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Passions in Poetry

(Story) Love @ First Sight (Comments Plz)

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since 01-05-2002
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Any miss spelled words are my own fault sorry..Enjoy!


Love At First Sight

As a child I dreamed of finding my handsome prince that somone special whom could and would sweep me off my feet I'd been through many men but, they never did the trick or were never what I was looking for so I went on with life still looking for Mr. Right I told my self He'll come someday just keep your eyes open and your heart closed so that's just what I did I never let a guy know just what was in my heart I was to afraid of letting them have it to take avanage of or breaking my heart and leaven my alone so I kept it closed. I work my way through life as a Author my newest book is calledNever Forgot Your Name it's about this man and woman who spend the most beautiful night together strangers of course but, they seem to have a bond and love like no other, how they met?? Well she owned a store called Bare Feet where many people could buy loation for their feet and hands it was very popular it still is and one day this handsome man came to buy some of her prouducts his name was Logan he was a 26 yr old singel handyman with brow eyes,brown hair blondish,broad shoulder lots of muscles a very angelic face and a smile to die for he who also had a daughter that was 6 her name was Angel very cute at that age. Anyway the lady's name was Laura she was a singel 25 yr old store owner with a average body,blue eyes,redish blonde hair and never failed to make someone's day, now Logan and Laura met that one faithful day and went out to dinner not knowing that they would have the most amazing night any two stranger's could ever have. So that's all I can say for my story and I guess that's pretty much what I'm looking for in a guy who is handsome,sweet and will have a good sence of humor who thinks of my as attractive and pretty.

I went out with one of my best friends on Friday night going to have a girl's night out which I always often enjoyed I told my closest friend Zoey all my problems with men and how none fo them seemed to be my type we joked about the personal stuff I'd tell her cause she was like a sister to me so I trust her we'd laugh at this one guy who's name was Chris he was a rollie type of guy he was sweet,charming and funny but all he ever talked about was how much he loved this cat named Fluffy that cat was cute and everything however it sounded it like to him it was his true soulmate his one and only honestly it was stupid but hey that's fine with me as long as I never had to date him again it was just so hillarious how it went on and on about Fluffy. So friday night Zoey and I went to this club called Shake Your Booty a very popular place for many singel men and woman who were looking for a good time a place to hang out I was sitting with Zoey talking about how my day was that I started my working on my new book I hoped to have out by next year she just smiled and said

Promise your a very talanted writer who has touched so many people even me

I smiled at her and took her hand and said

Thank you Zoe it means alot to me that you care so much about my writing that you've been very helpful.

Soon the music started to play so Zoey and I got up and headed to the dance floor shaking our booty off all night I got down and dirty with some guys only it was just to have fun then I'd go back to Zoey while I was dansing with her some guy from behind tapped my on the shoulder

You care to dance...?

I turned and the minute I looked in his eye's this strange powerful feeling came over me he was very sexy with deep sea blue eyes,very muscular,tan skin,dirty blonde hair and he was a little taller then me so I snaped out of my trance and looked at him and smile.

Sure I'd love to dance

So off I went in his arms I felt so right when he put his arms around me he smelt like adias cologne along with aftershave I couldn't get enough of the smell I just smiled a little while the music played I asked his name

He replyed Christopher Drake

I looked at him he looked at me

What's yours?

I said Promise Andrew

he then smiled and held out his hand.I slowly took his hand feeling the warmth of his plam in mine the tingel that sped through my body it was pretty strange but, I didn't seem to mind it to much I enjoyed it, slowly the song ended and the magic started to went away but the feeling never left me as I walked back to the table.

Zoey was smiling at me as I sat down I coudn't help not smiling she took my hand asking

So girl who was prince charming??

I giggled saying Christopher Drake..

she just gave me this romantic look I turned looking for Christopher I didn't see him at first cause of all the people,suddenly he came with two drinks in his hand I ausumed he had a date yet he came walking towards me I just kept my eyes locked with his I couldn't seem to take ripe them away he was so amazing very thing I wanted in a guy that I'd been looking for I'm glad I came tonight with my friend I thought to my self when Christopher reached me I pulled a chair out from him he set the two beers down then himself. Zoey of course didn't know he'd sat down she was to busy looking at the hot guys who passed by I then took a swing of my beer letting it slide down my throt letting my nerves calme down soon after that Zoey turned around she jaw just droped and I busted out laughing it was just so funny I then gathered myself together

Zoey I'd like you to meet Christopher Drake

Christopher meet Zoey Peterson

They shuck hands Zoey just couldn't seem to take her eyes off him she knew as well as I did that he was all I'd been looking for in a guy she nodding at me with a stupid grin on her face I understood what she was telling me as she let go of his hand. We chatted for 3 hours it was around 2 Am and I had to get up in the morning to work on my book some more I gave Christopher my phone number in case he ever wanted to chat with me then he gave me his

"Thanks I said"

He took me in a bear hug and I melted in his arms right then and there it was amazing and wonderful I loved melting in a man who was now more then ever the one I'd been looking for as I keep repeating my self it is true. So then after that Zoey and I felt the club we talked about the night how much fun it was we planned on going back next Friday,after getting home I put on my pj's climed in to bed the last thing I thought of before drifting to sleep was Christopher.
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(smiles) Awwwwwwww, this made me cry at the end as this first part is sooooooo beautifully romantic, sweet Michele, I can't wait till the next part, I certainly hope this is based on your life as you are sooooooo deserving of true happiness! (angel hugs) God Bless You, here's wishing for love at first sight for you that's true, yay!

May love and light always shine upon you!

Noah Eaton

"You'll find something that's enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don't receive you
You should turn yourself around and come back home" MB20

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