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 I just saw this movie..
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Passions in Poetry

I just saw this movie..

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0 posted 07-16-2000 10:52 PM       View Profile for annele   Email annele   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for annele

oh hi everyone who wants to listen...i just rented "light it up" and watched it with my best friend...the movie brought out a lot of emotions...let me give you a quick summarry first..its about a couple of high school kids on whom society looks down as "dysfunctional with no future" a school with no heat, no books, no support from so-called authority, these kids are trying to get out and live and breathe...meanwhile the whole community, the adults see them as only troublemakers and gangsters...this brings us to a day when a security officer unfairly uses his powers on a boy whose friends stand up for him and take the officer hostage because they finally want to be the end their efforts bring them nothing as the police bring in snipers like they ever save anythign..eventually when all is about to be resolved our gracious NYPD jumps to conlclusions and allows to shoot the guy who was innocent from the beginnning and for whom the others stood up and protested.  Basically thats what the movie is about. When i was watching it i cried but i was also angry...and i am still angry and frustrated because i knwo that the plot of the movie might be happening in certain schools right now because teh kids there are never given a benefit of the doubt..when people are treated as criminals they might as well be criminals...sometimes by shutting people out you make them want attention and thats what leads to violence..i am not saying holding someone hostage was a right thing to do but there was no otehr way to make someone the end they were all arrested and their friend was shot...and u knwo why because we are too weak to find the systemn too weak to fight the media which is a bunch of talentless creeps who want nothign but a politically correct report...and half of their reports are written jsut so it woulld not tell the truth...who knwos maybe some of the criminals we hear about on the news are innocent but we just swallow it and never this movie they showed a man being shot by cops because he fit the description of a burglar after a robbery taht happened that ironic..this movie was shot...before Amadu Dialo was shot...but this is exactly what happened in real life and who wrote the script for that situation?..authority is not always right...their desire to keep order and to keep everything "seem" as if it is all right often brings disastrous consequences...i am not any better though..i am talking aobut rebellions agaist the system but when it would come downt to it i would probably never do anythign because i wouldt be scared for my future in this country in which everyithg is based on bureacracy and backround i might be a hippocrate...but i knwo in my heart that sometimes rebellion is necessary for change to happen..and i am still crying because it makes me so helpless and theres a chance that some stupid principal in some high school will totally disregard what a student might be trying to tell them and thus they are causign trauma because they are so careless...i obey the rules so i shoulnd talk and no i dont have all the answers...but seriosly the police department or the mayor or our parents might not always be right but because its understood they they are ..tragedies happen...this is what i am feeling right now...and i give those kids in teh movie all my respect and my caring..
anyone who wants to comment please feel free to do so...i dont kwno this is just how i am feeling right now..and i just want to say that this is world is full of corruption adn we worry about the wrong things...adn noone realizes that symbolically all we ever want is "just more books in school adn our windows fixed" ( as the kids wanted in the movie) thank you for reading this
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1 posted 07-17-2000 02:00 PM       View Profile for LoveBug   Email LoveBug   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for LoveBug

Although the situation in the movie is a bit extereme, things like this happen every single day. Most of the time, if you are under the age of 21, you recieve no respect. You said that the authority in this movie never listened to the kids, that recieved a "label" before they were even out of high school. To an extent, that is also true. Who would a police officer believe, a 15 year old such as myself, or an older person? Place your bets on the older person, even if they aren't telling the truth. This happened to one of my friends. She got in a car accident that was the fault of an older person, and she was still found liable. I guess the saying "darn teenage drivers" was penned by the police officers of our district. As I said before, things aren't as bad as they are in the movie, but these things do happen to an extent. Just another fact of life.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde
"The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief" -Shakespea
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