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 From When I Was Younger
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Passions in Poetry

From When I Was Younger

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0 posted 08-03-99 11:12 PM       View Profile for countrygirl19_73   Email countrygirl19_73   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit countrygirl19_73's Home Page   View IP for countrygirl19_73

(I of course did not right this but it was a favorite of mine when I was litte and I ran across it just the other day Does anyone else out there remember this story?)

The Archipelago Penguin sat on his bed
Wondering and pondering and scratching his head.
He looked at the calendar. He looked at the clock.
It was Christmas Day; and no Santa! What a shock!

He looked under his bed. He looked under the tree.
He looked in the closet. He looked up the chimney.
He looked and he looked; and saw not one single toy.
Something must be wrong, for he had been a good boy.

He sought out more penguins, who all answered the same.
"No Santa Claus! No presents! Oh no! What a shame!"
"What should we do?" they all droned to one another.
"We have not a clue. Please help us dear brother."

The Archipelago Penguin took up their plea;
With a nod, and a tear, he marched off to the sea.
It was now left up to him to save Christmas Day;
Unless, he hoped, he could find some help on the way.

He swam and he swum and he swimmed fast as lightning;
'Til out of one eye he saw something frightening.
Darting toward him was a huge, gigantic fin;
Which belonged to a shark, looking for some din-din.

Darrel the Dolphin awoke early Christmas morn;
Finding no gifts from Santa, he was so forlorn.
He went out to see if others' trees were as stark;
And ran into a penguin, fleeing from a shark.

Colliding, they were thrown; and the shark went between
Into a giant clam (never again to be seen).
They rushed up to the surface to get them some air;
Each nervously laughing, tho' still trembling with fear.

"My name is Darrel the Dolphin," he ushered forth,
"Why is it that a penguin is up this far North?"
The Archipelago Penguin shortly did pause,
Then he said, "I am trying to find Santa Claus."

Darrel's fears were confirmed, and his soul felt so blue;
So he asked with great fervor, "Please, may I join you?"
"I would be honored," the Penguin answered with pride,
"To have a friend such as you swimming at my side."

They swam further North, to where the water grew warm;
Then the skies turned purple and proceeded to storm.
First came the wind, then lightning and thunder, then rain.
Sooner than soon, they were trapped in a hurricane.

Elroy the Walrus was a big Pirate brute;
With only one eye, one tusk and one foot to boot.
He wore a black patch, sewn into place on his head;
And he snarled such a snarl that you wished you were dead.

It was not always such. And it was not always so.
For he was a nice walrus pup many years ago.
However, one Christmas when he was a small tot,
His eye was put out by a mis-guided slingshot.

And ever since then, he cursed nice folk and broke laws;
And he cursed most of all, our dear old Santa Claus.
He schemed and he dreamed and he plotted out his plan;
He developed and devised to capture that man.

And this Christmas Eve, after a long lengthy nap,
He awoke before midnight and set up his trap.
He decorated his ship to look like a house;
And lay waiting to spring as quiet as a mouse.

Santa hopped in the chimney and hollered with rage;
It wasn't a chimney, but a slide to a cage!
Elroy heard a jingle, and then slapped his hip;
He had Santa trapped in the belly of his ship!


Swimming around in circles was Blythe the Blue Whale;
In the midst of the eye of the storm, like a jail.
It was here she bumped into our would-be heroes;
All sharing their stories and all sharing their woes.

Out of the blue came young Berry Barracuda;
Telling the trio that they were near Bermuda.
"The triangle!" "We're lost!" "We've the chance of a ghost!"
"No no no no," Tisked Berry. "You're right by the coast."

The hurricane faded away, as did the day,
And the quartet found themselves in a cozy bay.
When gone was the sun and the white sands had cooled more,
The Archipelago Penguin headed ashore.

With a wave of his flipper, he bid bye his friends;
He trudged and he tramped to where this here story ends.
In the town, near a bar, he overheard the news;
That for Santa, Elroy had prepared a noose.

He runned and he ran on his tiny flippered feet;
To where the ship was docked at the end of the street.
He slid up the ramp and the deck real real irate;
'Til he was beak to nose with the one-eyed pirate.


Elroy strung up a rope from the main mizzenmast;
Then hauled out the fat man and secured him there fast.
He stuffed Santa's mouth with a small teddybear;
And then taunted him until he was full of fear!

However, for poor Elroy, kind not was fate;
When he raided Santa's sack there came loose a skate.
Gleam in his eye, he poked his claw at Santa's neck;
Then stepped on the skate and fell down flat on the deck.

He ended face down, no matter how he contrived;
And then the Archipelago Penguin arrived.
The Penguin saw Santa Claus hanging from the ropes;
And lashed out at the Walrus, biting off his nose!

With a giant flip-flop and a terrible moan,
Elroy hopped to his foot and ever did groan.
He stepped on the skate again and let out a bleep;
Then slipped across the deck and splashed into the deep!

The Archipelago Penguin then used his beak
To snip at Santa's bonds until the elf was freed.
Then Santa did smile, patting the Penguin's head.
"You saved Christmas, dear Penguin!" Then raced for his sled.

Lori K. Perkins
© Copyright 1999 countrygirl19_73 - All Rights Reserved
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since 07-22-99
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1 posted 08-04-99 08:12 AM       View Profile for WhtDove   Email WhtDove   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit WhtDove's Home Page   View IP for WhtDove

Never heard this one before. Cute story.
since 06-17-99
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O'Fallon, IL, USA

2 posted 08-04-99 08:19 AM       View Profile for Augchic711   Email Augchic711   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Augchic711

This is an adorable story your right thanks for sharing

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