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 I lost my "To Do" list!
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Passions in Poetry

I lost my "To Do" list!

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0 posted 06-09-2006 12:35 AM       Edit/Delete Message     View IP for doreen_peri

There are 3 things I don't do by computer. My "to do list" and my phone/address book list. And my calendar.

I have to keep hand-written to-do-phone-address-and-calendar documents, otherwise, I can't scratch stuff off when I do it and add and change info when I learn about it. Call me a throw-back if you want. I also don't own a cell phone. *shrug*... when I'm away from my computer and my home, I don't want anybody to find me. I figure if somebody dies, when I get home, I'll find out because there will be a message on my answering machine or an announcement in my email box. It won't help one iota if they (whoever they are) call me to let me know somebody died.  I can't bring anybody back to life.

Anyway, I lost my "to-do list" and my list is vital to my life because I add to it and scratch off from it every day. I'm a listmaker. I add stuff to it that I did which wasn't originally included on the list for the sole purpose of scratching it off when I do it because that's the way I achieve a sense of accomplishment.

Call me deranged. Call me obsessive compulsive disordered or whatever the current terminology is for this stigma I've either inherited or decided to indulge in. It doesn't much matter. As long as you call me for dinner.

Yes! This IS an announcement! I am LOST without my to-do list and I'm announcing that I lost it just in case any of you may have found it and if you have, I'd like to plead with you to return it to me. Please! (how's that for pleading? Did you see me get down on my knees? )

How about you? Do you keep lists? And if so, why? And of what? If not, why not?

I just have one more question.

This is not an announcement, it's a question but I'm announcing it here.

What am I supposed to do NEXT? huh? Pray tell?...

Geezzzzz.... I lost my "to-do" list and I am in process of creating another one but I can't get to it until tomorrow so it's on my list of things to do for tomorrow and when I get to it, I sure hope I remember all the things I forgot I was supposed to do when I listed them!

damn... life is hard sometimes... isn't it?

Oh and to all those who wrote to me who I owe an email, I DO remember that and I will write back as soon as I re-write my to-do list which is on tomorrow's agenda.

What are you going to do tomorrow?

Make an announcement here so I can include you on my to-do list to think about as you do it because I wish I could be there doing it with you. OK?

serenity blaze
Member Empyrean
since 02-02-2000
Posts 28839

1 posted 06-09-2006 03:33 AM       View Profile for serenity blaze   Email serenity blaze   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for serenity blaze

My suggestion:

Get a nice little notepad with "Things to Do Today" already printed across the top.

Then follow these instructions exactly:

1. Lose the pad.

That's all.

The things you actually need to do will prioritize themselves (sometimes quite rudely)

Everything else can be put off until tommorrow.

As I have told many others, plans are cool, but most often are proven to be merely frustration.

OPTIONS, tho...they rule.

2 posted 06-09-2006 03:57 AM       Edit/Delete Message     View IP for doreen_peri

Lose the list, sereneOne? What??? Are you kidding? Without the new list which I started writing up only 2 minutes after I posted this topic, I never would have been able to figure out that I needed to come here and see your reply and reply to your reply!!! Lose the list? arghhhhhhhh...

Oh wait! that's exactly what happened! I LOST the durn list! lol (er.. i mean goshdurn list, pardon me)

Yeah, it's frustrating alright, I'm tellin' ya.. and not only that', you were on my list. Yep. Remind me to remind myself to remember what I forgot after I forgot to remember what was listed on the list and when you remind me, gimme a list I can remind myself of using a reminder list, would ya? Whew! ok? cool! Alrighty then, we're all set!  Unless, of course, you have some other options you could share with me. I'm open to them for sure!

I used to belong to the Procrastinators Club, btw. Did I ever tell you that? No? Well, sorry, I guess I put it off. Anyway, the tagline for the club was, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can put off forever." I LOVED that! I was going to order a bumper sticker with that slogan on it but I never got around to it, unfortunately. I also never went to a meeting but that was because I hadn't figured out how to get out of all my other obligations but lately, I've decided it's easy enough! I'll just claim being late and tell them I'll get back to them when I have some time and so, I'm ready to schedule my meeting with the Procrastinators Club tomorrow, if I ever get around to it.

I tell ya what. I'm going to let this situation prioritize myself and I'll be back tomorrow or the next day, whenever it has done the deed to become a priority, and we'll continue this conversation, ok?

OK. Whew! Glad that's settled!

Love you!


3 posted 06-09-2006 04:12 AM       Edit/Delete Message     View IP for doreen_peri

"I'm sorry this letter is so long, but I did not have time to make it shorter. ... But I repeat myself." - Mark Twain
Member Caelestus
since 06-25-99
Posts 67715
Listening to every heart

4 posted 06-09-2006 07:35 AM       View Profile for Sunshine   Email Sunshine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Sunshine's Home Page   View IP for Sunshine

Member Rara Avis
since 08-02-99
Posts 9130
Purgatorial Incarceration

5 posted 06-09-2006 02:17 PM       View Profile for Christopher   Email Christopher   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Christopher

wish my "to do" list would lose me...
serenity blaze
Member Empyrean
since 02-02-2000
Posts 28839

6 posted 06-09-2006 05:49 PM       View Profile for serenity blaze   Email serenity blaze   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for serenity blaze

I was on your "to do" list????

Gawd knows I need it!

Find that list, lucy, and "Git her done!"

Member Empyrean
since 08-14-2001
Posts 37801
Somewhere in time~

7 posted 06-09-2006 07:19 PM       View Profile for Enchantress   Email Enchantress   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Enchantress


Doreen!!!  I ALWAYS have a 'to do' list!!
BUT, my 'to do' list is one 'for the day',
one 'for the week', one 'for the month'
and so on!!

And shopping lists!!!???
I am completely lost without one.

I remember one Christmas being in Sears with my hubby and losing my Christmas 'to buy' list!!
Major panic attack!!

Well..I remembered I had been in the perfume department..(Estee Lauder, mmmm)
Oh sorry...anyway, yes I was in the perfume department
the last time I remembered having it in my hand.
Soooo...hubby who now notices I am almost hysterical
crawls on his hands and knees through the throng
of holiday shoppers, mostly women..
and like MAGIC stands up
eyes scanning the store for me
waving my list in his hand!!

My point?

I know exactly what you mean Doreen.
I'm a listaholic.

I can't find your 'to do' list but
you can borrow mine.
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