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 methods of writing...........
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Passions in Poetry

methods of writing...........

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brian madden
Member Elite
since 05-06-2000
Posts 4532

0 posted 05-27-2001 04:08 PM       View Profile for brian madden   Email brian madden   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for brian madden

OK I don't know if it is right to ask this, it is kind of like asking the magican how he hid the rabbit in the hat or asking David Copperfield how he got planning permission to install secret hatches into the great wall of China in his walk through the wall trick but curiousity has gotten the better of me.


I have to ask because I read so many different styles of poetry, I some amazing poetry at passions by some amazing poets. no name dropping because I sure I know who you are, just count the amount of "WOWS"  I leave in my replies but I am curious as to everyone's writing method,

how do you approach writing a poem?
is it as simple as just sitting down and letting the words pour out or do you have a method, building up phrases, what inspires  you and so on.I just basically want to know everyone's trade secrets. Difficult question I know but I think it might give everyone a better chance of appreciating
and understanding everyone's poetry and maybe learning a thing or two along the way  


Just to break the ice I shall go first, and am open to any questions.

Generally my poems concern my self-internal matters my feeling usually they are written in an air of melancholia. The overcast weather here helps hugely to build this atmosphere.

I am interested in visuals, images and I guess metaphors. I try to make my poetry as accessible as possible. I hated when I was younger reading poetry and not being able to relate. I want to my poetry to be like photographs, paintings that is why I tend to break the rule of poetry by showing instead of telling. It may recreate a detached element to my writing.

I thought what is the point in that. My own faults and insecurities are part of my subject matter. Passions is great for this because firstly you don't have to be physically with the person while they read the poem (i hate that) and also people generally understand and respect without asking the hard questions family members can ask like "what is it about?"

Usually I write in oen sitting then edit re-edit and re-edit again. It is rare that I will be happy with a poem in one sitting. If my inspiration is dry I just write a few phrases and either us them or not. I don't spend too long on a poem, it is not a thing that carries on for months. I think I have an energy that goes against that way of writing, it might make my poems seemed rushed or somewhat chaotic

Lately I have being finding it harder to write and have being tackling subjects that are not personal as such. At the moment I am preparing to write a poem about a famous irish painter (that is all I am saying) so it involves research and also want to do it in a slightly different style than usual.

I am fascinated by the darker side of humanity because I think everyone wears masks. The general feeling I got when I was younger was that people tried to cover it up hide it and I wanted to expose it, but I believe there is hope in exposing and dealing with these things, and also in finding beauty in those dark corners. I generally happy upbeat even if my thoughts are dark. I just can't articulate my joy and those moments of light without tainting them and making them sound forced.
OK that is me laid naked who is next.

"you are what you own in this land, you can be king and it all depends on the view and what you can see"  Whipping boy

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Janet Marie
Member Laureate
since 01-22-2000
Posts 18986

1 posted 05-27-2001 07:24 PM       View Profile for Janet Marie   Email Janet Marie   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Janet Marie

This is great question Bri...
I find learning other poets thought processes and discoveries very fascinating.

Most times for me the poem usually is born from whatever emotions I am struggling with at the Brian, usually when Im sad,
(or when I've had too much raspberry tea and a sensual themed poem pops out) *L*
Sometimes when I am listening to music a line in the song might inspire my muse.
But most times with me its all about emotion,
I wont ever be one of those multi-fascited poets who can look at a sunrise or flower garden and write a whole poem around that...
if I dont feel it, I usually cant make it my own.

