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How to Contact Us

Important Email Addresses

You should always feel free to write just to say "Hi!"

We love to hear from you and we invariably try to answer every letter. Just send your missive to any Admin's address, listed below. If you're writing for a specific reason, however, the address you choose will depend to a large extent on your reason. Obviously, if you write to the wrong person your message will just have to be forwarded to the right person, and that will inevitably delay our response.

Please read each of the "scenarios" below and, if one of them matches your reason for writing, follow the directions for that particular instance.

I tried to register, but was never sent my password!


That pretty much always means the server couldn't get through to you. Why? Possibly because you accidentally gave us the wrong email address, or possibly because you are on AOL and have us blocked. The easiest solution is to correct either of those problems and then register again using a different username.

If you absolutely are in love with the first username you selected and want to use it, you can write to any Admin and explain the problem. That username will have to be deleted before it can be reused. Please be patient.

I forgot my password! Can you send it to me, please?


This is probably the most common question we receive. In fact, it's so common we've assigned a special person to it. Well, sort of. The "person" you want to email is Ceres, our web server. She'll ask you to enter your email address (the one you registered under), then she'll look up your password and email it to that address. This makes it very easy to get your password, should you need it, but still protects the password from others. To ask Apollo to email you go here: I Forgot my Password!


I found a post that REALLY offends me!


Our moderators do a really wonderful job of keeping our home clean. But there are invariably going to be times you see something that shouldn't be here even before they have a chance to deal with it. Feel free to give them a "heads up" email and, please, include the exact URL to the post you find questionable. Each of the forums includes a list of the moderators for that forum (near the top of the index page listing the posts), and simply clicking on their name will open your email program. If you write to more than one moderator about the post, please be kind enough to let them know - so they don't go nuts trying to find a post someone else already handled.


The software won't let me post my poem!


The first thing to do, if you would, is read the description for the forum in which you're trying to post. Does it say anything about being an "Archive?" When a forum gets full and things start running too slowly because of it, we will close it down to new posts. You can still post a reply to an existing poem, but the software won't allow new posts. The answer is simply to go to a forum that is not an Archive.

If that's not the case, the person to write is Ron. Please, please, please be very specific about what is happening. If the server is giving you an error message, for example, the message should be included in your email. The more information you provide us, the quicker we can solve the problem.


I would like access to a private forum, please!


Some of our forums are private and set aside for handling the many managment issues that arise in such a large and active community. Those forums are clearly labeled and will always be by invitation only.

The Mature Content area, on the other hand, is open to any active Member who is an adult (eighteen or over) and willing to forego the family-oriented atmosphere found elsewhere in pipTalk. There is a menu option in the Member's Area called "Access Request" where you can certify to your age and gain immediate access. The request is a formality, based on the honor system, but be aware that we always reserve to right to deny such access should we feel there is reason to doubt someone's age.


For everything else we haven't thought of yet...

If you'd like to snail-mail us, your host is:

Ron Carnell
PO Box 392
Colon, MI 49040

Your Administrators are:

Kit McCallum
Poet deVine

Finally, here's a list of all our Moderators!

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Alwye Feelings
BSC Spiritual Journeys #2
Balladeer Poetry Workshop
Christopher Passions in Prose
English Workshop
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Dopey Dope Teen Poetry #9
Dusk Treader Passions in Prose
Elizabeth Announcements & Links
Family Dialogue
Kit McCallum Volunteer Moderators
Martie Poetic Haven
Masked Intruder Dark Poetry #5
Michael Open Poetry #51
Nan Q & A
Poetry Workshop
Poet deVine Poetry for Adults
Holiday Cheer
Poetic Haven
Love for Two
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Grok This
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Poetry Challenge!
Philosophy 101
Volunteer Moderators
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Bug Swatter
Suggestion Box
pipTalk Lounge
The Dungeon
How Do You Spell HTML?
Beyond the Basics
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Behind Closed Doors
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