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Poetry & Prose Forums
Open Poetry #51
For sharing and enjoying all of the many beauties and wisdoms of poetry. Rated G
157 752 06-14-2021
08:36 AM
Michael Forum Guidelines
Open Poetry #50
For sharing and enjoying all of the many beauties and wisdoms of poetry. Rated G
2,507 15,651 05-04-2021
12:28 AM
Michael, Denise  
Much of the richest poetry in the world centers on either very mature themes or the mature handling of more innocent themes. This genre is often angry or ironic, with the author's anger expressed in adult language. You may find sexual references, but the poetry isn't about sex. It's about the World as seen through the eyes of an adult. Poetry and Prose. Rated PG-18
903 7,573 06-10-2021
09:27 PM
Temptress, Poet deVine Forum Guidelines
Holiday Cheer
'Tis the season to BE CREATIVE! Poetry & Prose about those special occasions that pepper our years. Rated G
470 3,244 12-30-2020
02:12 PM
Poet deVine Forum Guidelines
Teen Poetry #9
This forum is for posting poetry about life today as a Teen. Rated G
1,544 6,304 08-17-2020
09:19 AM
Acies, Dopey Dope, SEA Forum Guidelines
Spiritual Journeys #2
Poetry and Prose that explores the heights and depths of Faith and Spiritual growth. Intolerance will NOT be tolerated. Rated G
3,324 16,257 04-29-2021
02:43 PM
BSC Forum Guidelines
Corner Pub #3
Don't like big crowds? This forum is an alternative to Open Poetry, for those preferring a smaller venue. Please don't cross-post in multiple forums. Rated G
829 5,671 05-13-2021
07:05 PM
Denise Forum Guidelines
Dark Poetry #5
There is no light without shadow, no day without darkness. This section is for responsibly exploring the other sides of joy and love and life, and perhaps for helping us to learn to better understand them. Rated PG
1,028 3,645 05-13-2021
07:01 PM
Temptress, Masked Intruder Forum Guidelines
Passions in Prose
This forum is for posting prose, either fiction or non-fiction.
Please do NOT post POETRY in this forum! Rated G
2,878 16,373 04-08-2021
10:49 AM
Christopher, Dusk Treader Forum Guidelines
Mature Content - Adults Only
Love for Two
Sensual erotica typically isn't about anatomy as much as it is about love and the physical expression of love. These poems explore the desires and passions of the human race in very adult ways. Poetry and Prose. Rated R
546 3,726 01-05-2019
02:12 AM
Temptress, Poet deVine Forum Guidelines
Behind Closed Doors
Past innuendo and allusion, lies an adult world of raw passions and power, driven by imagery carved in the flames of the human heart. Bathed in this kind of heat, imagination gives way to reality. Poetry and Prose. Rated NC-18
1,430 9,630 05-26-2021
09:21 AM
Temptress, Poet deVine Forum Guidelines
Grok This
With maturity comes understanding. And, invariably, more questions that require deeper understanding. This forum is for exploring mature themes and questions, one adult to another. Discussion only. Rated R
167 2,619 05-31-2020
09:41 PM
Temptress, Poet deVine Forum Guidelines
Poetry for Adults
The original Adult Forum contains nearly four years of poetry devoted to explicit adult topics. For a long time it was our only non-family forum and the diversity of its poems is testament to the range of themes inherent in the human heart. This forum is open for Replies only (no new poetry). Rated R
4,003 33,900 05-31-2020
04:35 PM
Poet deVine, Temptress Forum Guidelines
Sanctuary - Senior Members Only
Poetic Haven
Where Senior Members gather to share poetry and prose. Rated G
904 7,262 07-05-2019
10:11 AM
Poet deVine, Martie Forum Guidelines
Family Dialogue
Where Senior Members gather just to talk. Rated G
216 6,875 01-25-2019
12:10 AM
Elizabeth Forum Guidelines
Poetry & Prose Workshops
Poetry Workshop
There is magic in poetry, but that magic is often the result of hard won knowledge about poetic forms and techniques. And it's fun, too! Rated G
1,052 10,421 03-26-2019
09:49 PM
Nan, Balladeer Forum Guidelines
English Workshop
Just as a carpenter learns to use a hammer and saw, writers must develop skills with their tools, too. Rated G
236 2,216 07-25-2020
01:06 AM
Christopher Forum Guidelines
Discussion Forums - Members Only
Q & A
Can't figure it out? Can't find the right poem? This is the place to ask your questions! Rated G
1,477 7,567 07-19-2020
01:44 AM
Nan Forum Guidelines
Suggestion Box
Are a thousand heads better than a few? You better believe it! So join us in asking the inevitable question: What can we do to make Passions better? Rated G
357 2,572 03-08-2018
12:13 AM
Ron Forum Guidelines
Announcements & Links
This forum is provided for making announcements or providing links pertinent to Poetry. Rated G
3,538 46,306 06-12-2021
10:02 AM
Elizabeth Forum Guidelines
Discussion Forums - Members Only
Poetry Challenge!
Writer's Block? This might be just the place to get those creative juices flowing again. Rated G
800 5,911 03-06-2018
12:48 PM
Ron Forum Guidelines
Originally set aside for discussing poetry at the main Passions site, this forum has evolved into a place to explore your feeling about just about ANY topic. Rated G
1,266 12,652 02-02-2021
01:53 PM
Alwye Forum Guidelines
Philosophy 101
What is life? What is poetry? Is structure better than free verse? Explore, with us, the secrets of the poetic Universe... Rated G
945 20,276 10-24-2019
11:50 PM
Ron Forum Guidelines
The Alley
This forum is for flaming, complainin', and screaming your head off. Respectfully, of course. Rated G
1,622 39,548 10-26-2019
05:03 AM
Ron Forum Guidelines
pipTalk Lounge
Public meeting place for all Members. Rated G
2,432 49,401 04-18-2020
10:48 AM
Ron Forum Guidelines
Bug Swatter
My software doesn't have bugs - it has hidden features. If you happen to find some, please report them here. Rated G
267 1,308 10-05-2020
09:10 PM
Ron Forum Guidelines
Islands in the Sky (Otherwise Called Computers)
Geek Stuff
Questions and answers about software, hardware, or anything else that won't easily fit into one of our Internet forums. Rated G
182 1,050 10-11-2014
09:04 AM
Christopher Forum Guidelines
How Do You Spell HTML?
The language of the Internet isn't hard, but it does take some effort. Rated G
31 206 12-18-2011
11:13 PM
Ron Forum Guidelines
User Friendly Graphics
A picture is worth a thousand words, but not all words are created equal. Rated G
35 217 02-19-2008
02:25 AM
Poet deVine Forum Guidelines
Beyond the Basics
Includes topics covering web design, interactive content and programming, and promoting your web site to the rest of the Internet. Rated G
64 400 03-17-2016
02:08 PM
Ron Forum Guidelines
Ron's World
Volunteer Moderators
Our Volunteer Moderators are the lubricants that permit the cogs of pipTalk to continue turning. We not only appreciate their help, we depend on it. (formerly known as Deputy Mod Squad forum)
3,313 26,173 01-20-2021
07:05 PM
Ron, Kit McCallum Forum Guidelines
Staff Moderators
To facilitate communication and administration of the forums - Staff Moderators Only.
2,313 21,979 02-16-2021
03:42 AM
Ron Forum Guidelines
The Dungeon
To facilitate planning and administration of the forums - for ADMINISTRATORS only. Mostly so I don't have to install ICQ again.
817 26,173 06-24-2020
09:31 AM
Ron Forum Guidelines
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