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 Anyone know how to analyze dreams?
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Passions in Poetry

Anyone know how to analyze dreams?

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where the wild flowers grow

0 posted 04-16-2004 05:02 AM       View Profile for Kaoru   Email Kaoru   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Kaoru

I had this dream that's been sticking with me, and I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about dreams and how to analyze them...

The one part that really caused me to freak out, so to speak, was a room I was in.. This room consisted of two pools, one was incredibly deep, but very narrow. This pool was filled with, what I could see, about three orca whales. I've seen whales in my dreams before, but never in a human swimming pool like this...

In my dream, the surreality caused me to feel fear.. that I'd fall into this pool.. I'm not sure what this means..

any ideas?
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1 posted 04-16-2004 07:24 AM       View Profile for Ringo   Email Ringo   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Ringo

This is going to sound like a cop out,and a load of hooey... however I think you are the only one who knows what this means. You just might not know it yet.

When you have dreams involving water, or pools, etc. what do you come up with as the the meaning? What do you think they mean to you now? ANd why are there two of them?

You said that you have had whales in your dreams before? What did they stand for? What was going on in your life that caused them to appear? And were they orcas? If not, then why the difference?

You also mentioned there were three of them... Why three? What does that number have to do with you these days? Is there a group of three people/things/choices/something? And why would these three things scare you like that? And why would falling into these three things cause that reaction?

What did the other pool look like, and why were the orcas in the pool they were? Why not the other one? Why was the pool narrow and deep, as opposed to wide and deep, or narrow and shallow, or wide and shallow?

Why were there two pools? What did the other pool represent?

Why were the pools inside as opposed to outside? How big was the room? Was it big enough for the poolm to allow the orcas to swim freely, or were they cramped? Why were they like that?

Were the orcas normal sized, or were they bigger, or smaller?

I know All I did was give you more questions, however, I had a shrink tell me that he couldn't accurately interpret my dreams because everyone's symbols are different, and only the individual can truly understand all of the nuances each dream brings. The way he taught me to use my dreams was to break it down into each tiny part, and figure out how that part impacted my life, or how my life impacted that symbol.

Hope It Helps.

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2 posted 04-16-2004 07:39 AM       View Profile for Sunshine   Email Sunshine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Sunshine's Home Page   View IP for Sunshine

An interesting dream, Meghan.

Do some research on Orcas...e.g., Killer Whales.

They seem to possess an affinity for social behavior among their own.  You mention three...could this be a family?

You don't mention the other pool.  Is it empty?  Would it provide safety from the whales?  But if it is empty, you would be alone in the water, albeit a "safer place"?

Given your current situation, it is not at all uncommon for one to dream even more than necessary, nor is it uncommon to keep going back to the same dream.  

Ringo's questions were all very good ones.  So many people just try to walk away from their dreams.  It might be good for you to make some notes on this, answer the questions he raised, and note your own internal responses and emotions.  [I.e., when reading any of those questions and thinking on it, do you feel excitement? Fear? Affinity?]

It will be interesting to see what transpires.   Good luck, honey!
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3 posted 04-16-2004 08:26 AM       View Profile for Greeneyes   Email Greeneyes   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Greeneyes


I have heard pregnant women have really weird and often scary (lack of better word) dreams....its interesting

a few sites that might help? ( iam  sure you have probably looked a few up?)  let us know what you find out? good luck ....

The sound of silence calls,
I hear your voice and suddenly
I'm falling, lost in a dream
The echo of our souls meet
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The Ravines

4 posted 04-16-2004 08:49 AM       View Profile for Opeth   Email Opeth   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Opeth

What ever you do, don't fret over these dreams...or any other dream for that matter.

Most dreams are a result of event(s) that have occured to one throughout the course of a day [recurring dreams are normally a result of event(s) that one often thinks about] and a subconscious dissection of those events.

Sometimes, answers to problems may result or new ideas that lead to answers may result.

"You sleep in the night yet the night and the silent water still so dark."

Susan Caldwell
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5 posted 04-16-2004 10:49 AM       View Profile for Susan Caldwell   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Susan Caldwell

"Book of Dreams"  by Sylvia Brown

Is that how you spell her name?  Oh well.. that book.  Read it...its good.

"cast me gently into the morning, for the night has been unkind"
~Sarah McLachlan~

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6 posted 04-22-2004 01:13 AM       View Profile for Aenimal   Email Aenimal   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Aenimal

Orcas are free ocean creatures, orcas in a small pool may be conveying the sense of feeling trapped or limited by a situation.
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7 posted 04-22-2004 12:07 PM       View Profile for Christopher   Email Christopher   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Christopher

What Lauren said... and I've seen the results of that first hand.

Maybe a little tangent... look into the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting." You can find it pretty much at any book store. It has a big section on the dreams you may have as you go through your pregnancy... and often offers clear, concise, and sensible reasons for well, everything, but also the dreams you'll likely have. the mother of my soon-to-be-SON (found out yesterday) considers it her bible.
serenity blaze
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8 posted 04-22-2004 02:42 PM       View Profile for serenity blaze   Email serenity blaze   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for serenity blaze

I'm still studying kabbalah and this touches on a recent lesson.

