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 Love, Ego, and a bit of Schizophrenia -
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Passions in Poetry

Love, Ego, and a bit of Schizophrenia - Act I, Scene III

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Act I - Scene III
Jennie, Andy, Becki, Jacob, Mike and Amanda present, et alia.
Enter Holly and Nathaniel

Hello to you both, how are you doing.

I'm doing surprisingly well tonight.
Why is Rumsey not here at this party?

He labors tonight, as he does always.
I wish that he was not always working.

Ah, but if he did not work tell me
Who would give to you such wonderful gifts?
A woman costs a pretty penny.

I do not care. I would rather he here
Than any gift he could offer me.
Enough of this talk let us eat and drink.

At last, I see the purpose of coming.

Be quiet Jacob. Do not let them know
A way to a man's heart is through his gut.

Be not so cynical Nathaniel.
Surely there is a man that can love here.

Well, if he be present, let him speak now.

Again, we have diverged from the topic.
Talk not of love but of food for the time
And we shall all be far more merry.

Thank God, a consensus amongst this group.
They head to the other half of the stage

Holly, if I for a moment may speak,
Explain how you got Nathaniel to come.

It was by chance that together we came.
He happened to arrive the same as I.
For now I have appeased the jester, Mike,
But I am yet to please the one that counts.
My heart does long for Nathaniel all day,
But he can't love for his glass is half gone.

You surprise me, my friend. Was it not you
Who said that I should run away from Andy?
That love was a venomous beast that strikes.
You should listen to what you say poor girl,
And then you would not feel this bad passion.

I warned you so because I am in love,
And will continue to be till I die.
I've known my love far longer than you yours,
And so can speak my mind so truthfully.

My poor friend, we are most unfortunate.
We must talk more but now we really can't.
They may suspect a plot if we don't go.
Exit to other side as Nathaniel, Andy, and Jacob enter

Well Andy, this is new wouldn't you say?
Alone and shy for most the time, and now,
You bring fair Becki to this gathering.
You know so little of these matters.
Would not you think it wise to look then leap?

Would you leave him alone. He is in love.
I am yet to meet a single man
Who can overpower the grip of love.

It would please me if you both would shut up.
To say that I am in love is a lie.
Can I stop thinking about her? Not yet.
And why do you think that I leapt and then looked.
I know far more about her than you
And can see that this is a lovely match.
My only hope is that it all proves true.

Excuse me Andy, but I think you lie.
You just refuse to admit that you love.
For I can see it in your eyes my friend.

How could you say that and call me a friend?
Love does not just happen all at once.
Love grows out of time, with heart and mind.
You see it is one thing to love in heart,
But true love comes when you find love in mind.
You don't just respond to a simple touch,
Or fall in love with just a single kiss.

You've kissed her then-

-Not yet, let me go on.
You all are fools to fall in love so fast.
To love for beauty is not near enough.
What shall you do when both of you are old?
How can you love her beauty when it's gone?
It would be much nicer, and smarter to,
To have someone that makes you laugh instead.
Her wit will last beyond her pretty face,
(Too bad the two aren't always found in one),
And that is ultimately whom you will love.

Tell me then, O wise one, why Becki?
I see the pretty face but not the mind.

Surely you are meaner than you are ugly.
It always begins with a pretty smile.
But I have both of you beat well in her,
She posses both the traits I like.

Ah ha, you admit it, you are in love.

Go stuff your face-

-I guess we'll leave this place,
And leave this poor lover by himself.
Jacob and Nathaniel Exit
Amanda Enters

Pardon me, I was just about to leave.

If you don't mind I would like to talk.
I was surprised when Mike asked to escort me,
I've liked him from afar and now he's here,
But now he won't release his emotions.

{aside} Why must love always rear its ugly head?
Mike always seems like a shy guy, just wait.
I'm sure eventually he'll come around.

Thanks, I know I can always trust in you.
Amanda exits

O Lord, why come to me do they for advice?
Oh no, I pray, don't send another one.
Enter Holly

I see that you and Becki get along.

We do, and so do Amanda and Mike.

That seems quite odd, Mike did not seem so pleased
When he was forced to ask Amanda here.
Although I'm glad that he has come around.

My mind is far too busy at this time.
It seems Cupid unleashed a multitude
When last he sent his arrows flying.

{aside} And pierced my fragile heart at the same time.

For now I will but focus on Becki,
And leave the rest to try and learn their fates.

I will not then trouble you with my thoughts.

Forgive me Holly, I am too anxious.
Go on, and tell me how he pierced your heart.

I know I shouldn't tell you this, oh well,
I find myself in love with Nathaniel.
But he says that he won't love again.

Despite his cynicism, he will love.
He often speaks of how strong love can be.
You must take the initiative in this.
He has loved and lost, and will not lose again.
You'll have to show him how it is to love.
Do not be shy, it's not the time for that.
With your beauty, and some of my prodding,
We'll see if we can help him love again.

You always know exactly what to say.
Thanks for helping me with this noble fight.
I know I can always trust in you.
Holly exits

[Andy] to sky
Well now, whatever I did, I'm sorry.
Andy exits

© Copyright 1999 Bob - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 10-08-1999 02:24 PM       View Profile for JohnDoe82   Email JohnDoe82   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for JohnDoe82

Better blank verse this scene. Aside from that, interesting.
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