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 I've lost the Muse : (
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Passions in Poetry

I've lost the Muse : (

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Senior Member
since 01-23-2000
Posts 940
Colorado, USA

0 posted 05-16-2000 01:32 PM       View Profile for Gene   Email Gene   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Gene's Home Page   View IP for Gene

Hi Everyone,

Maybe this would be more appropriate in the 'Feelings' forum, but most of my friends were here.

I'm afraid I'm in a sad place right now. It seems that for some inexplicable reason, I've lost the Muse. I no longer have a single rhyme left in me.

I started writing poetry a little less than 4 months ago. Almost daily, I'd wake up in the morning and poems would just fly into my head--sometimes three at a time. Then, it abruptly stopped. It's like my body was possessed for the last few months by some dead poet and all of a sudden, he decided to leave.

I haven't written a thing in the last few weeks. I wrote two sonnets, then it all dried up. I've had writer's block before, but it never lasted for more than a couple of days. I don't know if it's coz I'm too preoccupied with other things or if I just had a spark of creativity that was given to me and then taken away, like some cruel tease. I was always afraid it might just be a fluke. If another good poem would come to me soon, I'd never again question my ability, but I truly feel it's gone. I'm really at a loss. So, if you don't see me for a while, you'll know why.

Thanks for listening.

Best regards to everyone,
Member Seraphic
since 08-22-99
Posts 23002

1 posted 05-16-2000 01:57 PM       View Profile for Denise   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Denise

When I first started writing almost 2 years ago, I was popping 'em out almost every day, if not every day then at least 3 or 4 a week, then a few months ago it was as if it all went away, just like you described.....I too was afraid it was all a fluke and that I would never write again. Then after about a month of absolutely nothing at all, I wrote 4 just in the last week. Funny how it works. Maybe we shouldn't try to figure it out. When it happens, it happens. I know how frustrating it can be, though, when the thing that you love most to do in all the world just isn't happening. Maybe you just need a little break in the action. Sit back, relax, put your feet up and until your muse returns just enjoy reading all the poems that the others are writing. I think that has helped me to keep my sanity lately! Hang in there Gene, your muse shall return!  

Senior Member
since 01-09-2000
Posts 665
San Diego, CA, USA

2 posted 05-16-2000 02:40 PM       View Profile for Little_Spyro   Email Little_Spyro   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Little_Spyro

Well, when I first started writing poetry in January, I had no idea it was going to lead to some recognition in a pretty big message board. Pre-2000 I couldn't rhyme "cat" with "bat"...but nowadays I seem to be doing pretty well!

When I started on my 'vacation' it was mostly because I had a huge load of other stuff to do and didn't have too much time for Passions...and the other 1/3 of it was that I couldn't PUT anything on Passions!

I'm trying to make a comeback but I still can't reply to everyone else's stuff like I used to. But come this summer I'll be back on my feet and ready for more!

I don't think that spark of yours is gone, Gene, I think it's turned into an ember for now. Just blow on it gently and soon enough you'll have a good-sized bonfire!  

Hopes from Home,

Little Spyro T. Dragon
since 03-29-2000
Posts 357

3 posted 05-16-2000 11:14 PM       View Profile for SwŚmp§Faerˇie   Email SwŚmp§Faerˇie   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for SwŚmp§Faerˇie

Lately i to have become er....uninspired. Is this a coincidence or is it the weather??Ņ(assuming you live in the u.s.) With me i seriously beleive it to be the make my allergies flare up,my brain dead,and i get rather depressed....Hope that gives you a little hope =] lol


 And there she weaves by night and day,
a magic web of colours gay.~Tennyson
Lost Dreamer
Member Elite
since 06-20-99
Posts 2589
Normal, Illinois

4 posted 05-16-2000 11:43 PM       View Profile for Lost Dreamer   Email Lost Dreamer   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Lost Dreamer

