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Passions in Poetry


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Saluting with misty eyes

0 posted 11-22-2005 06:01 AM       View Profile for Ringo   Email Ringo   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Ringo

PETA is now going into schools and passing out comic books telling kids that their parents are mistreating animals, and that they are killers, because Mom makes a Roast Beef for dinner and because Pop has a sandwich for lunch.

Of course, the funny thing is that when she was cornered on the Cavuto show, the PETA representative couldn't hold her stance, and kept using the same rhetoric every answer. See also made the statement that bears (who kill fish much more violently than humans) don't know what they are doing, so we can't be mad at them, and that there is NO reason to ever kill an animal. I would love to have seen them put her across from Terrible Ted Nugent.  lol

For the record, I am against unneeded animal testing, and cruelty for cruelty's sake. I have gotten into one fist fight when someone tossed a lizard into a fire one morning when I was in the Marine Corps. However, telling my kids that I am a terrible person because I like steak, and prok chops, and mutton, and all like that is taking it too far.

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1 posted 11-22-2005 10:27 AM       View Profile for scorpio   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for scorpio

The agenda for PETA is much broader than eating animals for food.  I can see the day when cutting our grass will be considered murder by these fanatics.

believe in what your heart feels...

Mistletoe Angel
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City of Roses

2 posted 11-22-2005 01:19 PM       View Profile for Mistletoe Angel   Email Mistletoe Angel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Mistletoe Angel's Home Page   View IP for Mistletoe Angel

It is going too far indeed.

I became a vegetarian a few years ago and intend to remain one, but it certainly wasn't that "Keep eatin' meat and you'll be murderers!" rhetoric that motivated me to become one. It was simply that for a long time I indeed felt guilty eating them as I love animals evry much, and finally when I learned more on how some companies abuse their ethics in the treatment to animals, that was the final straw that influenced me to turn toward vegetarianism, which over the years I have also recognized the health and environmental benefits toward the lifestyle as well; decreasing risks of heart disease and cancer by over 70% and alleviating the demand for expansion of hog farm land and such.

I am also against animal testing just as I am the testing of pesticides on children, but look, again, though I'm a vegetarian now and will all but certainly never eat animals again, I absolutely am cool and believe its okay that others do eat meat. After all, being 1/4 Cherokee Indian, I recognize that they too endorse hunting and feasting of animals; they are simply just guided on principles on the proper way to hunt so as to respect the animal.

It's a pity that PETA keeps moving in this radical direction. They are about as overzealous on the fringe as the NRA is.

Noah Eaton

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"

Mother Teresa

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where the wild flowers grow

3 posted 11-22-2005 02:57 PM       View Profile for Kaoru   Email Kaoru   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Kaoru

Between the ages of 15-19, I was a dairy, meat etc. However, PETA never attracted me to this, it was radicals that made it HARD for me to be a vegan without judgement.

I would never think of judging anyone because they eat meat, especially since there are people who need to..otherwise they'd starve. Heh..

PETA has been this way for years, it's just a matter of taking what they say with a grain of salt..or some other non-animal hurting spice.
Member Rara Avis
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4 posted 11-23-2005 10:44 PM       View Profile for inkedgoddess   Email inkedgoddess   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for inkedgoddess

how fitting tonight as families get ready to gahter round the much suffered turkey......

as a vegan/vegetarian for 30 years.....i have mixed feelings about PETA....tho i do applaud them in many ways......they push the button and do it well......they won't convert you, but gave your kids vegan food for thought......

and yes, it is barbaric to eat meat.......sorry.......but it is..........

......just my opinion, dont bother to bite my head off, cause i wont say anymore about this.
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