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 DragonMyth Part3-the Battle
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Passions in Poetry

DragonMyth Part3-the Battle

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since 06-22-99
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The wretched,
newborn Beast
eyes his foe,
the one
he was bred to kill.
Why he hates
this one,
he doesn't know,
but slaughter
Dragon he will.

Dragon sets his Lady
to the side,
then turns
to confront the Beast.
With a mighty crash
the two collide,
to say the least.

The tentacular arms
of the Beast,
reached around
for Dragon's wing.
With a swan-like grace,
Dragon cut East,
Dragon's speed
was surprising.

Giving loud voice
to a thwarted roar,
the Beast
spun itself about.
Taking flight,
Dragon now
starts to soar,
screaming his rage
with a shout.

With venomous glare
and toothy maw,
Beast prepares
for Dragon's dive.
Spreading his wings
and flexing each claw,
wants to skin
Beast alive.

Cupping his wings,
he drops like a stone,
to tear open
the Beast's back.
Beast lets loose
a cacophonous moan,
from the pain
of the attack.

by this new wonder
of feeling,
Beast lets Dragon
coast right by.
Stinging pain
leaves his senses
at the same time
it's a high.

with the effort of moving,
the Beast prepares
for it's turn.
Dragon sees that Beast
is improving,
so decides
that he should burn.

Dragon had not thought
the Beast was smart,
a crude creation.
The Beast
lashed his tail
at Dragon's heart,
that assured
it's cremation.

Blasting fire
like the birth of the sun,
Dragon swoops
down on the Beast.
The slime on it's body
begins to run,
it isn't harmed
in the least.

By instinct
the Beast calls Darkling might,
a crackling
arc of magic.
The raw power
knocks Dragon from flight,
hitting the ground
is tragic.

the first Dragon
has ever known,
sears it's way
into each cell.
With crumpled wings
and agonized moan,
Dragon is hurt,
you can tell.

Beast is quick to pounce
on that weakness,
attacking him
tooth and claw.
Dragon ponders
his own uniqueness,
then slams Beast
square in the jaw.

They roll and wrestle
upon the ground,
making the earth
itself shake.
The roar of the storm
itself is drowned,
by the battle
in it's wake.

A mighty kick
knocks the Beast aside,
as Dragon
gets to his feet.
in far more
than just his pride,
Dragon's fury
is complete.

The great Beast
spies Dragon's almost-bride,
and a plan
begins to form.
It's need to kill
will not be denied,
by Dragon's rage
or this storm.

With lightning speed,
Beast lashes at her,
driving her
into the ground.
At this success,
Beast began to purr,
from the pleasure
he had found.

In shock,
Dragon watched
Beast smash his love,
grief gripped his heart
in a vise.
Through the worst thing
he could conceive of,
would surely
pay the price.

The screaming of his grief
rocked the Land,
shaking it down
to it's core.
Vengeance cries out
to him it's demand,
calling up
the Darkling lore.

Dragon reared up
to his fullest height,
and called the magic
to him.
Beast cowered
at this horrendous sight,
was looking quite grim.

He filled himself
to overflowing,
then pushed it
even higher.
He pulled in too much,
all unknowing,
of his lost desire.

Beast felt the draw
on his Darkling might,
a tearing
at it's dark soul.
Dragon was glowing
with inner light,
that was
swallowing him

With a primal scream
of prideful rage,
Dragon's power
is released.
Catching the blast,
Beast began to age,
he would
be deceased.

The streaming power
is melting bone,
reducing his flesh
to ash.
It's black heart
into a stone,
the last of it's flesh
did thrash.

With a thunderous crash,
Dragon fell,
his body
has become cold.
His bride though
is alive and well,
his wounds
are making her bold.

She rushes forward
to be by his side,
that he wasn't dead.
She listens and hears
his heart beat inside,
then lays
to cradle
his head.

Now my friends,
the tale
is nearly done,
only one more part
to tell.
You know this battle,
Dragon has won,
sending the Beast
back to Hell.

So ends Part3

©1999 DreamEvil

Shall I indulge in flights of fancy hampered by clipped wings?

© Copyright 1999 DreamEvil - All Rights Reserved
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since 06-20-99
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1 posted 10-09-1999 09:12 AM       View Profile for Lucie   Email Lucie   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Lucie

And so I feel compelled to pull them all to the front, for those who like me may have missed it.
Member Seraphic
since 08-22-99
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2 posted 10-09-1999 03:03 PM       View Profile for Denise   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Denise

Captivating tale, indeed!

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