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 Open Poetry #49 Archive
 The Dream
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Passions in Poetry

The Dream

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XOx Uriah xOX
Senior Member
since 02-11-2006
Posts 1404

0 posted 03-12-2014 06:00 PM       View Profile for XOx Uriah xOX   Email XOx Uriah xOX   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to Submit your Poem to Passions  View IP for XOx Uriah xOX

There once was a time,
while serving body and mind,
"Me" followed their hedonistic cries.
Schooled in confusion
and fooled by the illusion
of there being a "me"
full of WHATs?andWHYs?
'Twas during this time,
guestions numbering great
kept "Me" inward, for times of vast length.
Early in morning and through the night late,
"Me" wearied and "I" grew in strength.

One night, a dream vision caused an incision,
allowing all the deceptions to pour.
The "Me" that had toiled, was lanced like a boil,
leaving "I" with questions no more.

Floating in space, stars within reach,
"Me" drifted, as though but a thought.
Then, through a great window,
"Me" saw the envoy of each
Sacred message that had ever been taught.
All around "Me" there arose a storm great,
blowing wild, wind and debris.
But, there remained a calm and quiet state,
where the "I" sat peaceful in "Me".
Those seen through the window, had not a care;
No worries, no fears or doubts.
The only difference 'tween "Me" and those over there,
was "ME" seeing the chaos about.
'Though we seemed to dwell in two different worlds,
the level of peace was the same.
"I"floated contentedly, as the violent winds swirled. the window, a saintly two came.
The window was opened and a scroll handed through...
Then the window was closed once again.

Sitting in silence, reading the scroll...
Serene in the midst of disaster...
Grace had granted an "individual soul"
the Vision of the Inner Master.

It read...

You, feeble traveller, within your carnal carriage;
You, who bear the weight of wives tales;
The shackles of superstition and the manacles of Mind.
You, whinner and worrier, encompassed by little thoughts,
your own and those of "others", that belie your potential.
Welcome !
The Labyrinth of Life's Footpath of Fate has led you to
lay your sightless eyes upon these predestined words;
that dim and narrow vision may be blinded unto sight.
I too, was once blinded by all that my eyes beheld.
I too, was once made senseless by the illusions that
disilluminated my senses.
Senseless and ignorant.
All that had been deemed as "wisdom", proved to be
inherited insanity.
This alone, is the body's birthright.
It is the only treasure of Ego's estate.
A faux pearl.
What I imagined to be a fleshly vessel, filled with grains
of Golden Truths, gleaned from scores of "enlightened" predecessors,
showed itself to be but a leathery poke of pyrite.
Worthless and burdensome to bear.
Rejoice! I see, and in my seeing, write this...that you may have
hope and faith !
Faith!You shall surely see !For sight is inevitable and there
has NEVER been another possibility.
Your eyes shall be closed and you shall receive sight.
ALL shall see ! And in seeing...Time shall be no more.
Close your eyes and be still.
Close your eyes and walk your path...being still.

This was the message that tore through "my soul"
But, the insight that made all yokes lighter...
Came from the name that had authored the scroll...
For "I" was named as it's writer.


© Copyright 2014 Larry F. Leake - All Rights Reserved
Jack Napes
since 02-22-2014
Posts 291
Phaedra's Womb

1 posted 03-12-2014 06:10 PM       View Profile for Jack Napes   Email Jack Napes   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Jack Napes

Ordinarily, your poetry might seem a bit lengthy and thus, interest may be lost or confusion take hold past the mid-point, but I found it engaging as an introspective and likened it in some ways to my own experience.

Perhaps others here will feel the same as well.

Touch, but don't look

Member Laureate
since 02-06-2011
Posts 15871
South Louisiana

2 posted 03-12-2014 06:18 PM       View Profile for JerryPat2   Email JerryPat2   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit JerryPat2's Home Page   View IP for JerryPat2

Could have been a metamorphosis of the "me" and the "I" and it was such a defining moment you went into an unconscious trance and through your newly found awareness penned the scroll in this new state of being. Makes sense to me anyway.

~*~ There was a sign on the lawn at a drug re-hab center that said 'Keep off the Grass'. ~*~
Member Rara Avis
since 09-16-2007
Posts 8829
So. El Monte, California

3 posted 03-13-2014 09:12 AM       View Profile for Marchmadness   Email Marchmadness   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Marchmadness

Wonderful insight. Fascinating read, Larry.
Member Ascendant
since 03-21-2003
Posts 5501

4 posted 05-06-2017 02:44 PM       View Profile for latearrival   Email latearrival   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for latearrival

missing your great stories and thoughts.
latearival, jo
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