Most poems come from phrase or rhyme that I keep hearing in my head,
I decide how I want to use that phrase and then once I get my opening line...
the poems ususally flow.
I never write and immediatly post a poem...its usually rewitten and tweaked for at least a couple days...
my mentor taught me that there is ALWAYS a  way to make a poem better...
his rule was never rush a poem, and that there will alway be a word that can be added or changed to define it better,
but he also taught that each poet has to decide at what point to stop rewriting and not over polish.
he also taught me all poems should be read out loud for rhyme and flow.
I have a lot to learn still, my muse has many limitations...mostly me.
I know I have a long way to go to learn how to write "proper" poetry...and be an "accomplished, varied" poet.
But to be honest Im not sure thats even important to me...
poetry is a need for outlet,  a release, quiet comfort.
I feel better when I rhyme, if that make sense.
I write for myself to bleed or purge and then heal.

thanks for asking Bri...
I can think of lots of poets here who I would enjoy "walking barefoot in their poetic minds"

I'm hanging on your every word
Even if you dont want to speak tonite
It's alright
I'm sitting outside heaven's door
listening to you breathe

Dopey Dope
Deputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Laureate
since 08-30-2000
Posts 15536
San Juan, Puerto Rico

2 posted 05-27-2001 09:16 PM       View Profile for Dopey Dope   Email Dopey Dope   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Dopey Dope

Well yer not talkin about MY poetry haha but i'll just give a simple approaches differ in accordance to the style I currently write in. I have so many it's freaky......currently I am writing in the form of comparison. I write my poems in character of ME but with an addition. That addition being the internal thought of a mad man. The characteristics are symbols that make no sense due to the immense cryptic  nature of them, but believe me, they connect.

ALl in's the internal mad man comparison -vs- the external world that surrounds and contradicts the train of thought the man is going through.

So yea....thats me currently.

Member Empyrean
since 09-21-1999
Posts 28608

3 posted 05-27-2001 11:23 PM       View Profile for Martie   Email Martie   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Martie's Home Page   View IP for Martie

Hi Brian--JM sent me over here and it is interesting to hear the differing "how do I" stories.

I have differing ways of writing.  Many times I write from a deep need to express the beauty or ugliness I see around me.  I have to express it, or burst. So, I let the feeling seep in and wait a bit until it isn't an experience anymore. Then, I just turn it over and let it poor out.

Other times, like when I write a scene that is about people and their lives, I either write from overhearing conversations, from acute observation or from something that has happened to me that I change somewhat.  Many times I will write poetry that I take from the fiction that I am writing.

And then there is writing because I feel there is an important truth or vision that I want to get across...then I find something in everyday life that has turned into a lesson for me and try to express it.

I usually write all at once and may revise a bit, or leave it alone for a little while, but how I write it first is usually how it stays.  

The times I like best are when I sit down to write without a clue what I am going to say, and something takes over and I write from somewhere else, some inner spirit that I only see at this time.  This is a wonderful experience and I loose awareness of everything around me, time, hunger...the wash.  I think this is when I write the best.  

There you have it...I think...thanks Brian.  
Seymour Tabin
Member Empyrean
since 07-07-99
Posts 32119
Tamarac Fla

4 posted 05-27-2001 11:56 PM       View Profile for Seymour Tabin   Email Seymour Tabin   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Seymour Tabin

You will get as many answers as there are people.
I can only tell you how I write. With much difficulty
It is as JM said inspired by an emotion.
Discipline of the mind creates the style.
And you will never make everyone happy.
Just write what you feel. The rest is how much you really want what you started.
The more you practice the better you get.
Yet I do not think you will ever satisfy yourself.
At least I have not done that yet.
There are as many ideas for as against.
So whatever anyone says itís a partial truth.
Just do what you have to do and hope for the best.
Paula Finn
Member Ascendant
since 06-17-2000
Posts 5525

5 posted 05-28-2001 02:28 AM       View Profile for Paula Finn   Email Paula Finn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Paula Finn

I write from emotion...but its weird sometimes...because I dont always write a sad poem when I am sad or a happy one when I am happy...sometimes I hear a phrase or a word...and it triggers a whole flow of words...sometimes another poets poem or title will do the same thing...I very seldom edit...maybe my stuff would be more polished if I did...but then that wouldnt be me...I dont write on the computer...its almost always pen to paper...tho there have been times when Ive been in passions and written right into the forum ...I have come up out of a dead sleep groping for my pen and notepad...struggling for the light before the words vanish in the work the kids know not to throw away ANYTHING with my handwriting on it.....heheheh
Member Rara Avis
since 07-17-99
Posts 8273

6 posted 05-28-2001 06:36 AM       View Profile for Severn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Severn

I used to write from emotion.

