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 brainiac quandry questions
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Passions in Poetry

brainiac quandry questions

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X Angel
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since 11-07-1999
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0 posted 06-06-2000 03:59 PM       View Profile for X Angel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for X Angel

My youngest son is a math genius, and is in third grade at a wonderful private school....he is taking 4th and 3rd grade math concurantly and getting straight A's in both (incl. their stint in Pre-Algebra) and also tutoring 2nd graders...well our quandry is that the school is far away, and we struggle to get carpools going for both my sons....what with my new business...I have to close up shop to run in and get the boys if I need to....which usually takes about an hour....we have agonized over putting them in our local public schools...which aren't too bad I suppose, but still, not as great as private bro and I went to our local public school and we can read and write, but neither of us are math geniuses....and yet with my youngest son being a math whiz....I hate to put him where his potential won't be used to it's train of thought is public school and a private math tutor...anybody ever had a really smart kid? Any suggestions?
Thanks..I needed to vent bout this!

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since 01-25-2000
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st. petersburg, FL

1 posted 06-06-2000 04:56 PM       View Profile for childomine   Email childomine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for childomine

Neither of my children were genius' (lol) however my eldest was always much further ahead than her age group.  I didn't have the choice of private schools so we had to make due with public.  It turned out very well actually.  Public schools do offer accelerated classes for children who are beyond the norm in intelligence.  My daughter was so bored in school until they did realize her potential.  It was a relief when she finally had to study (although not too much - lol) because she finally became interested in school.  You may want to check with the public schools in your area to make sure they offer advanced classes.  You sound as though you're in a bit of a bind and I wish you luck with your choice.
since 01-09-2000
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Guelph, Ont. Canada

2 posted 06-06-2000 07:04 PM       View Profile for ~ViXeN~   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for ~ViXeN~

I found myself browsing the site when i read your story.  I can relate.  When I was in second grade, I was also doing math ahead of my grade level, (4th grade), for a while, I was being placed in one on one classes with teachers where my potential would not be put to waste, but I disliked it because of the fact I was all by myself.  I was then placed in regular classes for math later on in seventh grade, and now I can basically only do regular math for my age.  When I look back on what could have been, I get upset, because I know I could have been so much more, and I guess It's kind of depressing.  So my advice to you, is that if you know that your son has extra potential, please don't let it go to waste.  I know I wish that it didn't happen to me
Member Rara Avis
since 07-22-99
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3 posted 06-07-2000 10:56 AM       View Profile for WhtDove   Email WhtDove   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit WhtDove's Home Page   View IP for WhtDove

First ask the school what they do to help those that exceed the grade level. What can they do to help him advance or be recognized as a gifted student. Do they support any programs that would help gifted students?

My son was also the same. He was always complaining he was bored. We moved a lot, so in the south, I brought this to his teachers attention, and they just looked at it, as he wasn't turning in his work any faster than anyone else. hmmmn...
Then we moved to Colorado, my son was learning algebra at the age of like 6. I taught it to him. He can pull numbers up, very quickly all in his head. I loved Math, but was no genius at it. He excells in Math, and writing (Language Arts). In Colorado, I had 2 teachers who finally recognized this, and went to great lengths to get him recognized as a gifted student, before of course, we moved again. At least now, it's in his records and follows him all through school.

Honestly, if you can find some way to keep him in private school I would do it. They had programs in Colorado where a teacher would come in and work with all the children, but challenge the gifted ones. I liked it much. Tho' I can't say I find that here. He is very good, very smart, the only thing is he's going into 6th grade now, and just won't work up to his potential. He can pull straight A's, but he don't. He gets very good grades, but he's disorganized, and that's what hurts him.

So if you can keep your son in a place where he's encouraged to be him, I would do it. Unless you ask a lot of questions of the Public school and see what they have to offer him.

What a dilemma...I hope you find some middle ground! What about trading car pooling days, and just opening a couple of days a bit later?
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since 08-30-99
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Aloha, Oregon

4 posted 06-07-2000 12:48 PM       View Profile for PhaerieChild   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for PhaerieChild

Check with your public schools to see if they have a GATE (gifted and talented enrollees) courses. This is a wonderful program. A friend had 2 beautiful but bored kids and she had them enrolled in GATE and the difference even in attitude was tremendous. They are now mentors for regular classroom students and it's amazing how well they work with other children. It is very worthwhile if you can get into it. I hope I have been helpful.

 Poetry~ Words falling on paper, painting a dream.

Shawna R. Holder
Boise, Idaho

Member Seraphic
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5 posted 06-09-2000 06:26 AM       View Profile for Nan   Email Nan   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Nan's Home Page   View IP for Nan

Hey }X{ - Have you talked to your local public schools to see what programs they have in place?? It's been a lloooooooooong time since you were there, ya know...     
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since 06-05-99
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Callington, Cornwall, England

6 posted 06-09-2000 10:22 AM       View Profile for Colin   Email Colin   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Colin

You better watch it Nan.... don't go calling her old or you might get her new kitty sicked on ya!
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