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Passions in Poetry

Membership Agreement

Registration for this bulletin board is completely free! If you agree to abide by our rules below, you should press the "Agree" button, which will enable you to register. If you do not agree, press the "Cancel" button.

Short and Simple

The guiding philosophy at pipTalk Forums is simple: Treat everyone with respect and tolerance. We have very few rules, because those two precepts cover it all. The few rules we do have, we take VERY seriously.

  • Personal attacks are absolutely forbidden!
  • Posts depicting Suicide as a solution to life will be removed!
  • Posts advocating harm to a human being (including self-harm) will be removed!
  • Adult Content (including profanity) should be posted only in our Adult forums!
  • Sensationalistic violence in any forum will be removed!
  • Everything you post MUST belong to you. Copyright infringements will be removed!

You can and should read a more in-depth evaluation of our Guidelines before Registering to join us. The pipTalk Forums aren't necessarily for everyone, and it is important you feel comfortable becoming a part of our community.


If you can't be bothered to read our Guidelines it will be obvious to us and your account at pipTalk can be terminated without notice, without explanation, and without recourse. Please feel free to contact a Moderator for guidance or advice if you think a poem or story might be a problem.

Work with us and we'll always work with you.