Now I'm having a crisis. It comes from being taught by a best-selling author. I must strive to make no sense.

Look at this for example Bri...

"&so walk backwards^
temporality@ transmissions^^
@ universailities!$!"

A guy in my class submits stuff like that every week. I'm having a CRISIS! I'm having a full on POETIC CRISIS!


~pant pant~


serenity blaze
Member Empyrean
since 02-02-2000
Posts 28839

7 posted 05-28-2001 06:50 AM       View Profile for serenity blaze   Email serenity blaze   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for serenity blaze

Shame on me. I did not even read the other replies (yet) But I agree with all of the above.(as per Brian)..I've tried it all, but feel the best when "IT" approaches "ME". When I can get myself out of the way of my brain long enough to let ink flow, like the follow of a bouncing ball--well, I just love it when it happens that way.
since 05-06-2001
Posts 57

8 posted 05-28-2001 08:44 AM       View Profile for Joricho   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Joricho

good question, Brian - submitting poems to PiP has really made me think about this very question, simply because I see the differences/similarities between my poems and others.
WHen I was younger I wrote lots of very bad poetry that was about Issues with a capital I - using the vocab of a thirteen year-old. Yuk! I think my reaction to that has been to shy away from overly emotional/issue-laden poems and write about specific experiences as the vehicle for indirectly considering emotions/issues. And to write as sparsely as I can.
SO mainly my writing involves reflecting on an experience, getting some basic structure down on paper and then paring away as much as possible till I feel I have the bare essentials. At this stage I can't imagine writing a long poem, but I almost feel as though this is a discipline I need to go through before I can write anything longer or weightier.
I REALLY respect people that can write at length without cliche or too much clutter!
Deputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Rara Avis
since 06-03-2000
Posts 9897
The Shores of Alone

9 posted 05-28-2001 09:59 PM       View Profile for catalinamoon   Email catalinamoon   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit catalinamoon's Home Page   View IP for catalinamoon

Hi Brian, this is interesting, I have a few different methods. One is just sitting watching or listening to something that touches me, and I start writing. These I rarely edit, though I'm sure they could be improved on.
I used to write a lot at work, when I had a quiet moment, for some reason the stress, and then the quiet would make something kick in. Usually scribbled out on scrap paper, and then put together at home.
Mostly, I write from emotion, and it is usually sad or angry. Happiness for some reason, rarely inspires me. Then again, it is so rare to feel happy, that maybe I just don't know how to portray it.
The only time I sit and ponder over my lines, is when I am writing a particular form. Sometimes my thoughts want to rhyme and have a beat, sometimes they just blather out in their own rambling way.
Thanks for asking  
I just realized I must like talking about myself  LOL I have benn doing a lot of it in this forum. Maybe its cause no one listens to me in person.
Luv ya
brian madden
Member Elite
since 05-06-2000
Posts 4532

10 posted 05-29-2001 05:30 PM       View Profile for brian madden   Email brian madden   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for brian madden

thanks to everyone who has replied so far and shared their trade secrets  

"you are what you own in this land, you can be king and it all depends on the view and what you can see"  Whipping boy

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Member Caelestus
since 06-25-99
Posts 67715
Listening to every heart

11 posted 05-30-2001 04:03 PM       View Profile for Sunshine   Email Sunshine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Sunshine's Home Page   View IP for Sunshine

I'm thinking, I'm thinking....
brian madden
Member Elite
since 05-06-2000
Posts 4532

12 posted 05-30-2001 04:13 PM       View Profile for brian madden   Email brian madden   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for brian madden

karliea you don't have to give away your secrets in this thread... though if you want to send me a private e-mail detailing your how you write poetry. I promise to use the information for my own needs and gain HAHHAHAHHAHA evil laughter.  

"you are what you own in this land, you can be king and it all depends on the view and what you can see"  Whipping boy

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