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 A Message To Americans/Progressives
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Passions in Poetry

A Message To Americans/Progressives

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Mistletoe Angel
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City of Roses

0 posted 11-04-2004 04:07 PM       View Profile for Mistletoe Angel   Email Mistletoe Angel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Mistletoe Angel's Home Page   View IP for Mistletoe Angel

Yesterday, the election results were made final. This time, Bush won fair and square, all has been said and done, and let us all accept that.

With that said, for the health and sake of this wonderful nation, let us move on and lean our attention to what must happen these next four years. Let us not treat each other as political rivals, but rather as friends, neighbors, siblings in spirit, as Americans, for America is the land of opportunity, it is the home of the free.

Today, in his first press conference since winning this election, Bush said, "With the campaign over, Americans are expecting a bipartisan effort and results. I will reach out to everyone who shares our goals and I'm eager to start the work ahead,"

Being a Christian and believing in Christian values and fundamentals, I believe in forgiveness and second chances. Though I will continue to protest this war which I still find "senseless", as well as my unshifting opinion that he had a lame record the first time around, let us give him the opportunity to give America a fresh start before jumping to ultimate conclusions.

During Bush's second term, let fellow Democrats, liberals, progressives, etc. judge him by how true he is to his vow to managing a "bi-partisan effort" and "reaching out to Kerry voters". Knowing that the GOP now has strengthened control of the government, with 55 Senate seats and 231 House seats, it is up to the people to see to it every American is represented and not just the majority party. Let each and every American together make this administration accountable and responsible for the rights of each citizen, regardless of political affliation, religious affiliation or stance.

Bush won a majority of the vote, but when over 55 million Americans voted differently and an electoral graph is closely tied, not to mention an additional 400,000 who voted Nader and thousands more for Cobb, they can't be wrong either. This nation remains polarized and we must see to it we respect one another, and in the meantime our rights are respected as well and we remain a democracy by definition, "of the people, by the people and for the people", not solely by name.

We need to build communities and kinships between one another. Bush said at his victory speech, "We have one country, one Constitution and one future that binds us. To make this nation stronger and better, I will need your support, and I will work to earn it."

We must stop playing this nationwide "Red Blue Game". You never earn a positive score in this game without trust, without communication, without understanding others viewpoints, and are left in nothing but this prisoner's dilemma. This "boss vs. client", "quantity vs. quality" salmagundi. We must remember that the 59 million who voted for Bush's judgement of what quality, morals, values are may differ from the over 55 million who voted Kerry. We must find the trust and in finding it be collaborative and supportive. We must talk to one another.

I ask all of us, regardless of your political positioning, for all of us to get along and work together to seek a common ground.

Bush also said today, "We are continuing the war on terror and every American has a stake in the outcome of this war."

Bush is right. What must also be understood is that about half of Americans have a stake in the outcome, that this war must be stopped now. Let us work to see both sides are equally represented.

I will continue to march and protest against this war, and encourage all who feel this war is wrong as well to follow their conscience and join the movement if they believe it is wrong.

I will continue to promote the progressive ethics of non-violence in foreign policy. Grassroots democracy, so that we can build communities and get people involved everywhere through local campaigning, through the Internet, through creative, intuitive organizing like Howard Dean was great at early in his campaign.

Social justice and equal opportunity, so everyone has the rights and opportunity to benefit equally from the resources given to us in our society, and see to it ethnic barriers such as racism, sexism and homophobia don't draw lines in the decision-making process, which is exactly why I continue to protest the constitutional amendment on gay marriage.

Ecological wisdom, so we can move toward an energy efficient economy, maintain a balance in life with nature, and live with the understanding that we are part of nature, not seperate from it.

Decentralization of wealth and power, so social, political and economic institutions can work for the people and not solely for the most fortunate.

Economic justice, so each American family gets paid a handsome living wage in the near future and regardless of barriers or stereotypes, everyone is paid and protected equally, so women for instance can now get paid exactly the same as men, and not 24 cents less on average as some reports suggest.

The celebration of diversity, so all cultures, races, sexes and religious affliations are accepted in decision-making and organization-building, for in building relationships such as this, we form much stronger and healthier leadership capabilities.

And finally, sustainability. See to it we rationalize the distribution of our natural resources and see to it companies and corporations take responsibility for the good of the people and not solely for short-term net gains.

Fellow progressives, let us work each day to promote these values to our communities, and hopefully, to our government and see to it at least we're heard. We must take into account and remember in our judgement what Bush did wrong in his first term and keep that in mind, but in the process, let us try and find trust in this administration that they can fulfill their word to the good of Americans beyond their own conservative party interests and see to it we are all represented, see to it by the end that there still isn't the lingering result that over half believe America is heading in the wrong direction.