The lesson warned against dream interpretation (and, correspondingly, fortune-telling)

Dreams are made of a language of symbols, the understanding of which can only be known by you. And yes, as Opeth stated, most of our dreams are the result of the mind sorting through the daily information--kind of like a "defrag" process. But it states further that there are dreams of archetypical significance, and it warned against the practice of the telling of dreams (particularly nightmares) because it reinforces the dream and further imprints the negativity into the mind, which could, on a subconscious level, bring about the "self-fulfilling" prophecy factor.


I'm not sure how far I'm buying into that one, but I did find it interesting.

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9 posted 04-22-2004 10:50 PM       View Profile for Spice   Email Spice   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Spice's Home Page   View IP for Spice

I must agree with Serenity Blaze here....

Now I have absolutely no knowledge of Kabbalah by any means, but I've always been told that speaking of bad thoughts or dreams etc isn't a good Serenity says, it reinstates it, and could eventually lead toself fulfilling. Just like, like you wouldn't speak about ghosts and spirits because you would be inviting them don't speak of dreams. I think that for the most part, not always, but many times dreams do infact hold some meaning....but only you know the meaning and you just have to wait and ALLOW that meaning to show itself to you....when you are ready, you will know.....or maybe you just had some bad chinese. haha.
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10 posted 04-22-2004 11:33 PM       View Profile for Local Rebel   Email Local Rebel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Local Rebel

Building on Opeth and Blaze here -- they're quite correct... I don't know if 'defrag' is the right word but there is a process at work that is quite necessary to the body.

Our limbic systems are still very primitive.  They regulate all the hormonal functions in our bodies.  When events occur in the course of a day that cause us to have a reaction we build up things like adrenaline in the body -- thing is -- in modern society we don't even recognize it -- almost anything can be a stimulus to the limbic system -- but in concious thought we dismiss these stimuli because we rationally understand we aren't in any danger.

Instinctively though -- the system works like this -- see a tiger -- RUN!!  The running works out the adrenaline.  We don't have that release mechanism.  Dreams allow us the opportunity to recreate situations that will afford the processing of these emotions and hormones to completion.  They may be totally unrelated to the actual events or thoughts of they day -- they merely produce a theatre to present the same response.

This doesn't mean, however, that there aren't symbols involved in the process that help one with problem solving.  

A pregnant woman -- dreams of a big animal in a tank of water that isn't much bigger than it.... I wonder what the symbolism might possibly be here?  
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11 posted 04-23-2004 06:59 AM       View Profile for gemjop   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for gemjop

I have to disagree with not speaking about bad dreams/nightmares or dreams in general. I was for a very long time suffering from the same kind of dream, that disturbed me, which was yes, related to my personal 'awake' life. I found after starting to write down these dreams, and any others, that I was able to self analyze, and somehow break the cycle. Perhaps it depends on what kind of person you are. Nothing negative came of it, quite the opposite. It was only when I took control and looked into that dream that they stopped, and I was able to come out of it with a higer understanding. From then on, I have always written down my dreams, I always remember them, probably due to disturbed sleep, and it's been nothing but interesting.

And in no way do dreams, like you've said,always carry a deeper meaning, often, its just like an entertaining night out at the theatre.

I myself have always had some outstanding/frightening dreaming experiences, and have often found that they can often be just more than unscrambling our daily lives and emotions. I personally believe that in dreams, due to experience, that some people are open to communications. (i know i sound like a nutcase) I even wrote about one of my experiences recently in open 32. I feel the sleeping brain is more capable than people think, and having experienced this, no one could convince me otherwise.

Though I won't go into detail, as I'm sure you'd think I was doolally!
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12 posted 05-12-2004 11:45 AM       View Profile for LeeJ   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for LeeJ

I've been reading all of your comments and would like to say, gem, it was good to read someone else's positive feedback on dreams.  I believe you and I have something in common.  A school friend of mine, who grew up across from my dad had a very devostating life.  We were close friends and could share most everything.  We lost contact for many years...but found each other again completely by accident.  We stayed in contact by promise and called each other once every two weeks.  Then one day, he became ill, very ill....funny, but one day I left for work and my son left on his tape recorder/I forgot to check it and turn it off.  Later my son told me that he listened to the tape for some odd reason and someone was trying to call us all day, a lot?

My friend at the time was in the hospital and we were told not much more could be done.  That night I dreamed he came to me, but at that present time, there was a great turmoil going on in my life and ismissed the dream. But knew he stood there in front of me, trying to get my attention, in the dream and said he had to tell me something very was important for me to listen but to this day, I cannot remember what it was he needed to tell me.  

A day later, we found out, he passed away.
I believe it was him that was trying to reach me that day my son's tape was recording the sounds in our home.  

Silly I guess, but just wanted to share.

I have had many, many perceptive dreams, both while awake and asleep.  

I really hope that you receive answers to your questions...good luck.  
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