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 Technology is Great
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Passions in Poetry

Technology is Great

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since 07-30-2009
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       Once upon a time, I didnít have a facebook.  Or an iPod.  Or a cell phone with unlimited texting.  If you can believe it, there are absolutely no emoticons I could find on the internet that could possibly describe how different my life is.  Like, I totally convinced my parents to get me a cell phone when I was in sixth grade.  I mean, seriously, all my friends got theirs in fifth grade.  Also, I was feeling left out, and, like, I already had a computer so there was no reason not to get a facebook, you know?  The iPod naturally came next because, like, the radio just wasnít doing its job of cutting me off from the world anymore. I could still hear people talking no matter how loud the music was.  Dude, if the technology isnít going to keep up then go buy something new, right?

Another thing, how in the World Wide Web am I supposed to know what my friends are doing without spiffy gadgets?  I just have to know if he is still going out with her, if so-and-so is going to prom with so-and-so, or if that one girl is going shopping at my favorite store (stay away from my size of this season's daisy dukes!)  One time, I totally didnít even hear about a party until like three hours before it was happening and I barely had time to do my hair and find someone to go with!  Seriously, if someone tried to tell me breaking news like that before technology, the memo wouldíve taken, like, three hundred years to reach me!  I would be long gone by then, I think, to a concert or something.

While facebook seems to be the new thing, occasionally I still like to regress to good old fashioned texting.  I mean, slaving over a computer, stalking other peopleís profiles for hours takes its toll, and a girl just needs a break.  Even though a cell phone canít usually store and send twenty-five megabytes of info like Gmail can, itís still useful in other ways.  The teachers are still being really horrible when it comes to blocking facebook on school computers, but itís not like they can block our phones.  We, like, need them for school and stuff.  What if, right when I get to class, the most popular person in school quizzes me about a certain piece of gossip and itís all Greek to me?  We need to be prepared when we come to school, people; cell phones are not a bad thing.

So you might be thinking technology is okay, but maybe youíre not convinced.  Even if you donít understand the benefits, it canít do any harm, right, because itís not like it can make us be more stupider or anything.  Every day we practice using a wide variety of three and four letter abbreviations, which totally helps with English.  Itís practically a substitute for writing essays!  In Chemistry, the funny compound symbols look just like when we use g2g or l8r and history has never been easier since we were able to save our own IM conversations.  Oh, and we so practice math when we use the lunch tip calculator. So really, if it doesnít, lyke, affect our English or anything, why would anyone be against it?
The other day, my friends and I were talking and I told them ďomg, g2g ttyl,Ē and this old guy, who mustíve been in his, like, thirties, gave us the weirdest look.  From his bewildered expression it was definitely clear that my generation has already surpassed his in intelligence.  Like, we have all heard the saying that an average of five out of four people are good at calculating fractions.  Well, I say thatís not good enough.  We need to bump the average up to six out of four in order to catch up with the other countries.  Facebook, iPods, cell phones, and the massive amount of other gadgets we hope they will release soon, will help us revolutionize improvement to education.
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Nice wouldn't be texting in the theatre would you...James
since 07-01-2010
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i <3 technology
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