wonderful piece you have created here. I am in awe of the wonder this piece holds. Sounds almost Shakespearian.  

Loved the read, it was well worth the length.


 Truth be known, fantasy is much more appealing than reality.
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In the space between moments

5 posted 01-05-2000 09:42 PM       View Profile for Alwye   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Alwye

Wow, this is incredible!  I am truly in awe, for I could barely keep the rules of the form strait, let alone write such a phenomenal tale.  Wow!  

 *Krista Knutson*

~*Like a lion, without fear of the howling pack,
Like a gust of wind, ne'er trapped in a snare,
Like a lotus blossom, ne'er sprinkled by water,
Let me, like a unicorn, in solitude roam.*~ Hymn Of Buddha

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Northwestern, NJ.

6 posted 01-05-2000 10:13 PM       View Profile for JennyLee   Email JennyLee   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for JennyLee

Awesome Kess in form  and content!
Bravo my friend bravo!!!!

Jenny Lee  

 Love is an attempt at penetrating another being,But it can only succeed if the surrender is mutual.

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since 09-18-99
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Whole Sort Of Genl Mish Mash

7 posted 01-06-2000 08:03 AM       View Profile for jbouder   Email jbouder   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for jbouder


This is outstanding!  Quite an accomplishment, lady!  When can I expect your next one?  

For any interested, this is the double sestina end word format (inspired by A. C. Swinburne and modified by Not A Poet a.k.a. Pete and myself).

1  -  2 -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6  -  7  -  8   -  9  -  10  -  11  -  12
12  -  7  -  11  -  8  -  10  -  9  -  6  -  1  -  5  -  2  -  4  -  3
3  -  6  -  4  -  1  -  2  -  5  -  9  -  12  -  10  -  7  -  8  -  11
11  -  9  -  8  -  12  -  7  -  10  -  5  -  3  -  2  -  6  -  1  -  4
4  -  5  -  1  -  3  -  6  -  2  -  10  -  11  -  7  -  9  -  12  -  8
8  -  10  -  12  -  11  -  9  -  1 -  2  -  4  -  6  -  5  -  3  -  7
7  -  8  -  9  -  10  -  11  -  12  -  1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6
6  -  1  -  5  -  2  -  4  -  3  -  12  -  7  -  11  -  8  -  10  -  9
9  -  12  -  10  -  7  -  8  -  11  -  3  -  6  -  4  -  1  -  2  -  5
5  -  3  -  2  -  6  -  1  -  4  -  11  -  9  -  8  -  12  -  7  -  10
10  -  11  -  7  -  9  -  12  -  8  -  4  -  5  -  1  -  3  -  6  -  2
2  -  4  -  6  -  5  -  3  -  7 -  8  -  10  -  12  -  11  -  9  -  1

2  -  5
8  -  11
4  -  3
10  -  9
6  -  1
12  -  7

Very challenging, huh.    Makes me appreciate your accomplishments that much more, Sky.  Excellent job.


"If I rest, I rust." - Martin Luther

Not A Poet
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8 posted 01-06-2000 10:54 AM       View Profile for Not A Poet   Email Not A Poet   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Not A Poet's Home Page   View IP for Not A Poet


I wish I could say more but I am absolutely speachless. I left a message in the Workshop to say I would read part of this now and come back later to finish. Gosh, when I started reading, I simply could not stop but had to soak up every word right to the end.

Congratulations again! ~~he appears to be completely awed by such talent~~

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since 11-05-1999
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9 posted 01-06-2000 03:48 PM       View Profile for Poertree   Email Poertree   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Poertree

It's beautiful Kess

Member Patricius
since 07-05-99
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Glen Hope, PA USA

10 posted 01-06-2000 09:50 PM       View Profile for hoot_owl_rn   Email hoot_owl_rn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit hoot_owl_rn's Home Page   View IP for hoot_owl_rn

Kess...I am absolutely stunned at this masterpiece. To have even braved it is a feat in itself and to compleate it wonderful, but to pull it off as well as you.....amazing. You should be very proud of yourself.
Kenneth Ray Taylor
since 11-11-1999
Posts 142
Duluth, Minnesota, USA

11 posted 01-08-2000 08:56 AM       View Profile for Kenneth Ray Taylor   Email Kenneth Ray Taylor   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Kenneth Ray Taylor

I'm still struggling to write my first ordinary Sestina--without much success. This thing is masterful!  How long did it take you to write it?  I think I'd be altogether too lazy.  I flows beautifully.  I liked the word "magick," it reminds me of "musick" in Luke 15.  Such archaic spelling helps enhance the mood.
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The Hague, The Netherlands

12 posted 01-18-2000 07:04 PM       View Profile for Munda   Email Munda   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Munda's Home Page   View IP for Munda

Kess, it seems to me your talent has no limits ! WOW !!
Echo Rhayne
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since 09-17-99
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Canyon Country, CA

13 posted 01-18-2000 11:15 PM       View Profile for Echo Rhayne   Email Echo Rhayne   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Echo Rhayne

*jaw dropping to the ground*
WoW! WoW! WoW!

 ~*~ ^i^ ~*~ Love is such a lonely art, and death is but a taste. Minds are merely instruments that often go to waste! ~*~ ^i^ ~*~

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14 posted 01-19-2000 12:28 AM       View Profile for HelmutB   Email HelmutB   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit HelmutB's Home Page   View IP for HelmutB

And here I thought I'm getting early to bed, lol.
Just kidding
Actually I had to read it twice
Lot of work and very nice
You did well

 The ability to describe life with words is similar to painting a picture; both can be powerful tools.

since 04-16-2000
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Apex (think raleigh) NC

15 posted 07-31-2000 07:39 PM       View Profile for Elyse   Email Elyse   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Elyse

i had heard awed whispers of this "double sestina" and pete sent me to your poem.  i must say it is completely amazing, and just incredibly lovely.  huge props hon.  this is amazing.  
luv Elyse
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