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 untitled poem of length
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Passions in Poetry

untitled poem of length

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since 05-24-99
Posts 361
FT Hood,Tx

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I am a waterfall
And self-destructive
For as a waterfall whittles away at itís existence
I do the same through words and arrogance
Destroying the beauty inside me like a nuclear blast
Radiating evil and death to those who stand near
Yet the course is not mine to choose
I am a lion in a steel cage
Freedom is a dream to me
My body burns with desire to run
To hide within myself like a rolley polly
Wait for my fear to subdue itself
Resignation fills my meager voice
Nothing matters much anymore to me
Half stories and misworded facts cloud my head
No one seems to talk to me about it all
Silence becomes a pestilence upon their lips
One word answers with heavy sarcasm
Cold shoulder for an even colder reality
Some things just go hand in hand
A bag of apples
A bushel of oranges
A gaggle of bananas
Separate they are boring
Together it becomes a treasure trove
An Arabian bazaar
Antiquities and rarities the world around
They can be yours if you pay the price
Sell yourself or give something nice
But it would never be yours
A friend must be earned not given
A sorrowful song is sung for a bought friendís death
Dances and joy are found where one was earned
When I die, tears of joy will fall
No tears of despair or loss
I will live in death as I died in life
With a smile and a laugh, a sparkle in my eye
A firm handshake and an open heart
To hate is a waste of love
And evil attacks itself
Like a rattler biting itís tail
Injecting itself with poisonous venom
Dying a slow agonizing death
As itís defense becomes its weakness
So now I am a waterfall
As well as a snake
Half way done Iím on a roll
Canít stop now Iíve lost control
Words pour out
Like a raging inferno
Some coherent,
Others remnants of sterno
Faster they come till the world spins on edge
Fingers are slipping from grasping the ledge
Below me lies a bottomless vault
How this was opened couldnít be my fault
Secret desires play in my mind
A showcase of perversions to lustily bind
A turbulent windfall of imínent disaster
A violent cascade that few could master
Beginning anew
We cannot subdue
Confuse with the truth
A kiss in a booth
On and on
The words never cease
A folded paper
An eternal crease
Shadowed beginnings that no one can see
Locked up forever,
The hurt inside me
A whimsical view
With nothing to do
A shadow too dark
A spiteful remark
A forgotten tear
A terrible fear
Not showing
A secret to spill
A person to kill
Just leave me alone
I will not condone
Lonesome I sit
I wallow in shit
Nothing I need
Or smitten
No words I heed
Iím snoring
Pretending to sleep
But shake me
Or wake me
And soon I weep
These you shall be
A lose and user
Nothing is free
A sinner
Let go my hand
Or never
Please make a stand
Lower your mind
Sleep you shall find
Filled by your dread
No screaming
All dreaming
Silence instead
Just shaking
And breaking
Pain you can feel
With crying
And dying
All things are real
Undo me
Break through me
You make the choice
Just sign here
Control fear
Speak with your voice
See today
Free to play
Stand upon the shore
Fold the crease
So you love no more
Turn and go
Never know
Tears are in my eye
Slow it down
Change the sound
Let the rhyme scheme die
Slowly I will die away
As my words become old and senile
No one will listen as I tear myself apart
Breaking down into grains of self-destructive sand
Swept away by an underlying current
I am a snake and a waterfall
A vision of power, death, and beauty
Something to be feared and tamed
Soon I will become broken,
Used and abused like so many others before me
Then neglected,
Soon rejected
And left alone,
Poisoned by those that once loved me
Soon forgotten amongst the driftwood
A tree trunk in a maze of brambles
Rotting away both outside and in
Until my death comes
Not in agony or pain
But with grim acceptance
A time comes when all things die
Some complain
Some accept
Some question the logistics
And others become crushed
Yet my death will be at the hands of the master
He will make me into a celebrantís table
Where joy and laughter dwell
I will not be ashamed of who I was
Nothing can change what made me
No wishing or dreaming can persuade fate
What is meant to be will be
Only what you do today can change that fact
Tomorrow donít make a bit of damn
The choice is yours alone to make
Streams of sorrow
Rivers of rage
Ponds of pity
Lakes of laughter
Any of these can rule your day
But as for me I will return
To the things, of which Iím known
So sit down and listen to my heart
Close your eyes and feel my tears
As they fall from your face
While the sound of my spirit
Grabs yours and tears it in two
As your drops of sorrow and pain
Fall from my face
Yet since nothing I have said here makes sense
I shall let them fall
They shall be worth more to the ground
That I shall ever know
And itís best to keep it that way
© Copyright 1999 James Webster - All Rights Reserved
since 06-15-99
Posts 325

1 posted 07-31-99 10:01 AM       View Profile for Genea   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Genea

Found this in the archives and am blowing the dust off it....i think folks overlooked it because of the title.....yes, it is long, BUT......verrrrrrrry cool the way the words 'tumble' down the a waterfall. Nicely done.
Masked Intruder
Deputy Moderator 10 ToursDeputy Moderator 10 Tours
Senior Member
since 05-23-99
Posts 1412
Near golden sunsets

2 posted 07-31-99 03:05 PM       View Profile for Masked Intruder   Email Masked Intruder   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Masked Intruder

And I still can't believe he hasn't titled it. *Grins*

Love it still.

Even with a lot of imagination, does it make the story less true?
desperado will be notified of replies
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