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 Open Poetry #3 Archive
 I just wanted you to know
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Passions in Poetry

I just wanted you to know

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Roger Leewright
Junior Member
since 09-25-1999
Posts 29
Beaverton, OR.USA

0 posted 10-07-1999 02:10 PM       View Profile for Roger Leewright   Email Roger Leewright   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Roger Leewright

I just wanted you to know

I wanted to write some things down for you,
Before we decided our marriage was through.
So much pain and so much strife,
God baby, weíve had a hard life.

I pushed you away when I needed you the most,
The pain in my mind a horrible ghost.
I found in another, joys for my heart,
Yet thought of you often while we were apart.

Crimes of the heart, are worse than are said,
I promise you this, she never slept in our bed.
I ended it cause it was the right thing to do,
The price I paid, was my marriage was through.

I never have sought comfort in the arms of another,
My vows in tact, I have lusted for no other.
The sorrow I have brought you I cannot repair.
I know you were lonely and filled with despair.

I wish I could take it all back now,
To make you understand, and love me somehow.
The pain I have caused has diminished your light,
My spot in you heart, now turned to night.

No other woman can compare to who you are,
Youíve been the only woman Iíve loved in my life so far.
The two we created are almost all grown,
What a beautiful thing, the seeds we have sown.

Iíll always remember the fond memories,
Like making love in the tent, under the Redwood trees.
Weíve have some wonderful memories, you and I,
God, honey itís so hard for me to say good bye.

With mist in my eyes, I wanted you to know,
That the hardest thing for me is to let you go.
Lying awake, and alone by myself,
Crying so softly, at pictures of you on my shelf.

Only one thing, for you I feel I did right,
Was empower my woman with the ability to fight.
As a nurse under pressure to save oneís life,
For this, I was always proud to call you my wife.

Iíll never stop loving your eyes so blue,
For look into mine and youíll find thatís always been true.
I want all the fighting to come to an end,
I really need you to be my best friend.

When I saw you finding comfort in the eyes of another,
Seeking counseling for us, heck why bother.
The truth in your heart you were unable to admit,
Was you have had enough and it was time to quit.

I tell myself Iím happy that youíve started to date,
But this has only sealed our inevitable fate.
I guess that I should go out and try to do the same,
But please, when weíre together, donít utter his name.

I will respect the life with him you may make,
But letís keep our promise to our children, for heavens sake.
To give them the parents they need and deserve,
For itís their feelings we should really try to preserve.

I donít blame you for the decision youíve made,
For your soul I have pierced with the point of my blade.
I want to release you from any guilt and shame,
Hell, if I were you, I probably would have done the same.

I hope you understand this poem that I give,
So on with your life you are starting to live.
Just these words I still need to impart,
"I love you", and you will always have a place in my heart.

© Copyright 1999 Roger Leewright - All Rights Reserved
Senior Member
since 08-07-99
Posts 525

1 posted 10-07-1999 02:27 PM       View Profile for Dragoness   Email Dragoness   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Dragoness's Home Page   View IP for Dragoness

Oh Roger{{{{{HUGS}}}}} I'm so sorry! Excellent work here.

Set you heart free and your mind will follow.

since 10-07-1999
Posts 51

2 posted 10-07-1999 02:39 PM       View Profile for freespiritfem   Email freespiritfem   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for freespiritfem

OMG....Roger.....what "deep" and beautiful words...i wish i could give you a great BIG_O_HUG...(((Roger)))

Paula Diane S.


Paula Diane S.
Deputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Seraphic
since 07-29-99
Posts 20770
on the threshold of a dream

3 posted 10-07-1999 03:59 PM       View Profile for suthern   Email suthern   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for suthern

Roger: Thanks for pointing this one out to me... your pain and regret pour off the page. I hope that understanding the cause and effect and sequence of events will help your healing to start.
Senior Member
since 08-20-99
Posts 742
Houston, TX

4 posted 10-07-1999 04:14 PM       View Profile for Julie   Email Julie   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Julie

Oh Roger...a (((BIG HUG)))) from me too.

Your poem deeply touched me...especially
including the desire to continue to do
the best for your children...I hope she
feels this way too.

Thou who has given so much to me,
give one thing more: a grateful heart.
>George Herbert

Member Patricius
since 07-05-99
Posts 11105
Glen Hope, PA USA

5 posted 10-07-1999 07:33 PM       View Profile for hoot_owl_rn   Email hoot_owl_rn   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit hoot_owl_rn's Home Page   View IP for hoot_owl_rn

Rodger, I'm sorry...I hope you shared this with her
Systematic Decay
Senior Member
since 09-15-99
Posts 1312
That place with padded walls a

6 posted 10-08-1999 12:16 AM       View Profile for Systematic Decay   Email Systematic Decay   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Systematic Decay

Beautiful poem, Roger. I know you asked for my input, and I feel hesitant doing it.....I think maybe you should have put it in critical analysis? I really liked the poem, but I think perhaps this could have been done better in free verse. It just seems that you were really struggling to find something to rhyme with it...I think you could make it even better if it was expressed in a less confining way. Sorry if I sound rude....

Still, great work.

"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage."
-Billy Corgan-
Member Elite
since 10-08-1999
Posts 3629
The Hague, The Netherlands

7 posted 10-13-1999 03:50 PM       View Profile for Munda   Email Munda   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Munda's Home Page   View IP for Munda

Roger, while reading your poem tears trickled down my cheeks.....I wish you strength, but above all Love.
passing shadows
Member Empyrean
since 08-26-99
Posts 46297

8 posted 05-04-2004 03:41 AM       View Profile for passing shadows   Email passing shadows   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for passing shadows

oh gawd! this is touching
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