The people who showed up at the exit polls to vote have spoken. 68% of Americans believe changes must be made during Bush's second term, in contrast to his first. And it is up to the people to see to it this term is not just "more of the same".

Fellow progressives, let us continue to protest this war, let us continue to make this president take responsibility for the concerns of this nation, let us continue to speak our minds out loudly. I also ask that we find some respect in what they're doing, be open, hear what they have to say and understand their viewpoints. Let us not make discrepancies over every single thing Bush says or does, and be sure we listen before we react. And, Mr. President, we count on you to do the same and listen to us.

The revolution will not be doesn't mean the revolution isn't being recorded, for we are making history as we speak. It is the people, it is democracy that makes history happen, and the sight of Americans gathering together in front of city hall to preach their hopes, desires and yearnings to the general public, this is what democracy looks like.

As to those whose politics differ from mine, this fellow progressive independent is happy and delighted to work with you, to talk to you, to find solutions in which we both can live by, in which our interests are represented together. I am a Christian who reads the Bible every once in a while in the desire to seek spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, and take some psalms to heart and live by them. I have friends who are Republicans and conservatives and I love them very much. My grandparents are conservatives, and though we disagree and dispute very much on issues like abortion, stem-cell research and gay marriage, we love each other very much and they are two of my most loved people in the world, because I know we can live together and the differences only make us love each other even more if we can accept and recognize them.

It's true I was heartbroken hearing the election results, and I was sad and cried for a while, but though my candidate was defeated, my passion and optimism and hope have not. I look at the November 1st Oregonian, where my 15-year old sister Ellie made the front page of the Metro section where she helped out with Trick Or Vote, which now has been pasted happily in my scrapbook!

I look to my fellow PPRC friend Richard, a veteran from the Gulf War, who has an abnormal heartbeat rate from the uranium contamination in his body and fights cancer, yet despite the adversities he still can smile and speak his mind!

I look back on the almost 10,000 who marched behind me at the Rally For Peace And Justice on October 3rd, seeing dozens of children lindy-hop around in peace capes giggling with radiant sun-shining smiles, seeing a number of veterans from Vietnam, the Gulf War, even World War II speaking on our podium, seeing teachers, union workers, and college students making up a large part of our march.

Abraham Lincoln said, "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." Let us live for today, not for each and every tomorrow. For Paul Wellstone said, "The future belongs to those who are passionate"!

Let us move beyond the aggressiveness of this election season and look to the future. For, I believe with all my heart, the sun is rising, our best days are still to come!

And we are all God's children, who carry the sun in the palm of our hands!

God Bless You All, and God Bless America!

Noah Eaton

"You'll find something that's enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don't receive you
You should turn yourself around and come back home" MB20
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1 posted 11-07-2004 02:51 PM       View Profile for inot2B   Email inot2B   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for inot2B

Noah, you ask that we all work together, then write about all the things you don't like. If you don't like that we are in Iraq so be it, I don't either. But I'd rather us be there than them fighting us here. I'll not add anymore to this post, but I had to let you know how I feel. How about you standing up for OUR Country and not complaining about it.
Mistletoe Angel
Deputy Moderator 10 ToursDeputy Moderator 10 ToursDeputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Empyrean
since 12-17-2000
Posts 34089
City of Roses

2 posted 11-08-2004 12:25 AM       View Profile for Mistletoe Angel   Email Mistletoe Angel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Mistletoe Angel's Home Page   View IP for Mistletoe Angel

You're right, my friend.

This is OUR country, and this is exactly what I meant in my initial response here.

It was Martin Luther King Jr. himself who said, "All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality."

Look, I'm not asking for conformity here. All I'm asking for is unity.

You can unite without conforming.

I'm asking those who voted Kerry, progressives, those upset with Bush from 2001-2004, etc. to please keep speaking out your minds and not to forget what he did that upset us all, but the point is, we're not going to get anywhere if conservatives and liberals just react to one another with discrepancies each and every time just by hearing the labels.

I'm asking for both Republicans and Democrats and independents to judge Bush these next four years by how well or poorly he fulfills his promise to lead a bi-partisan agenda and reach out to Kerry supporters. Bush agreed himself on the phone call with Kerry that this nation is too divided. Progressives should judge him by how he handles issues that matter very much to liberals such as Roe vs. Wade, social security and gay marriage. If Bush intends to outlaw all these things, then it only proves he is not interested of the concerns of others beside his and his party's own and I'm asking for progressives to hold him accountable but to be patient as well.

