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 How does one tell...?
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Passions in Poetry

How does one tell...?

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since 11-10-2002
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Maryland, USA

0 posted 05-22-2004 01:18 PM       View Profile for paraboxer   Email paraboxer   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for paraboxer

How do you tell someone you love them, for who they are, without reservation? How do you tell that you've had these feelings for almost two years, yet remained silent because of your own fears and insecurities?

This woman is a friend, someone who chose to befriend me at a point in my life where I was (not to seem sexist or demeaning) distrustful of women, befriended me during my Freshman year of college (I go to a military school so we're not a typical college per se), when I was almost alone in an unfamiliar environment. I remember we first met when I noticed a girl in my English class on crutches. I offered to help carry her books. She declined, but I opened doors for her, walked with her across campus, talked for a while and the like. Soon we had a ritual at meeting at an on campus coffee place before English class.

In December the first stirrings of a fuzzy warmth came to be shortly after we departed on our respective flights to our home states (she's from Indiana, I'm from Florida). I was happy that I'd met such a warm hearted and wonderful girl. I've always thanked God for simply being allowed to be friends with her. We remained friends throughout the next semester. Even talking to her for a brief period of time could leave me almost euphoric for the span of a day.

Last summer we parted to enjoy much deserved breaks and last September as we studied for a quiz we had in French she asked me had I met Chris, her boyfriend. I'd said no, excused myself, and from then I felt my heart crumble, as the theme of loss radiated in many poems I've posted.

I tried dating others, but none seemed to have this special light, or spark that this girl ignites in me. Earlier this week I saw her and Mr. Wonderful at a campus party, watching them enjoy each other's affection almost killed me. I left the party early, without making a scene. Now even speaking to her sometimes makes me feel like I'm restricted to a two word vocabulary, far removed from the easy banter I used to be able to have with her.

How do I tell her of my feelings without appearing overbearing or obsessive...? That is my question.
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since 12-20-2003
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1 posted 05-22-2004 01:25 PM       View Profile for Michelle_loves_Mike   Email Michelle_loves_Mike   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Michelle_loves_Mike

Dude, the only advice I can think of, really, is keep your feelings to yourself for now, if she is all gaga over some other guy, she wouldnt be open to what you had to say,,,and you may get the old "we're such good friends" speach,,,,,thats all I can say for sure, but, you have to follow your gut, you'll see the right time, when, if, it comes.


I wish all could find the true happiness I have found,,in the eyes of Mike

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since 01-25-2000
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Floating gently on a cloud....

2 posted 05-22-2004 04:20 PM       View Profile for ESP   Email ESP   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for ESP

Don't sacrifice a friendship in the name of her enough to be a friend, to be happy in her happiness. If you two are meant to be together, one day you will and you will know with no doubt when that time comes. Meanwhile cherish the friendship, it's really not worth putting the cat among the pidgeons just because. It won't change anything, except maybe make things uncomfortable between you. Rather let it be. You will know when the time is right if you only follow the guidance of your intuition. Sacrificing friendship in the name of love is stupid, it's like fighting wars in the name of religion, shouldn't happen. But it's easy to get carried away.
I wish you all the joy.

"Time has told me not to ask for more, one day our ocean will find its shore" ~Nick Drake

aussie teen
since 09-27-2003
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3 posted 06-02-2004 05:19 AM       View Profile for aussie teen   Email aussie teen   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for aussie teen

i agree... keep your feelings to yourself for now because telling her how you have felt for over a year will firstly stun her then she will probly be flattered but then she is going to be really akward around you because she doesnt know how to act knowing how you feel about her and then she will feel so guilty everytime she talks about her b/f to you...... its obvious how you feel about her ive read it in all your poems..... use how much you love her to ber her friend and confidant, it will mean the world to her and if anything is meant to come for you two, believe with all you heart that it will and trust in that.....

so this is me but what do you care about that????
i am who i am. no one can change that but me, even then it will be a fight to the death

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