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 the world is a oyster
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Passions in Poetry

the world is a oyster

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since 06-08-2003
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0 posted 11-01-2015 04:12 PM       View Profile for RedStoneEB   Email RedStoneEB   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to Submit your Poem to Passions   Click to visit RedStoneEB's Home Page   View IP for RedStoneEB

I wore a ribbon around my arm, it reminded me of a long ago promise. You see, promises are frail things, some sending us hurriedly to Hades, and many more to torment and despair. What great sorrow comes from a mind that churns its thoughts into sour dough, for in the tasting we reek of what lies we through were truthsí spoken softly on the tongue. I mean that which does not contend with all the hearts in this place-- to lay bare witness to my own confessions and finding them not met.

As armour is clasped one upon the next the rings of metal collective clasp into protection worn a different type of armour of my own creation. You see its easy to admit when not faced with its path what we assume would be the outcome, but in the gathering years iíve learnt that my predictions are not as planned nor can be planned. I mean that when all is said, and all is done, the doing is something greater than the tongue. Each day a shadow washes over me, maybe its not as dark as shadows are, maybe its not a shadow at all, but it pulls me from that smile iíve long ago forgotten the meaning from. I know the words, I know the facial expressions, but doing so is the hardest part of being, when naturally I do not smile, and forcibly do I feel no increase in pleasure when one is spread across my face. Flesh and bone, blood and vessels, a mixture of chemicals and organs, matter and matter all confined in their spaces moving with one another. We are the form of the self, whilst the self isnít the form of us, its hidden behind networks and passageways, mental doors and corridors, all closed, some never open, some have never been opened, some are wide open, some donít have the doors, all have a place to habour things like fear, but fear is just a way but the things behind the doors are vast and many, that fear is just a word and the places that connect to the passageway of fear is more than just that word.

You cannot understand my mind, I mean I cannot fully explain to you without causing some offense, how it is to fear such things that you have never feared and are beyond and conquered in your own minds. I may even do the same to yours and assume what is the big deal? I mean I donít hold that fear so why should they, but that thinking is wrong when it comes to the places in the mind when everyones room is different. I sometimes sing, I know I cannot but I sing because the voice coming out can change and be whatever I want it to be not great but good enough for my ears, I think the whole scene of a vibrating throat makes the whole being create a harmony. I mean we are not part of the world, in the sense we are not part of what is happening around us, we create in the mind, we expand in the mind, we seal ourselves away in the mind, this is the realm we walk within when all is lost, and sometimes even the mind can pull a fast one and be our enemy. Where do we go when we are cast out of our mind or imprisoned to its nature.

Where do we find the words that bring us from our darkness depths into the light, always the light as if it were the answer, but truth even in plain sight shall not fix me if I cannot stand in the darkness and be accepting of its hold. I mean I might be a lifeform that is affecting other lifeforms, but that one need to understand oneself is holding me back the most, that one being that I am that can forever change in conditions, we constantly evolve, I donít mean we grow extra limbs or become wiser in the sense our minds expand new ways of growth, but we have the ability to cast one persona off for another persona. We are the greatest actors and actresses of ourselves, simply deciding who to act out next.

© Copyright 2015 Lee Hepworth - All Rights Reserved
Mr Martini
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1 posted 11-24-2015 04:24 PM       View Profile for Mr Martini   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Mr Martini

On approach to understanding our own reality, we best have our wheels down if landing on common ground.

Elsewise, its going to be wheels up and locked and the Master arm switch on in readiness for the up and coming dogfights.

When delving into introspection, prepare to meet thyself.

Here's to you and here's to me and should we ever disagree, here's to me!

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2 posted 06-14-2017 02:20 AM       View Profile for miscellanea   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for miscellanea

    I really like your introspection here. My dad used to tell us to find the dark room within. I wrote a fictional prose about the concept several years back, entitled (I think)
Heroes: Some wear Capes, Others a Shadow. I'll try to find the link.  
  It sounds like you and I have similar thoughts about some things.
   Found the link: 15/HTML/002208
Anyway, did I say I enjoyed reading your story?  Especially liked the title and "the doing is something greater than the tongue"

Lots of depth your writing. Much enjoyed.

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