We progressives know very well what Bush is capable of doing, as I believe his first term was filled with deceptions, euphemisms and exaggerations. We were able to figure those out and know how we can go about finding them in this second term as well.

We'll KNOW if Bush is keeping true to his word or not. We KNOW what our progressive values are, and we will compare and contrast them to Bush's own. If Bush takes some of the values of economic justice, sustainability, or respect for diversity to heart, for instance, we'll know that, and if he refuses to try and embrace them and govern only by his own druthers, it'll prove Bush is an ultimate liar and doesn't live up to his word.

I can understand the frustration among so many liberals right now. I feel it too. But we shouldn't take the grief and pain and use it on one another. We should convert it into passion, dust ourselves off, get back up, and form communities again.

We CANNOT fuse our grief and angst like this. It only divides communities further. We HAVE to use the emotions instead to respectfully address our state legislators, do what Howard Dean did and go on the Internet and form teach-ins, start a progressive movement from scratch, and come together, not come conflicted.

Anyway, this is what I'm asking us all to do. To live openly and comfortably. I mean, ten people got together, five Republicans and five Democrats, and formed the 9/11 Commission, and though of course you can always expect arguments and debate in any bi-partisan organization, they got along, they REALLY did, and formed an excellent commission report. Even if it may do little to resolve this war on terror, this report is an excellent example of true leadership.

THAT'S exactly how we must live accordingly. Like Thomas Keanes and Lee Hamiltons.

I have said ever so much already how I am anti-war, and the current state of affairs in America strikes me as a "cold civil war", and I'm personally tired of fighting in circles every day. I'm sure millions on both sides would agree with that.

The choice is yours and yours alone. I'm just offering a suggestion, as I believe war only divides people and tears communities apart. Cultural wars without arms are no exception. I want to protest a war that runs against my morals, I'll keep protesting some other decisions the Bush Administration made the first term, but I also want to play the role of anthropologist. See where we went wrong and try to bring communities together, build bridges rather than burn them. I want to seek a middle ground where conservatives and liberals can find agreement and from there begin to help work out a cultural remedy. And dividing will never let that happen.

Can't you see I'm protesting a whole other type of war too? A psychological cultural war?

I celebrated my 21st birthday last Thursday, and I got just as many death threats as birthday wishes on my birthday. I got only one birthday card. I ran the phone bank at the Sierra Club last week, where I made my stationary reply, "Hi, this is Noah from the Sierra Club, we're working to promote a campaign for a brighter tomor..." and then a man screams, "YOU AGAIN? I'M SICK OF YOU POLITICAL (expletive) DIE (expletive), DIE!" and then slam-hung up the phone.

You understand how serious the conflict in our culture has gotten? We HAVE to find some space to work together.

That death threat really stung my heart, and I don't want anyone else to have to experience this type of firefight.

Mother Teresa said, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other". I think like any typical election day season, we all tend to get more competitive, and I had a great deal of passion myself.

This is OUR country, and so I believe I am entitled to my beliefs as those who lean on the other side of the political spectrum are also. I'll keep forming up protest marches against the war and add my critique and commentary to political threads, but I don't want to shut down communication with those who opinions differ from mine and blacklist everyone under a heated shadow of resentment.

I believe the ultimate goal is we have to understand each others values these next four years. I saw Now! with Bill Moyers last Friday and they beleived the main reason the Democrats faltered was because morals and values mattered most to Republicans according to the exit poll results, and Democrats and others haven't exactly revealed their ethics and values during the course of the campaign season. Which is why I believe Barack Obama winning the senate seat in Illinois was very important, exciting news, because he embodies what I think the Democrats lack of right now; a heartfelt story that beams with values many can relate to.

Let's get along and talk values, talk ethics, come to find where we all come from these next four years, and we may open up quite a few doors from here on.

Noah Eaton

"You'll find something that's enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don't receive you
You should turn yourself around and come back home" MB20

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3 posted 11-08-2004 12:50 AM       View Profile for Krawdad   Email Krawdad   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Krawdad

Your magnanimousness is showing.
I'm not surprised.
Good for you, I think.
Your quote of Bush  "I will reach out to everyone who shares our goals . . ."
"Shares our goals" he said.  Remember that.
Do you share his goals?
I surely don't.  He won't be reaching out to me.
What makes you think that there is any incentive for the Bush regime to cooperate in any bipartisan way?
Was there no reason to do that in the first term?  What reason is there now?
He's blowing smoke, Noah.
Show me the money.

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