Gene, So sorry to hear that your muse has went on vacation, that's all it is, it will be back. I go back and forth never knowing when it will decide to leave. It just came back for me also and sometimes that's worse then when it's gone cause it demands my attention and starts spiting out words to make phrases and I don't even know if they make sense sometimes. I think Denise is right just relax and in a hopefully short time you will be surprised with the gift back for you to use. Your talent is much to bright for it to just stop shining forever. May you wake up one day soon and find it waiting for you like it never left.
Jon Mewett
Senior Member
since 03-04-2000
Posts 1306

5 posted 05-17-2000 05:51 AM       View Profile for Jon Mewett   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Jon Mewett

Hey Gene I saw a muse just yesterday it seemed rather lost keep your eyes open for when she passes your way.She's bound to stop.

She'll be back no worries

Member Elite
since 12-15-1999
Posts 2211

6 posted 05-17-2000 09:38 AM       View Profile for Songbird   Email Songbird   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Songbird's Home Page   View IP for Songbird

I kind of think are brains have to go on go on R & R (rest and recuperation)at times. I have periods when nothing comes to me than out of the blue, ideas begin tumbling like a waterfall. I find it enjoyable just to read and comment on other's work during this time and live life experiencing the things that trigger the thoughts of poetry.
Poet deVine
Member Empyrean
since 05-26-99
Posts 25869
Hurricane Alley

7 posted 05-17-2000 09:45 AM       View Profile for Poet deVine   Email Poet deVine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Poet deVine

I know whereof you speak my friend. Can't put two lines together myself right now. Try asking for a challenge phrase from works for me sometimes...otherwise, just know that we are all there sometime...and we get through it. So hang in there!!!  
JOY 14
Senior Member
since 09-22-1999
Posts 1447
Wisconsin USA

8 posted 05-17-2000 10:57 AM       View Profile for JOY 14   Email JOY 14   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit JOY 14's Home Page   View IP for JOY 14

Maybe this is a virus going around? I seem lately not to have much inspiration or even a desire to write poetry. And even if I do write something there is just that little something that makes me think it's good, missing.  So, I know how you feel.  

I, unlike you, didn't start this year or the year previous to that writing poetry, but when I was in 5th grade.  Then it really started coming out.  I think it's always been inside of me, and I also think that's true for all poets.
Gene, it will alwasy be there, it doesn't go away.  It's just on vacation.  
I'm pretty sure it's just one of those things you can count on being somewhere, there, but not always on the surface when your pen needs to touch the paper.

Well, have I confused you enough? I tried to get my thoughts on this down as best I could.  I hope your muse or inspiration returns real soon.


 Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old time is still a-flying,
And this same flower that smiles today
To-morrow will be dying.

-Robert Herrick

since 02-15-2000
Posts 467
Denver, CO

9 posted 05-17-2000 01:13 PM       View Profile for blackhalo   Email blackhalo   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit blackhalo's Home Page   View IP for blackhalo

Somedays, I can write 5 poems at a time, and other days, sometimes for weeks, I can't write a single thought on a sheet of paper, or anything else, for that matter.  Just give it time, and your muse will come back.  Good luck finding her.  Sometimes, it just sticks back there, like it's scared of the paper.  That's probably what has happened in your life, therefore, they eventually had to just pop out!  And, your poetry will get tired of hanging out in the back of your head.  You know, with poetry, paper is the hottest club of the new millenium, and they're all dying to get in.  Hopefully, real soon they will decide to be the coolest on the block and in the Pub!
Good luck u-gene!
Alicia A. Renzelman
Senior Member
since 12-18-1999
Posts 1566

10 posted 05-18-2000 12:17 AM       View Profile for warmhrt   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for warmhrt


It happens to every writer at times...I'm just coming out of a bad spell, and beginning to feel the words again. Hang in there...your Muse will return. I promise.  


