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 I need some social advice. Please!
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Passions in Poetry

I need some social advice. Please!

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since 07-27-2009
Posts 73
Waverly, MN

0 posted 07-28-2009 05:26 PM       View Profile for Penwing   Email Penwing   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Penwing

Ok short and sweet i have troubble making freinds with people because i have a too freindly personality i have heard that i make people uncomfortable because i can treet strangers like friends some say i come on too strong (this especialy inhibits freindship with girls)

what can i say i am openhearted freindly and i try to be as kind and gentle as i can

also by other guys i am called homosexual because of my flamboiant dress style and personality  (i personaly call it artistic temperment)

And lastly i have troubble sort of related to part 2 of this because of my love of poetry. guys think its too soft for them to be doing, think its girly.
some girls like it but for most it doesnt fit the macho man there looking for (why should that inhibit a friendship im not looking for anything serious)

   any help on this entire mess would be greatly appreciated


[This message has been edited by Penwing (07-30-2009 11:03 PM).]

since 07-27-2009
Posts 73
Waverly, MN

1 posted 07-28-2009 11:48 PM       View Profile for Penwing   Email Penwing   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Penwing

P.S I am not homophobic its just thats just not the immage i want
since 07-30-2009
Posts 335

2 posted 08-04-2009 12:03 AM       View Profile for crosscountry83   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for crosscountry83

I wouldn't really know the situation your in... I guess maybe. I have short hair and I wear guy clothes sometimes just cause there more comfortable. People call me "sir" or "young man" sometimes grrr. Anyway, true friends will like you for who you are, I don't think you should feel like you have to change.  I know it's hard not to think that way (at least for me.)  Just keep strong and keep being who you are.


PS This poem doesn't relate too much, but it might a little...

Member Elite
since 05-03-2003
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in the shadows

3 posted 08-08-2009 08:49 PM       View Profile for icebox   Email icebox   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for icebox

I do not have any advice for you.

For many, not to write is too terrible a choice to contemplate.

I wish you well on your journey.
Member Elite
since 06-16-99
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In the space between moments

4 posted 08-13-2009 11:08 AM       View Profile for Alwye   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Alwye

Be who you are, Penwing.  That is my advice to you.  It is so much better to struggle to find friends, but find good ones that truly suit you, because you were real and honest with them when you met.  I have friends in my life I've had since elementary, middle, and high school and I thank God for them every day.  They truly accept me.  And you will find people that do as well--there are beautiful, accepting people out there...maybe you just need a little more time to find them.  

I can tell just by messaging with you on here that you are truly unique and special, and other people will see that too!
Member Caelestus
since 06-25-99
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Listening to every heart

5 posted 08-13-2009 06:53 PM       View Profile for Sunshine   Email Sunshine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Sunshine's Home Page   View IP for Sunshine

Sometimes it takes patience for an "artist" to be befriended...we are usually seen as a bit different by others.

However, I would follow Alwyes' advice, as well as reading icebox's link.

Be patient. The largest looming black hole for teens is patience...but I believe you hold it, in spades.

Bob K
Member Elite
since 11-03-2007
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6 posted 08-14-2009 04:12 PM       View Profile for Bob K   Email Bob K   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Bob K

Dear Penwing,

          Near as I can tell, all the things you mention, the wish to be social and friendly, the flamboyance, the writing, the coming on too strong, all seem pretty much part of you.  I've noticed that folks don't do so well when they try to leave parts of themselves behind.  Everything's pretty much there for a reason.  As for homophobia, I don't see how that's really an issue right now, except for the guys that are uncomfortable with it and are looking for somebody to hang their discomfort on.  The girls are trying to figure out who they are as girls, and macho guys are pretty much and easy way to recognize somebody male that they're supposed to be attracted to.  Sometimes it takes a while to learn to get the finer points down for everybody.

     If you want advice, it's easier to add things than it is to take things away.  Why not think about macho type things that might hold some sort of appeal for you specifically, and try some of them out to see if there's something in them that feels like it's part of you.

     When I was younger, I got fascinated by zen and then discovered aikido, which enabled me to ease into some sort of athleticism.  Aikido is something like a non-violent martial art, depending on where and with whom you study it, and it's incredibly beautiful to watch.  It takes a very long time to get good at it, and the emphasis was on cooperation rather than competition, at least in the dojo where I studied.

     Wing chun is a stripped down style of Kung Fu.  The name means "Beautiful Springtime."  It was named after the Buddhist nun who invented it.  The basics can be learned fairly quickly, over perhaps two years of regular practice, and you learn reflexes that will block most attacks automatically and which increase your sensitivity to how other people move and think to a very high level.
There is a degree of safety that settles in with your bones as you get better.

     It is always better to avoid or walk away from a conflict, by the way, but the sense of knowing your body and how to move it makes you come across differently to others.  You don't have to feel nervous about how you dress, and your sense of physical competence comes across in the way you move, so you feel less challenged by the macho issues of adolescence.

     There are other similar arts that have the same sort of effect.  Their purpose is actually to transform the student and not to make him or her into a fighting fool.  There are very few fighting fools necessary in today's world.  There are a lot of folks who need to feel settled and at home in their bodies and with themselves.  

     Ba Gua Chang is another chinese internal art, intensely meditative and, depending how you study it and with whom, a solid martial art as well.

     I suggest these things because they are all meditative, physical, growth oriented arts.  Both men and women train in all of them, so they can be a source of friendship as well, and non of them as that you give up something that you are, but that you simply learn this new art and skill and allow it to give you what it can in return for you offering good service and practice.  Not a bad deal for any of them, and all of them teach you slowly how to deal with conflict in a manageable way, so you can master it a bit at a time.

All my best, Bob Kaven
Falling rain
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since 01-31-2008
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Small town, Illinois

7 posted 08-21-2009 08:19 PM       View Profile for Falling rain   Email Falling rain   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Falling rain's Home Page   View IP for Falling rain

Don't be ashamed of who you are.

(I know I'll sound hypocritical but its true)

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