P.S. Those were very good sonnets, and thank you again for helping with mine. I'm posting a poem here about one of my "dry" spells.

 the poet's to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name ~ Shakespeare
Member Seraphic
since 08-22-99
Posts 23002

11 posted 05-18-2000 01:09 AM       View Profile for Denise   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Denise

...ooops, yes, Gene, you are correct, this belongs in the Feelings Forum, I forgot to move it there after replying to it. So I am moving it there now!  

Senior Member
since 01-25-2000
Posts 822
st. petersburg, FL

12 posted 05-18-2000 07:20 AM       View Profile for childomine   Email childomine   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for childomine

Gene - you will write again.  Going through dry spells happen to all of us.  If you've noticed, I haven't written anything in quite a while.  In my case I believe it's because I've had a lot going on in my life lately.  It's odd what you said about everything coming to you a few months ago because it was the same in my case.  I couldn't sleep at night because the words were flowing through my head.  You are a wonderful, gifted writer and I believe that before you know it you'll be on a roll again.  Enjoy the break (which isn't very enjoyable to a poet   ), enjoy the world around you.  Your words will flow and we will be waiting to witness the return of your art.  Best wishes.
Kim (childomine)

[This message has been edited by childomine (edited 05-18-2000).]
X Angel
Senior Member
since 11-07-1999
Posts 1592

13 posted 05-18-2000 09:50 AM       View Profile for X Angel   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for X Angel

I went thru a spell for months where I couldn't write anything...I felt awful inside. All sort of congested with thoughts and feelings that wouldn't form poetry if Walt Whitman himself extracted the words from my head himself and wrote them for me!
And then eventually after looking at a beautiful place in nature..*POOF* the muse came back  
I think poetry needs a jump start sometimes, try reading old greats, looking at old masters art, hiking, may help
Good Luck

 "Our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything."
--William Shakespeare

Senior Member
since 03-05-2000
Posts 696

14 posted 05-18-2000 12:21 PM       View Profile for StarrGazer   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for StarrGazer

is this where we  come to place our advertisments  for lost muses? Mine  seems  to have  dissapeared as well... I've been writing attempts at poems for the last ummmm 6 years  and  something always  would  magically transpire from my pen to the blank sheet of paper but lately all it seems to make is little scribbles and doodles and seems to be afraid to write, I think maybe I've worried about it too much  because lately I've had the feeling that I've done said everything there is to say and anything else I write will just be something I've already written about a hundred times before
So, I've searched the web for writing exercises, checked out library books, did everything I can possibly think of in search of my muse but he's a tricky little guy  probably hiding  right beneath my nose  lol ...this response is about the longest thing I've written

Lost Muse if found please return Reward offered- chance to read my poetry LOL
Senior Member
since 01-23-2000
Posts 940
Colorado, USA

15 posted 05-18-2000 01:37 PM       View Profile for Gene   Email Gene   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems   Click to visit Gene's Home Page   View IP for Gene

Thank you everyone,

I really appreciate your kind thoughts. I think writting sonnets screwed me up, coz now I'm so obsessed with perfect meter and rhyme that I can't set myself free.

I'll be back, But I just don't know when I'll have something new. Maybe I'll just post some of the poems I wrote before the writer's block occurred.

(HUGS) to you all,

Senior Member
since 02-02-2000
Posts 1301

16 posted 05-22-2000 06:27 PM       View Profile for Corazon   Email Corazon   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for Corazon

am a little late in replying, but just wanted to let you know it happens to us all
I write only free verse, so couldn't rhyme or meter to save my life, but yes there have been months that I don't write, and then just a thought or a happening will trigger a will be fine my poet friend, once you have poetry inside, it never goes away, just needs a rest sometimes  
Deputy Moderator 1 TourDeputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Ascendant
since 02-06-2000
Posts 5323

17 posted 10-07-2000 01:19 PM       View Profile for kaile   Email kaile   Edit/Delete Message      Find Poems  View IP for kaile

hi there u_gene,

was doing a little back-surfing and happened to come across this

just wish to say that i have missed your poetry lots and will be waiting faithfully for your return

hope all is well and fine with you
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